'The University of Pleasure' Podcast Launches on Valentines Day

Press Release – updated: Feb 14, 2020 15:00 EST

MINNEAPOLIS and NEW YORK, February 14, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Sex Therapist and Psychologist Dr. Tera Jansen, Psy.D., LP, CST, and West End producer/performer Jeremiah James join forces to create the podcast, “The University of Pleasure.” One part sex, one part comedy, one part education.
The mission: Where we use sexual conversation to help build a happier nation!
Struggles around sex and sexuality often come from common myths, misconceptions and inadequate sexual education. For many people, this can lead to stress, anxiety and unrealistic expectations about their sexual experiences and everyday sex life.
“The University of Pleasure” was created to provide accurate information and education about sex that is entertaining, accessible and useful to allow for thoughtful discussion about issues that impact an important part of our lives.
With her quick wit and straightforward nature, Dr. Tera Jansen shares her insight about the world of sex and sexuality with a sense of levity and tough love that is always mixed with a dash of humor. Dr. Jensen’s co-host, Jeremiah James, has no applicable qualifications in the field of sex and sexuality. He is just a guy who likes to talk about sex!
The podcast will feature special guest appearances by experts in the field, as well as authors, writers and entertainers with a shared thirst for sexual knowledge.
“The University of Pleasure” kicks off today, with new episodes dropping every Monday.
For more information: http://www.Universityofpleasure.comhttps://www.facebook.com/ The-University-of- Pleasure-102776304577724/
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The Wealthy Investor Releases a New Podcast on the Importance of Rate of Returns

Press Release – updated: Feb 13, 2020 09:30 EST

LOS ANGELES, February 13, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Most professional traders know that investing and trading on Wall Street is not just about generating high profits, it’s also about managing risks and rate of returns. There are stocks in the S&P 500 that have produced great returns for shareholders but require a high tolerance for risk.
“If you want to increase your 2020 stock market success, it is imperative that you understand which company’s shares carry higher risks and which company’s shares carry lower risks,” says Tyrone Jackson, creator of The Wealthy Investor program. Jackson is known for teaching retail investors step by step how to increase their stock trading success. 
In the latest episode of the Trading Stocks Made Easy podcast, Jackson discusses the stock market lifestyle and rates of returns. Five-year charts also show two of his past stock picks that have outperformed the market. 
Listen to episode #116 of the Trading Stocks Made Easy podcast at https://thewealthyinvestor.net/tsmepodcast116/​.
When one trades and invests in the stock market, one is proving that he has a higher appetite for risk in general. The right financial education can help better manage risk in bull and bear markets. Opening an online trading account is easy, but learning how to participate in the U.S. stock market skillfully should be ewvery trader’s goal.  
Once again, anyone can listen to the latest episode of the Trading Stocks Made Easy podcast by going to https://thewealthyinvestor.net/tsmepodcast116/.
Source: The Wealthy Investor

Italian Wine Podcast approaching third year of regular broadcasts, audience growing with increased worldwide podcast listenership

Podcasters discuss their craft at wine2wine 2019.

The Italian Wine Podcast audience has continued to grow rapidly—especially throughout 2019 and into early 2020. This trend appears to coincide with heightened interest in podcasts within Italy. The explosion of podcasts now on offer to listeners worldwide was readily apparent at wine2wine 2019…

