Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing – New Study Reveals That Distrust Breeds Dishonesty, And Vice Versa

A breach of trust sometimes triggers a need for self-preservation, which can translate to becoming less kind, open, and honest.

Some people who distrust others believe that the world is a cruel place, and may see it as justification for their own deceitful acts.

MONTREAL (PRWEB) January 25, 2020
Trust must be earned. It’s a slow, gradual, and fragile process, which is often the reason why many people are unwilling to place their faith in others. Yet the motives behind a deep sense of distrust can be complex. Some people use it as a means of self-preservation, in order to protect themselves from feeling the pain of betrayal. Dig far enough into a distrusting person’s past, and what will likely be found is some form of trauma, neglect, or abandonment. However, research conducted by indicates that some people who question the integrity of others actually do so because they themselves have questionable integrity. They know they are not trustworthy, so they project this onto others, assuming that the people they betray have similar intentions, and think/feel/act the same way. They then use their distrust as justification for their own dishonesty.
Analyzing data from 1,720 who took the Integrity and Work Ethics Test, Queendom researchers compared trusting people to untrusting ones on various honesty/dishonesty related traits and attitudes. Here are some of the most striking differences the study revealed: (Note: Scores range on a scale from 0 to 100).
TRUSTWORTHINESS > Score for trusting group: 80 > Score for untrusting group: 58
DISCRETION > Score for trusting group: 76 > Score for untrusting group: 51
ACCOUNTABILITY > Score for trusting group: 84 > Score for untrusting group: 65
REMOURSEFULNESS (AFTER COMMITTING AN ACT OF DISHONESTY) > Score for trusting group: 84 > Score for untrusting group: 62
MANIPULATIVENESS > Score for trusting group: 20 > Score for untrusting group: 56
DECEITFULNESS > Score for trusting group: 21 > Score for untrusting group: 52
DISDAIN FOR GULLIBLE PEOPLE > Score for trusting group: 25 > Score for untrusting group: 59
SCHADENFREUDE (DERIVING PLEASURES FROM OTHER PEOPLE’S MISFORTUNES) > Score for trusting group: 18 > Score for untrusting group: 55
VINDICTIVENESS > Score for trusting group: 22 > Score for untrusting group: 57
ACTING IN SELF-INTEREST > Score for trusting group: 25 > Score for untrusting group: 54
SENSE OF GRANDIOSITY/SUPERIORITY > Score for trusting group: 23 > Score for untrusting group: 56
CYNICAL ATTITUDE TOWARD MORALITY > Score for trusting group: 26 > Score for untrusting group: 53
“We view the world through the filter of our perception, which is influenced by our beliefs, attitudes, and life experiences,” explains Dr. Jerabek, president of PsychTests, the parent company of Queendom. “Some people who distrust others believe that the world is a cruel place, and may see it as justification for their own deceitful acts. To them, it’s a ‘dog-eat-dog world,’ where the only way to survive is to be just as cruel and dishonest as they perceive others to be. The problem is, if you think that this world is filled with cruelty and deceit, that’s all you’ll ever see, because your perception is what creates your reality. You won’t be able to see the good, because the bad is all you’re looking for.”
“When it comes to trust, allow it to build gradually. Trust isn’t about naively assuming that everyone will treat you with the love and respect you deserve. Most importantly, don’t judge people by their words, but by their actions. If your gut is telling you that there is something off about a person, heed the warning and proceed with caution. Be vigilant about the information you share. Remember, however, that although trusting someone is to open yourself up to possible betrayal, to refuse to place your faith in anyone is to close yourself off to the potential for companionship, support, friendship and love. You may have been betrayed once, twice, even several times. That doesn’t mean you should distrust everyone – just be more careful about who you place your trust in.”
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Carpet One Floor & Home Reveals Twenty Products for 2020

“Like most things today, flooring technology changes quickly and we’re constantly looking for the new products that will fit the needs of our customers.”

