Report Unconvincingly Argues that Crisis Should Initiate a Long-Term Shift to Virtual Schooling

Key New NEPC Review Takeaway: Report asks policymakers to use the coronavirus crisis to embrace virtual schooling for the long term, notwithstanding clear evidence of the limitations and problems with this online approach.(PRWeb April 07, 2020)Read the full story at

New EEOC Guidance on New Hires During COVID 19 Outbreak Should Immediately Alert Hiring Managers; Opines

Recently the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released a guidance covering hiring policy during the current COVID 19 outbreak and highlights what can and cannot be required during pre-employment background screening. Adam Almeida, President and CEO of opines; “This announcement from the EEOC should immediately alert all HR departments and Hiring Managers to work with a well-qualified third-party pre-employment background screening agency in order to remain fully compliant with laws governing employment screening as well as EEOC Guidance announcements.”(PRWeb April 07, 2020)Read the full story at