VERONA, Italy (PRWEB) February 08, 2020
The Italian Wine Podcast audience has continued to grow rapidly—especially throughout 2019 and into early 2020. This trend appears to coincide with heightened interest in podcasts within Italy. Still, the majority of Italian Wine Podcast listeners reside in the United States where podcast listening has for years been a mainstream form of media consumption. This hands-free mode of absorbing information serves as a way to enrich commutes, chores, walks, or other activities. According to a Voxnest report, citing Spreaker (one of many online podcast hosting and streaming platforms) data, podcast “plays” in Italy grew from 60,000 per day to 160,000 per day over the course of 2019. Meanwhile, monthly podcast plays reportedly grew from 27 million to 55 million globally.
The explosion of podcasts now on offer to listeners worldwide was readily apparent at wine2wine 2019, the business-to-business forum for wine sector professionals organized by Veronafiere. A dedicated panel discussion, moderated by Italian Wine Podcast host Monty Waldin, included fellow wine podcasters Chris Scott, Elizabeth Schneider, and Lawrence Francis, each with their own program format and particular approach to wines of the World. Those present were treated to a conversation touching on audience growth, education, and social sustainability. Lawrence Francis, specifically, sees podcasts as adding value to the wine industry, saying, in conversation with Monty Waldin: “I’m producing something that has value to the business community out there, to the wine business community really, first and foremost… Are you reaching the people you need to? Are you needing to reach people all around the World? I know I have 30% listeners in the UK, 30% in the U.S. A lot of wine-producing regions, a lot of wine producers and countries, they want to reach those markets.” The relationship amongst podcasters remains exceptionally collegial and practitioners see room for growth given the size of global markets still unfamiliar with the medium.
As the Italian Wine Podcast prepares to celebrate its third birthday, producers are working to schedule more interviews and more content for the coming year. Host Monty Waldin will record episodes during mid-April to coincide with Vinitaly as the top professionals working in the Italian wine industry gather in Verona, Italy. The podcast will continue to offer publicly available content on a regular schedule. Additional content including audio recordings, early releases of material, and recording outtakes will roll out for paying subscribers.
In addition to entertainment, the Italian Wine Podcast aims to educate the world regarding Italian wines and viticulture. Vinitaly International Academy Chief Scientist, Professor Attilio Scienza, commonly stops by the Italian Wine Podcast studio to record strictly educational interviews. Professor Scienza is the top authority on Italian viticulture, oenology, and vine genetics, and the Italian Wine Podcast is one of the few English language sources making his knowledge and insight available to audiences outside of Italy. Professor Scienza delves into grape varieties, vine lineage and history, anthropologic and historical factors impacting grape proliferation, soil science, and terroir (among other topics). Though Professor Scienza speaks multiple languages, he does not speak English, hence, Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Approved Program Provider, Rebecca Lawrence, steps in as the voice of Attilio Scienza for the English language version of the podcast.
Educational podcast episodes featuring Professor Attilio Scienza have been grouped into an “album” titled Italian Wine Essentials and together comprise a lecture series of sorts. Other series include Let’s Talk Wine Business, Natural Wine, Wine Co-ops, and Education Meets Business. Additionally, series dedicated to the individual regions of Italy introduce listeners to the quintessential wine producers living and working in each of those regions. For example, the Tuscany series features Lamberto Frescobaldi, of Marchesi Frescobaldi, and a discussion regarding a project within Gorgona Island prison whereby residents work a small vineyard and learn skills to ease their transition back into society. Meanwhile, in the Piedmont series, Gaia Gaja, of Gaja Estates, discusses the history of her family’s winery, the Barbaresco terroir, and recent projects moving into Tuscany and Sicily.
Wine writer and personality Monty Waldin hosts the Italian Wine Podcast. Monty initially got interested in environmentally conscious wines as he and his family used to grow their own organic vegetables. He used this experience to become the first writer to specialize in organic and biodynamic wines and he’s since published multiple books on the subject, won book awards (such as a 2004 James Beard Award), lived and worked on multiple continents, and even appeared on the reality television program Château Monty.
Each Italian Wine Podcast episode lasts approximately 20 minutes and features an interview with a special guest involved in the world of Italian wine. This format differentiates the show from other podcasts that focus on other countries or wines in general. Host Monty Waldin’s conversational tone and wit help tease out interesting stories from wine producers, personalities, and businesspeople, while allowing the listener a glimpse inside some unique segment of the wine industry. All interviews are recorded and distributed in English language in order to promote a global understanding and appreciation of Italian wine culture.
About:Italian Wine Podcast: Cin Cin with Italian Wine People! is a podcast project dedicated exclusively to the Italian wine World. Wine writer Monty Waldin uncovers the unique Italian wine-making tradition in conversation with some of its key protagonists. Italian Wine Podcast aims to inform, educate, and entertain listeners about Italian wine. Italian Wine Podcast is available on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, XimalayaFM (for China), and on the show’s official website. Listeners interested in providing feedback may access a demographic survey on the podcast website. Donations are also appreciated to help fund technical equipment, production, and publication costs. Those interested in advertising with the Italian Wine Podcast should request a prospectus or additional information from info@italianwinepodcast.com.

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