MANCHESTER, N.H. (PRWEB) January 24, 2020
The flooring experts at Carpet One Floor & Home have examined their wide selection of flooring and chosen twenty products for 2020. These “Twenty for 2020” products represent beautiful classics, trending styles and cutting edge flooring technology. While choosing just twenty products was no easy feat, the ones that made this year’s list all have unique characteristics that earned them their spot as one of the twenty best flooring products of 2020.
On the soft surface side, nine carpet styles made the list. The selection represents cozy favorites, trendy patterns and technology that make these products stronger and easier to maintain. The eleven hard surface products on the list represent the best in hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl and tile. Each product is durable and provides natural character to create a perfect backdrop for any space.
Each of the Twenty for 2020 products can be found in Carpet One Floor & Home stores across the United States and Canada. The cooperative of flooring retailers takes pride in not only offering an extensive selection of flooring options, but also expertise, service and authenticity that cannot be found at a chain retailer.
Throughout 2020, Carpet One Floor & Home will be featuring different products from their Twenty for 2020 list – taking a deep dive into each product’s unique attributes and inspiring customers with designs, palettes and room scenes.
A few of the products featured this year are so new that they’re not yet available in stores. “We felt it was important to show our customers the new products coming out as well as some of our current favorites,” said Terri Daniels, vice president of Public Relations and Communications. “Like most things today, flooring technology changes quickly and we’re constantly looking for the new products that will fit the needs of our customers.”
-Twenty for 2020-
Innovia Crossroads I in BedfordThis casual carpet from Innovia is perfect for an active home. The color variation, also known as multi-flecking – is ideal for camouflaging stains and foot traffic. This product is unique in that it is made of different types of fibers woven together. Polyester and Triexta combine to make a durable and stain-resistant carpet. The multi-color natural colors blend with any surface, either wood looks or ceramic flooring. Available in three weights, this product fits a wide range of budgets and home décor styles.
Relax, it’s…Lees Little By Little in AncestralA small pin dot is a timeless pattern that thrives in lush wall-to-wall installations or dependable hall or stair runners. A cut and loop carpet provides a versatile and sophisticated pin dot pattern in this Relax, it’s…Lees style. Its Triexta fibers are both durable and stain-resistant. Like all LEES products, this beautiful carpet features Ultra25® protection and a 25-Year “No Exclusions” stain warranty.
Lees Studio Pier 5 in CanoeThe perfect combination of fashion and comfort, this Lees Studio carpet features a deconstructed cut and loop pattern that mimics the elegance of nature. Multiple tones create textural dimension, helping this flooring make a subtle, sophisticated statement. Nylon 6/6 fibers will also ensure that it stays stunning for many years to come.
Tigressá Cherish Bagley in VeiledThis soft, blush beauty from Tigressá Cherish is luxuriously dense and exactly what you want your toes to sink into first thing in the morning. Perfect for bedrooms or any space where softness, quiet and comfort are required, this nylon frieze looks and feels luxurious. A subtle blush color is a stylish alternative to white.
Passages by Tigressá So Refined in SunflowerThis stunning floor from Passages by Tigressá is one of the newest products on the list and will hit stores in spring of 2020. The distressed diamond geometric pairs with a textural pattern for a nostalgic boho-influenced look. A trendy look for a whole space or bound as an area rug, this carpet features fibers that are stain- and fade-resistant.
Passages by Tigressá Bright Future in MarinaThis multi-level loop pattern provides a wealth of dimension in a structured pattern. Subtle variations in color add to the visual dimension while making this a great neutral background for many design styles. Looped fibers are great for maintaining a polished look, and this style is still soft and comfortable. Expect to see it in stores this spring.
Resista 3.0 Five Points in DuchessWith multiple gray and blue tones, striations and a subtle herringbone pattern, this carpet from Resista 3.0 is a versatile option for many spaces. Made from solution-dyed polyester, this product will maintain its color and resist spills and stains. The classic geometric “V” shapes can be traced to decors of ancient Rome and Pompeii.
