Designer Marc Thee Unveils New Tile Collection with Audrey Lane

Marc Thee, Principal and Co-Founder of Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc., is unveiling his new collection of tiles represented by Audrey Lane. Marc has created a new collection of waterjet and “skord” patterns that just launched in November and available to view online at audreylane.com.(PRWeb November 21, 2019)Read the full story at https://www.prweb.com/releases/designer_marc_thee_unveils_new_tile_collection_with_audrey_lane/prweb16735522.htm

OrderMyGear Unveils Industry-Leading Live Inventory Feeds From Top Brands

OrderMyGear, the leading eCommerce platform in the team dealer and promotional products industries, today announced the launch of the industry’s most comprehensive Live Inventory feed built from partnerships with the biggest brands in the space.(PRWeb November 21, 2019)Read the full story at https://www.prweb.com/releases/ordermygear_unveils_industry_leading_live_inventory_feeds_from_top_brands/prweb16735259.htm

Committed to Gender Parity, Liderança Group Unveils Their Newest Program, Aimed at Women in Technology

New Research suggests that the gender gap in Computer Science won’t close for another 100 years. One global company is working diligently to tip the scales back and allow women access to education on leadership and soft-skills to close the gap.(PRWeb November 20, 2019)Read the full story at https://www.prweb.com/releases/committed_to_gender_parity_lideranca_group_unveils_their_newest_program_aimed_at_women_in_technology/prweb16736607.htm

The Buckingham Family of Financial Services Unveils New Brand Structure

I am thrilled that how we present ourselves to our clients and advisors will now fully align with our capacity to deliver on the promise of a world-class wealth management partnership.

ST. LOUIS (PRWEB) November 20, 2019
The Buckingham Family of Financial Services announced today that it will unify all its businesses under the Buckingham brand. This initiative represents a milestone following the November 2018 merger of BAM Advisor Services and Loring Ward, and will enable the firm to better align the brands within its wealth management and turnkey asset management platform (TAMP) business lines.
The new brand architecture is designed to bring greater clarity, cohesion and consistency to the way current and future clients access, engage and experience the firm’s services. These changes, expected to become effective in the first quarter of 2020, mark a significant step in the firm’s strategic effort to create a simpler, more focused framework for delivering comprehensive solutions to both its wealth management and TAMP clients.
Buckingham Wealth PartnersBuckingham Wealth Partners will become the new identity of the businesses collectively known now as The Buckingham Family of Financial Services. The new overarching brand identity will better position the firm for continued growth, allowing it to capitalize on opportunities across the wealth management space. Following the change, the firm’s wealth management business line, Buckingham Strategic Wealth, and its TAMP business line, Buckingham Strategic Partners, will both operate under the Buckingham Wealth Partners brand umbrella.
Buckingham Strategic WealthThe firm’s wealth management business line, a St. Louis, Missouri-based registered investment adviser (RIA) with 35 offices in 21 states, will retain the name Buckingham Strategic Wealth. It will, however, adopt a refined visual identity and new logo as it continues serving individuals, businesses, nonprofits, retirement plans, and dental and professional practice owners.
Buckingham Strategic PartnersThe firm’s TAMP business line – currently comprising the BAM Advisor Services, BAM ALLIANCE, and Loring Ward brands – will be known as Buckingham Strategic Partners. Buckingham Strategic Partners will combine the distinct strengths of these businesses into a new iteration of the firm’s comprehensive platform solutions, affording an easier way for its advisor clients to take advantage of the benefits derived from last year’s merger. It will also simplify its advisor clients’ access to technology while providing a deeper bench of specialists and greater opportunities for thought leadership.
Buckingham Strategic Wealth and Buckingham Strategic Partners will share an integrated leadership team as part of Buckingham Wealth Partners, which will execute on the mission of the combined businesses. Buckingham Wealth Partners, a partner firm of Focus Financial Partners since 2007, will continue to be led by Board Chairman and longtime Chief Executive Officer Adam Birenbaum and Chief Operating Officer David Levin. Buckingham Strategic Wealth, the firm’s wealth management business line, will continue to be led by Chairman Justin Ferri and President Wendy Hartman. Buckingham Strategic Partners, the firm’s TAMP business line, will continue to be led by Chairman Alex Potts and President Mike Clinton.
“I am thrilled that how we present ourselves to our clients and advisors will now fully align with our capacity to deliver on the promise of a world-class wealth management partnership,” said Adam Birenbaum. “We are known for our evidence-based investment philosophy and comprehensive planning acumen, and for furnishing the comprehensive support other advisory firms require to evolve their businesses. It is precisely this intellectual capital, which has been created over decades, that positions us to continue enhancing our offerings and building upon our core strengths.”
“The whole of our combined organization is far stronger than the sum of its individual parts,” said Alex Potts. “Our new, integrated branding makes it far easier to communicate this strength, simplifying the way our advisor community can talk about the partner they use to power their businesses and help investors achieve their goals.”
The new Buckingham Wealth Partners, Buckingham Strategic Wealth and Buckingham Strategic Partners brand architecture was designed to acknowledge the unique history of each business line, while also reflecting the importance of a unified brand identity in positioning a leading wealth management platform for future success. Additional details of the firm’s rebranding effort will be shared over the coming months.
Photos, images, bios and interviews available upon request.
About The Buckingham Family of Financial Services (Buckingham Wealth Partners)The Buckingham Family of Financial Services is a growing organization of advisors, financial specialists and national thought leaders committed to driving comprehensive wealth management solutions and acting in the best interest of its clients. For more information, visit buckinghamwealthpartners.com.
About Buckingham Strategic WealthBuckingham Strategic Wealth is a registered investment adviser (RIA) that helps individuals, businesses, nonprofits, retirement plans, and dental and professional practice owners achieve their most important goals by building comprehensive, evidence-based financial plans. Tracing its origins back to 1994, Buckingham Strategic Wealth is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and maintains 35 offices in 21 states. For more information, visit buckinghamstrategicwealth.com.
About BAM Advisor Services and Loring Ward (Buckingham Strategic Partners)BAM Advisor Services, home to The BAM ALLIANCE, is a turnkey asset management platform (TAMP) with origins going back to 1997 that provides solutions to help like-minded RIAs become better connected and more successful organizations. The Loring Ward business, a TAMP founded in 1990 and headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, became part of BAM Advisor Services in November 2018 and helps create a better wealth experience for financial advisors and their clients. Together, they serve a nationwide community of financial advisors. For more information, visit buckinghamstrategicpartners.com.

