'Creative Confusion' Encourages Readers to Rethink What They've Been Taught About the Universe

Press Release – updated: Jan 29, 2020 06:00 EST

NIPOMO, Calif., January 29, 2020 ( – A new book, Creative Confusion, by author Richard Palmquist, encourages readers to challenge common beliefs and take a fresh look at what they have been taught – especially about the universe. The book is published by Global Summit House.
Creative Confusion questions some commonly held beliefs from both science and theology and instead offers alternative theories, calling upon readers to “test rather than trust.” With tongue in cheek, Palmquist pokes a bit of fun at cosmologists and biblical scholars alike who hold tight to theories that he says should be re-examined.
“Creative Confusion calls out factions who are critical of those who see the world through a lens of faith, yet will not reflect on the legitimacy of their own views – and vice versa,” said Palmquist. “When readers tap into their skeptical mind, they can open themselves to seeing information that they had previously taken as fact in a new light.”
The 63-page book brings forth the concepts that the universe is eternal and the Earth cannot possibly spin at 1,000 mph to complete a 24-hour day cycle. The author instead offers an alternate view to Einstein’s E=MC2 formula. Laid out in four chapters, Creative Confusion explores notions that include:
·       The re-definition of what constitutes “matter” as God’s Word-energy slowed down. Specifically, he examines whether “the creator’s voiceprint lives in the particles and waves within all matter.” 
·       God’s eternal nature which predates the creation story of Genesis
·       A theory related to the sun’s movement around the earth at a percentage of the speed of light
“We all need to eat a little ‘humble pie’ now and then and admit that there just may be some inconsistencies in the ‘facts’ we put forward. This book gives scientific writers and bible scholars a little nudge in that direction by poking holes in some of the information they put forth,” added Palmquist.
A resident of Nipomo, California, Palmquist turned author upon his retirement from a successful career in broadcasting and publishing. He has written three other books: Einstein, Money and Contentment and Intimacy; Gateway To Hell Or To Good Health (available at; and What On Earth Are You In Heaven’s Name (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble). He has five children and more than two dozen grandchildren along with several great-grandchildren.
Creative Confusion is available in hardcover ($19.99), paperback ($9.99) or for Kindle ($1.99) on Amazon.
For media inquiries, contact: Michelle Williams, or 347-901-4920
Source: Global Summit House

In Tight Labor Market, Employers Urged To Rethink Compensation Strategy

Employee Compensation

“In today’s competitive market, employers need to pay close attention to their employee retention rates,” says Cowden Associates CEO Elliot Dinkin, a nationally known expert in actuarial, compensation, and employee benefits issues.

PITTSBURGH (PRWEB) January 14, 2020
In November of 2019, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in the U.S. reached 3.5%, an 18-year low(1), while the number of job openings in the country rose to 7.267 million.(2) Meanwhile, a new report from ADP Research Institute show that employee turnover is averaging 60% annually in the U.S., with even higher rates in certain industries.(3) “In today’s competitive market, employers need to pay close attention to their employee retention rates” says Cowden Associates CEO Elliot Dinkin, a nationally known expert in actuarial, compensation, and employee benefits issues. “A high turnover and job vacancy rate can negatively impact a company’s ability to improve revenue and margins, smoothly adapt to technological change, and remain competitive in its market.”
An often-cited factor in today’s high employee turnover rate is generational behavior; in a recent study by staffing firm Robert Half, 75% of respondents in the millennial (18- to 34-year-old) group said they thought job-hopping would be beneficial to their careers, even in traditionally stable fields like finance.(4) In actuality, however, Department of Labor statistics show very little change in median job tenure with current employer for members of different age groups across 30 years: 1.5 years for 20- to 24-year-olds in 1983 vs. 1.3 years in 2014, and 3.0 years for 25- to 34-year-olds in both 1983 and 2014.5
What these figures suggest, says Dinkin, “is that people’s attitudes toward their jobs fluctuate with their needs, which tend to change at different points in their lives. Finding ways to accommodate those needs is an increasingly important factor in maintaining workforce stability in today’s tight labor market.”
Dinkin further explains, “In order to satisfy employees across all generations, it is practical—and smart—to allow employees to choose from a menu of options. Employees with young children, for example, might opt to use more PTO and reduce the level of base compensation. Younger employees might opt to reduce or opt out of medical benefits in exchange for a matching school loan payment. Employees managing their own finances might accept a bare minimum of core benefits and increase pay supplement.
Whatever options are devised, the current one-size-fits-all approach to total compensation will no longer suffice if a company truly wants to become—or remain—an employer of choice. Designing tailored total compensation could be an effective solution to the challenges posed by today’s highly competitive labor market.”
About Cowden Associates:Cowden Associates, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, was created in 2001 by the merger of Halliwell and Associates and MMC&P Spectrum Benefits, which was founded by Jere Cowden in 1986. Currently led by President & CEO Elliot Dinkin, Cowden Associates specializes in helping corporate clients find the best solutions, both for the enterprise and for its employees, with regard to compensation, healthcare benefits, retirement and pension issues, and Taft-Hartley fund consulting. Winning Workplaces and The Wall Street Journal have recognized Cowden Associates as a “Top Small Workplace,” a lifetime designation awarded to the executives for their ability to build and lead savvy organizations. For more information, visit
1.    “Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey,” U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, January 6, 2020.2.    “United States Job Openings,” Trading Economics, January 2020.3.    Gregory, Ellen, “The Age of Employment Turnover,” ADP Research Institute, August 2018.4.    “Changing Jobs: Is It Good for Your Career to Do It Often?”, Robert Half, April 5, 2018.5.    “Employee Tenure Trends, 1983-2016,” Employee Benefit Research Institute, September 20, 2017.