Bigelow Prestige Rendezvous in BordeauxThis loop linen pattern from Bigelow Prestige come in sixteen beautiful shades from subtle to bold, but it’s this fashion-forward rich wine color that caught our experts’ eyes. The luxurious color combined with a sophisticated, yet modern pattern make this an ideal floor for a room that needs to make an impression. A slightly raised rib weave gives added depth and a handmade appearance. Whether it’s wall-to-wall or bound as a stunning area rug, this wool blend carpet will make a bold statement.
Carpet One’s Lamu in Taupe BlackFrom Carpet One’s SelectAFloor line, Lamu is the perfect product for those that want to take a walk on the wild side. The leopard pattern is perfect for custom stair runners or area rugs and adds an element of designer flair to a space.
Invincible XT Vail Court in ViennaThis stunning luxury vinyl plank floor benefits from both warm and cool tones and an interesting variety of natural imagery. The 9” x 27” planks add warmth to a space but also pair nicely with more modern cool color palettes. Invincible XTTM floors are all 100% waterproof and extremely durable, giving you a floor that looks beautiful and stands up to active households.
Invincible H2O West Barclay in DelightfulWhile providing the utmost in waterproof beauty, this Invincible H2O luxury vinyl floor lets the natural beauty of its realistic wood visuals shine. With a light, natural stain, this floor can brighten a room while still adding the inherent warmth of wood. The 9” x 56” planks and Invincible H2O’s Titanium warranty make this a great pick for any space.
Invincible H2O Highland Springs in Cape ElizabethThis wide-plank vinyl floor comes with a unique variation of boards for a more eclectic look. A perfect mix of cool grays and warm browns, these floors are surprisingly versatile and can complement a range of design styles from cool and modern to warm and rustic. All this combined with the waterproof comfort of Invincible H2O helped this new style make the list.
Invincible H2O River Knolls Herringbone in Pure BeautyNothing says elevated style like a beautiful herringbone floor. With Invincible H2O’s new herringbone luxury vinyl, you can get the look of a custom herringbone hardwood floor with the waterproof durability of Invincible H2O. This neutral shade lets the unique installation shine, but for a bolder look the available colors can also be mixed and matched.
Bel Terra RevoTile in Carrara WhiteA classic marble look in a product that’s revolutionary. New RevoTile has all the durability and beauty of traditional porcelain tile, but it’s built in backing and click-together installation saves time on floor prep and installation. It can usually be installed over an existing floor surface. But you’ll never be able to tell by looking at your beautiful finished floor.
Hydrotek H2O Shelby Lane Walnut in Buried TreasureRich and warm with varying shades of caramel, tan, coffee and cocoa, this waterproof hardwood floor features 7-1/2” planks of varying colors. Each installation is unique, but they’re all stunning. Multiple stains provide interest and character for a floor that will complement and enhance many design styles.
Mirror Lake Laminate Portside Village in Knights ArmorFrom the new collection of Mirror Lake Laminate, this wide plank laminate is extremely water-resistant and durable. With a wood core, amazingly realistic visuals and an extra strong wear layer, this floor will have everyone guessing if it’s real hardwood or not. The cool, yet natural tone, highlights the beauty of natural wood grain, color variations and knots.
Rustic River Monterey Heights in StampedeWhen it comes to hardwood, each and every piece is truly unique. With subtle board-to-board color variations, this Rustic River Hardwood floor adds rich character, while the neutral tone creates a modern vibe.
Rustic River Roosevelt Hill in SummerfieldThis red maple hardwood floor is full of character for a casual look that lets nature’s unique beauty shine. With wide 7” planks, this stunning engineered hardwood floor is perfect throughout a home. The medium brown color of the floor lends itself to a wide range of design styles, from modern to rustic.
Voyager Soundview in DaydreamIt’s soft and fuzzy to the touch but this product performs like vinyl. Available in 10”x40” planks, this floor is perfect for rooms that need a durable, waterproof floor…and a little softness. The tonal gray chevron pattern gives a room a sophisticated look and neutral palette for décor.
Bel Terra Fabric Art Modern Textile Medium GrayThis sleek modern tile is perfect for any space in the home, from kitchens to bathrooms and even living spaces. The texture and pattern mimic that of woven cloth, providing a stunning juxtaposition of hard and soft. Available for walls and floors, this tile looks great on its own or paired with other styles from the Fabric Art Collection.
For more information on Carpet One Floor & Home’s “Twenty for 2020” products and to browse a wider selection of beautiful flooring options, visit