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Glidewell Dental Unveils Dynamic Education Center for Emerging Techniques in Dental Technology

State Senator Ling Ling Chang heralds opening of 10,000 sq. ft. Newport Beach facility
Press Release – updated: Nov 19, 2019 06:00 PST

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., November 19, 2019 (Newswire.com) – On Sept. 16, 2019, Glidewell Dental hosted California State Senator Ling Ling Chang for the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony of the company’s all-new, 10,000-square-foot Education Center. True to the company’s emphasis on dental technology and research and development, the new facility features two large classrooms, state-of-the-art displays, and connectivity to numerous Glidewell campuses to promote large-scale and remote training for laboratory technicians and a range of other dental professionals who form the backbone of the company’s industry-leading dental lab services.
“I’ve toured a ton of companies and I’ve not seen anything like this,” Senator Chang said. “You have a whole environment geared toward supporting your employees, and it’s absolutely amazing.”
Imbued with CAD/CAM technology and the industry’s latest dental software and lab equipment, the Education Center advances the longstanding mission of President and CEO Jim Glidewell, CDT, to develop the careers and skillsets of the company’s employees while implementing technologies that make dentistry more precise and efficient.
“Investing our resources in R&D and our employees has always been a top priority for our company,” Glidewell said. “Our new education center embodies that principle and will help our employees as they strive toward bigger and brighter futures in dental technology.”
Senator Chang observed: “It seems like a very family-oriented environment. I was just telling Mr. Glidewell that folks constantly bring up the future of work and the concern about technology taking over, but he has been able to continue growing his workforce even with technology being part of the organization. That speaks volumes, and I’m going to bring my colleagues down here to take a tour of this amazing organization because this is truly a model.” Senator Chang went on to favorably compare Glidewell to other high-profile companies driving job growth through technological innovation.
With about 50 Glidewell managers and executives in attendance, Senator Chang commemorated the Center’s opening with an official Certificate of Recognition presented to Glidewell Dental “in celebration of your new educational facility and in honor of your commitment to the community.”
About Glidewell Dental
Glidewell Dental is among the world’s largest providers of custom restorative services and is recognized as an industry-leading materials and devices manufacturer. Established in 1970 in Orange County, California, Glidewell Dental continues to build on its storied history of technological innovation, continuing education and a commitment to making comprehensive, high-quality treatment more accessible to patients in the U.S. and internationally. For more information, visit glidewelldental.com.
Media Contact
Eldon Thompson, Sr. Director of Marketing​Glidewell Dentalmail@glidewelldental.com
Source: Glidewell Dental