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It's time for Architects & Designers of the world to ‘Rethink the Future'

RTF Architecture & Design Awards 2020 | Rethinking The Future

“The idea of Rethinking the Future has always been to bring the future sensitive architecture and design and popularize every aspect of it without any prejudices and thus the awards too, portray its divergence through the varied categories” stipulates Ar. Vikas Pawar, CEO and Founder of Rethinking

NEW DELHI (PRWEB) November 21, 2019
World is at the edge of a global crisis of economic failure, climate change and disruptions in social structure, and our cities are failing on the various parameters affecting many lives. Our cities, designed by Architects, Urban Designers, Landscape Architects, Planners, Interior designers, Product Designers, and more, needs to be more adaptive and sensitive to these changes. And we cannot continue with the same wisdom we’ve created these problems, we need new innovations and systems for a sustainable future. We need buildings that do not ignore the changing lifestyle and climate, we need buildings and products to be future sensitive that collectively forms a more adaptive city that can sustain and survive the man-made and naturally occurring changes. Now is the time for Architects & Designers of the world to think of new directions and re-strategize the whole construction and real estate business.
RTF Architecture & Design Awards 2020For over more than eight years, Rethinking the Future (, the leading organization committed to recognize and acknowledge innovative and future sensitive designs from all over the world, is inviting architects and designers to submit their projects under various building, interior and product categories for the well-acclaimed Rethinking The Future Awards for the year 2020. RTF celebrates and shares the knowledge created through a plethora of awards, events and academic dialogues in the field of Architecture & Design.
RTF has launched its new set of awards Rethinking The Future Awards 2020 with increased number of opportunities for encouraging the accomplished and upcoming minds of the fraternity.
“The idea of Rethinking the Future has always been to bring the future sensitive architecture and design and popularize every aspect of it without any prejudices and thus the awards too, portray its divergence through the varied categories”, stipulates Ar. Vikas Pawar, CEO and Founder of Rethinking the Future.
Previous WinnersLast year RTF witnessed an unprecedented interest and received entries from more than 40 countries. Awards organized by Rethinking The Future has seen participation from BjarkeIngels Group & Dialog, Perkins Eastman, Page, RTKL, AHR, Aecom, Henning Larsen, CAZA, DLR Group, BehnischArchitekten, UNstudio, HOK, Gensler, HKA, LMN Architects, LAN Architecture, WOW Architects, EYP Inc., Line and Space LLC, IDOM UK Ltd, Sanjay Puri Architects, Christopher Charles Benninger Architects etc.
50+ CategoriesWith more than 50 categories including residential, commercial, hospitality and interior design for Architects; the award also aims to felicitate designers across scales and mediums including lifestyle accessories, interior design elements and temporary structures.
150+ AwardsWith Winners in each category, RTF acknowledges runner-up and second runner-ups along with Honorable Mentions depending on the jury’s decision. To introduce fresher perspectives into this global online award, two separate sections of Education Awards and Design Studio have also been supplemented:
RTF Education Awards outlines a brief that is pivoted around awarding projects completed by young professionals of Design/Architecture as a part of their undergraduate or postgraduate thesis. These nominations are further divided according to the typology of project designed and the degree for which it was conceived. RTF Education Awards invites Students and Young graduates from across the world to submit their Concept Projects in RTF Education Awards.
RTF Design Studio Award intends to appreciate the realms designed by architects; used for the purpose of creating innovative built solutions, that is, An Architect’s Studio. Owing to the amount of time an architect spends in his workplace or studio, it is bound to be an apt instance of the manifestation of its design principles and ideology. RTF Design Studio Awards aims to bring to light these workspaces and understand the environment in which great Architecture is shaped.
Global ReachWinners of RTF Awards are widely published across various media channels around the world. For each category, RTF creates a newsletter to interested parties consisting of design editors, curators, architects, designers, journalists, academics, marketers, reporters, editors, blog owners, columnists, product managers and developers, companies relevant to the particular categories; to further spread the uniqueness that your work beholds with the entire globe.
Entries are invited from all the nations.
Projects submitted under Built Categories of Architecture and Studio Awards, must be completed before August 2019 and after 2010. Un-built projects can enter in the concept categories.
Projects submitted under RTF Education Awards Categories must be completed after March 2016 and before August 2019. The projects submitted are considered by the author that submits the entry for the Award. Every violation of copyright will be punished with immediate disqualification.
Eminent Jury PanelWith eminent names like Angela Lee (Asia Pacific Managing Director, HKS Architects, Singapore),Chiu Kuo Wei (Director, Regenerative Earth and Anthropocene Design, Assistant Professor, PhDTunghai University, TAIWAN), Eric Gannon (Studio Director, Principal Gensler, Chicago, USA) and Carmelo Zappulla (Owner, External Reference Architects, Barcelona, Spain) being a part of the jury last year; Rethinking the Future is yet to announce the members of the panel for Rethinking The Future Awards 2020.
For more details visit:

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Rethink Holiday Teatime with Bold and Festive Tea-Infused Cocktails from Stash Tea

Stash’s Maple Cider Hot Toddy

PORTLAND, Ore. (PRWEB) November 19, 2019
Stash Tea Company is bringing a different and exciting approach to your holiday cocktail cups this winter. The perfect excuse to invite everyone over for holiday teatime, Stash Tea is sharing bold, tea-infused cocktails to impress even the pickiest of party guests.
Regardless of what you’re celebrating this year, these recipes are sure to be a hit. From a Maple Apple Cider hot toddy to a Chai Spice tea with honey and spiced rum, Stash is giving you four originally curated drink recipes that will spice up your holiday menu…literally!
Spiked Winter Chai: Indulge in this comforting winter warmer that hits all the flavor boxes! It’s spicy, creamy and delicious. Stash Tea’s Ginger Fire Chai is turned up a notch with a shot of spiced rum, a splash of hazelnut liqueur and some frothy steamed milk for a cozy cocktail that is sure to warm you to your toes! If you prefer not to have the extra kick of heat, try it with the Stash Tea Chai Spice blend. See the full recipe and photos here.
Orange Spice Brandy Alexander: A staple for those festive winter nights, made with Stash Tea’s zesty Orange Spice tea. This simple, yet decadent recipe fulfills both your chocolate cravings and your tea cravings! Perfect as a dessert or a cocktail. This recipe was exclusively developed for Stash Tea by Kayleigh Kosmas! See the full recipe and photos here.
Maple Cider Hot Toddy: Traditionally made with hot water, lemon, honey and spices mixed with some very necessary liquor, the hot toddy is a staple drink that’s made for chilly, rainy days. This twist on a classic, made with Stash Maple Apple Cider tea, adds an extra layer of flavor that your guests won’t see coming. This recipe was exclusively developed for Stash Tea by Kayleigh Kosmas! See the full recipe and photos here.
Citrus Hibiscus Sangria (Mocktail): This seasonal mocktail sangria recipe uses blood oranges, apples and lemons for the perfect full-bodied flavor. Stash Tea’s Wild Raspberry Hibiscus blend is the perfect accompaniment with fresh raspberries and mint to garnish the refreshing yet comforting winter beverage. This drink is a perfect make-ahead to allow for easier party prepping! This recipe is brought to you by Candice Young, creator of “From The Roots Blog.” See the full recipe and photos here.
Stash Tea Company embraces the uncommon and is changing the way consumers think about and enjoy tea. Earlier this fall, the B Corp company launched its latest campaign, “A Little Bag of Crazy,” to celebrate being bold, with tea at the center of creative moments, innovation and inspiration. The brand aims to create new tea experiences and moments for people to enjoy tea, and Stash’s tea-cocktail recipes do just exactly that.
About Stash TeaStash Tea was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1972 by two hippies seeking a tea euphoria. Since then, Stash Tea’s mission has been to brew the boredom out of the world, with best-in-class ingredients and diverse flavors that delight the senses, surprise your taste buds, and brew up brighter and true-to-name.
Stash partners with farmers and suppliers who also believe that “doing it right” means more than just creating great tea; it’s sourcing the best all-natural ingredients with you and the planet in mind. As a Certified B Corporation, Stash Tea is proud to be part of a movement of companies that believe in the power of using business as a force for good. Shop Stash teas at grocery stores throughout the United States and Canada and at

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