Nothing Fishy: Penetron Repairs Fish Tanks to Keep Trout Healthy

Key advantage for crystalline technology: Repairs to concrete with PENETRON can be done from either the positive or negative side of the structure, even under high hydrostatic pressure.

This is a key advantage of Penetron crystalline technology. Repairs to concrete can be done from either the positive or negative side of the structure.

EAST SETAUKET, N.Y. (PRWEB) January 16, 2020
Completed in December 2019, in time for the summer fishing season in the Transylvania region of România, the repair of the large concrete fish tanks at the Viştişoara Fish Farm was carried out quickly and reliably by Penetron România. The application of Penetron’s crystalline technology ensured a durable and environmentally compatible solution for the trout at the Fish Farm.
The village of Viștea is nestled at the foot of România’s rugged Făgăraș Mountains in the Southern Carpathian range, a bucolic region boasting the highest peaks in the country. This area of Transylvania is a very popular destination for hiking, trekking and skiing – and fishing in the pristine rivers.
The Viștișoara Fish Farm, in the commune of Viștea, raises trout for sale and also has a sport fly-fishing facility.The manager of the Fish Farm recently became alarmed at the active leaks in the large concrete fish tanks used for spawning and raising trout.
Keeping a sensitive species healthy“Trout need very clean and cold water to thrive. They are very sensitive to the quality of the water they swim in, which makes them an excellent ‘indicator species’ when testing for pollution in rivers,” explains Claudiu Stoenescu, Engineer and Technical Manager of Penetron România. “This sensitivity also made it imperative that the Viștișoara Fish Farm find an absolutely toxic-free and environmentally-compatible solution for the repair of their concrete fish tanks.”
The client contacted the technical team at Penetron România for a speedy solution to the gaping leaks. After a review of the situation, the team proposed a combination of PENECRETE MORTAR to fill the cracks in the concrete and the application of PENETRON as a slurry over the surface of the fish tanks to ensure a permanent waterproofing solution.
Completely non-toxicUsing the proposed combination of PENETRON and PENECRETE MORTAR, the majority of the repairs at the Fish Farm were done from the negative side of the concrete tanks.
“This is a key advantage of Penetron crystalline technology,” adds Claudiu Stoenescu. “Repairs to concrete can be done from either the positive or negative side of the structure.”
In the presence of moisture, the chemicals in PENETRON penetrate deeply into the concrete matrix to form insoluble crystals that fill the micro-cracks, pores and capillaries in the concrete – making the concrete impermeable and stopping water and water-borne chemicals from leaking through the concrete, even under high hydrostatic pressure. Cracks that develop during the lifetime of the concrete are self-healed by PENETRON, resulting in permanent concrete protection.
“The Fish Farm was particularly happy that the repairs were completed very quickly, without interrupting farming operations,” adds Claudiu Stoenescu. “Even more importantly, Penetron products do not contain polymers or any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They are NSF 61 certified for potable water applications, making them completely safe for use in water tanks, even for fish as sensitive as trout.”
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