Benchmark Unveils Selection of Land Surveying Equipment

Press Release – updated: Nov 19, 2019 09:00 EST

CALGARY, Alberta, November 19, 2019 (Newswire.com) – Land surveying provider, Benchmark, today showcases its latest range of RTK GPS and GNSS receivers and land surveying equipment. 
Bench Mark Equipment & Supplies have been providing high-quality surveying equipment to land surveyors, engineers, construction, airborne and resources professionals since 2002, establishing ourselves as the go-to team in Calgary, Canada, and the USA. They provide a wide selection of equipment, including global navigation satellite systems, RTK GPS equipment, GNSS receivers, data collector systems, and more. They are also committed to providing valuable advice and after-sales support for all devices.
With a vast selection of RTK GPS and GNSS receivers available, Bench Mark has made it easy for individuals and companies to obtain their products. Their extensive range can help a variety of projects and ensure they get the required device. 
Some of their most popular items include the E-Survey E600H Base & Rover GNSS RTK, the Hemisphere S321+ RTK GNSS Base & Rover with Hemisphere CW400 w/ FieldGenius 10, the CHCNAV i50 Network Rover with Juniper Mesa 2, and many more. Product prices range from $20,000 CAD to $40,000CAD. 
Coupled with their range of GNSS and GPS RTK survey equipment, they have extensive product knowledge of all products and will help individuals and companies find the right equipment for their projects. Once the item has been purchased, they offer relevant and on-the-spot support to everyone, ensuring that all surveying equipment is operating as it should be. 
To see their collection in full, please click on the link here: https://bench-mark.ca/rtk-gps-gnss-receiver/
Source: Bench Mark

DocASAP Unveils Results of First Annual “State of Patient Access and Engagement” Healthcare Survey

“These survey results are yet another example of the need to meet patient demands for accessing care and engaging with healthcare organizations in ways that are convenient and timely,” said Puneet Maheshwari, co-founder and CEO of DocASAP.

HERNDON, Va. (PRWEB) November 19, 2019
DocASAP, provider of the most advanced patient access and engagement platform for health systems, health plans and physician groups, today released the findings of the first annual “State of Patient Access and Engagement” survey. Aiming to better understand patients’ preferences, frustrations and expectations when accessing care and engaging with health plans and healthcare providers, the survey, conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by DocASAP, shows that patients want more digital, frictionless access to healthcare across the U.S.
Patients Want Convenient Access to Care on Their Terms
In today’s Amazon-driven world, consumers expect a convenient, on-demand, end-to-end, seamless experience, leaving no exceptions for healthcare. In fact, 84% of survey respondents indicated that scheduling an appointment outside of business hours is “somewhat to very important” to them.
With the rise in patient consumerism, convenience has become a higher priority than provider loyalty when it comes to accessing care. When asked in a multiple-answer question, “if your primary care doctor was available when you wanted care, would you still consider using another care option,” survey results show that 90% of respondents would still consider an alternative option. Top alternative choices include phone consultation (50%), a different doctor within the practice (47%), a video consultation (45%), urgent care (45%) and/or a walk-in retail clinic (44%).
When it comes to getting care, patients are no longer patient. When asked “what is the longest time a patient would prefer to wait between scheduling a routine doctor’s appointment and visiting the doctor,” the survey results reveal:
Overall, 80% of respondents would prefer to wait no more than two weeks to visit the doctor.
54% of Americans prefer to see a doctor within 7 days, followed by 26% of Americans that selected 8-14 days.
Broken down by age, most young millennials (ages 18-24) prefer to wait no more than 4-7 days.
Whereas, generation Xers (ages 35-54) prefer 8-14 days and baby boomers (ages 55+) prefer 0-3 days.
Reality Check: Patients Are Missing Care
As the survey shows, a majority of respondents (53%) mentioned they had missed a healthcare provider or hospital appointment in the last year. Broken down by gender, more men (58%) than women (48%) had missed a healthcare provider/hospital appointment in the last year. When asked, “if you ever delayed or put off visiting a doctor because it was too difficult to schedule the appointment,” a majority of respondents (54%) said “yes.”
Looking to identify the most challenging aspects of scheduling care with a provider, through a multi-answer question, survey results reveal:
49% selected “I have to wait a long time to see a doctor after I’ve scheduled an appointment.”
43% selected “I can only schedule an appointment during business hours.”
42% selected “It takes too long to schedule an appointment by phone.”
41% selected “My doctor isn’t available at the time I need care.”
39% selected “I would like to schedule care online, but there isn’t a convenient option.”
Health Plans More Popular than Google for Finding a Provider
Health systems and provider groups focus heavily on their search engine and social media strategies, but it may be even more critical for health systems and providers to leverage health plan/payer partnerships and their digital experiences to connect with new and returning patients. For instance, when asked through a multiple-answer question, “how do you tend to search for a healthcare provider,” survey results reveal:

55% selected doctor’s recommendation.
52% selected healthcare provider’s website.
51% selected family/friend recommendation.
47% selected health plans.
41% selected Google/other search engines.
35% selected social media.
In addition, when asked in a multiple-answer question, “have you ever used a health insurance plan’s app or website to do any of the following,” 57% had used it to search for a healthcare provider, 57% to schedule an appointment and 58% to check on costs for a procedure or a doctor’s visit. Only 11% have never used a health insurance plan app or website.
Digital Communications Becoming the “New Norm” for Patient Engagement
Modernizing and enhancing patients’ access to care often means adopting digital tools and omnichannel access strategies. However, patients differ on channel preferences for communicating with their healthcare provider.
For example, when asked “what is your preferred method for receiving an appointment reminder for a scheduled healthcare visit,” the survey results show that:
52% selected digital methods (i.e., email or text message) versus 33% who selected the traditional method (i.e., phone call).
Broken down by age, email is the preferred method for receiving an appointment reminder for ages 18-24 and ages 45-54.
Text message is the preferred method for receiving an appointment reminder for ages 18-24 and ages 25-34.
When asked “how would you prefer to receive a post-appointment communication from a healthcare provider,” the survey results reveal that:
58% selected digital methods (i.e., email, text message, online portal or mobile app) versus 31% who selected the traditional method (i.e., phone call).
For ages 18-24, email (29%) is the preferred method for receiving a post-appointment communication from a healthcare provider.
“These survey results are yet another example of the need to meet patient demands for accessing care and engaging with healthcare organizations in ways that are convenient and timely,” said Puneet Maheshwari, co-founder and CEO of DocASAP. “Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, health systems and health plans need to invest in technology designed to optimize access to care for patients and health plan members. Leading organizations will focus on navigating patients to the right provider and care setting at the right time and leveraging digital tools to engage them throughout their entire healthcare journey.”
To learn more about DocASAP’s 2019 “State of Patient Access and Engagement” survey:
Download the infographic here
Survey MethodologyCommissioned by DocASAP, the “State of Patient Access and Engagement” survey was conducted by OnePoll, a marketing research company specializing in online quantitative research and polling, between Oct. 3-8, 2019. Feedback was obtained from more than 1,000 U.S. adults who have used a healthcare provider in the last 12 months.
About DocASAPDocASAP provides the leading patient access and engagement platform for health systems, health plans, and physician groups. The platform addresses one of healthcare’s biggest challenges – access to care – by helping navigate patients and members to the right provider and care setting at the right time. Backed and promoted in the market by Aetna, Anthem, and UnitedHealthcare, DocASAP builds unique payer-provider connections with an eye towards simplified access, increased care compliance and improved population risk management. DocASAP’s provider search and navigation, consumer-facing and access center scheduling, provider data management, and care driven reminders help optimize access throughout the healthcare journey to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and create a better experience. For more information, visit http://docasap.com or follow on Twitter @DocASAP.