Lamar Odom on Cheating on Khloe Kardashian (Flashback)

In this flashback from 2021, Lamar Odom described returning to the Los Angeles Clippers before explaining how his actions off the court "hurt the Kardashian brand." Between the drug and cheating rumors, he admitted that both put a severe strain on his marriage to Khloe Kardashian. He also responded to reports that Rob Kardashian confronted him over the cheating rumors but didn’t recall such a conversation ever occurring. To hear more, check out the clip above.

Lamar Odom Calls Tristan Thompson ‘Corny’ for What He Did to Khloe | TMZ

You can tell Lamar Odom still has love for his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian, based on what he’s saying about her recent embarrassment at the hands of Tristan Thompson … and telling us what’d he do to comfort her.


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Aaron Carter on Lamar Odom, Michael Jackson, Soulja Boy, Mel B (Full Interview)

Aaron Carter came through for another VladTV interview, and he started out speaking about his newborn son and his fiancée having a difficult birth. Moving along, Aaron spoke about his celebrity boxing match against Lamar Odom, which he said was a good experience, and Aaron added that he knew he wasn’t going to win against Lamar. Aaron then detailed going at Soulja Boy after the fight, and he added that he would be willing to step in the ring with Soulja Boy, but Aaron said he wouldn’t face off against Logan or Jake Paul. Elsewhere in the interview, Aaron spoke about famous women he’s dated in the past, including Mel B from the Spice Girls, and he also detailed how his parents blew through hundreds of millions of money he earned. To hear more, including Aaron speaking about his friendship with Michael Jackson and who he thinks is the greatest male singer today, hit the full interview above.

Aaron Carter on Boxing Lamar Odom: He Hits Like a Freight Train (Part 3)

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Part 2:
Part 1:
In the latest clip, Aaron Carter talked about training naked for his fight against Lamar Odom. He also talked about being upset with Adam22 over the No Jumper host posting the video and contemplating suing him. This ignited a debate between him and DJ Vlad regarding revenge porn laws. After claiming he made $50,000 from the video, Carter explained why he knew he was going to lose against Lamar Odom and said the two did not establish a friendship after the fight.

Aaron Carter on Boxing Lamar Odom, Only Got Paid $15K, Lamar Got $40K (Part 2)

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Part 1:
In the latest clip, Aaron Carter explained why he accepted a celebrity boxing match against Lamar Odom. He acknowledged Odom’s size advantage but remembered his father using the old phrase, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall." Carter said he put a lot of money into training for the fight but Odom’s size was too much to overcome. He admitted to suffering two concussions in the fight before asking for the stoppage. He also talked about getting paid $15,000 for the fight, while Odom was paid $40,000. Carter felt he should have been paid a higher purse and feels like the promoters reneged on including him in the pay per view profits. To hear more, check out the clip above.

Van Lathan on TMZ Setting Him Up to Interview Angry Lamar Odom (Part 7)

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Part 6:
Part 1:
In this clip, Van Lathan spoke about working for TMZ starting in 2011, which he said happened after his unemployment wages were reduced significantly. He explained that he started out working as a tour bus guide for TMZ, which was followed by him being a field camera person. Van then spoke about working in the offices at TMZ as a producer, which led to him being on television. When asked about his craziest moment, he detailed being set up to interview a very angry Lamar Odom, which you can hear more about above.

Benzino in Talks to Box Lamar Odom After Jumping in the Ring After Match (Part 19)

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Part 18:
Part 1:
In this clip, Benzino confirmed that he is in negotiations to fight Lamar Odom in a celebrity boxing match. He said that while he has a passion for being a color commentator for boxing, he called out Lamar Odom after being unimpressed by his skills. Benzino also shouted out DJ Vlad and said he’s left the issues in the past.

Interview by Shawn Prez
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Boskoe100: I Think I Can Beat Riddick Bowe, Holyfield & Lamar Odom (Part 8)

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Part 7:
Part 1:
In the latest clip, Boskoe100 gave his thoughts on Lamar Odom potentially fighting in an exhibition match against former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe. Boskoe claimed no one wants to see Odom fighting after his match against Aaron Carter. Both DJ Vlad and Boskoe agreed that the match between Carter and Odom was the worst celebrity match they had witnessed. Boskoe also expressed his opinion that he could beat Odom, Bowe, and Evander Holyfield. When Vlad challenged him on the claim, Boskoe noted that Bowe and Holyfield are older and took a lot of punishment during their careers. To hear the debate, check out the above clip.