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Lumu Emerges From Stealth Mode At RSAC To Pinpoint Compromises And Illuminate Network Blindspots

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The Family Firm Institute (FFI) announces graduates of the Global Education Network (GEN) Certificate Programs in Family Business and Family Wealth Advising

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theTUNDRA Enthusiast Network Spotlights New Technology at World Ag Expo 2020

New Tech Products Leading Agriculture Industry Growth in U.S. and Worldwide
Press Release – updated: Feb 14, 2020 11:12 PST

LOS ANGELES, February 14, 2020 ( – L.A.-based special interest enthusiast network theTUNDRA explored the latest and greatest in agriculture manufacturing and technology on display at the 2020 World Ag Expo, hosted this past week for the 53rd consecutive year in Tulare, California.
Monet couldn’t have painted a sky this hue of blue, puddling like drapery over mountains so majestic that the closer people think they are getting, the further away they realize they actually are. It’s ethereal, really, this outdoor convention where the wall to the east is the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The boots on this ground, more than 212,000 boots, not only know the feeling of morning dew, having walked thousands of miles of America’s farmland, but also recognize the sound of hand-over-heart patriotism, halting instantaneously at the first note of the National Anthem played over the loudspeakers throughout this 100-acre event, otherwise known as the 2020 World Ag Expo.
If there’s a heartland outside of the Midwest, it’s in Tulare, California. Here, sprawled across the vast, wide-open spaces of the great American west, is, fittingly, the great American spirit of optimism was personified by the 103,000 agriculture industry pros who attended this event, which feels more like a tight-knit community than it does the world’s largest outdoor agricultural manufacturing show. In a digital world that often divides more than it unites, it’s no wonder ag experts and enthusiasts from 65 countries traveled the globe to central California to participate in this event, located 200 miles north of L.A. and 240 miles south of San Francisco.
American farmers are not the braggadocious type – selfies are not in their DNA, nor is neediness, as evidenced by their stick-to-itiveness in a commercial environment too quick, and often erroneous, to use labels like organic and non-GMO. While certain products are busy deflecting and distracting, promoting their views using professional photography they post on Instagram, American farmers remain intensely focused on the job at hand, too honorable to engage with social media and too busy feeding the U.S., and the world, to retaliate.
With annual revenues generating more than $160 billion, agriculture is the U.S.’s biggest export, providing food to more countries than any other nation in the world – a heavy load considering American farmers constitute 2% of America’s population. Like every other operationally intensive industry, American agriculture is turning to the latest and greatest tech to produce more at less cost.  
Here are just a handful of the machinery and technology that was on display at this year’s World Ag Expo:
GUSS Robotic Orchard Sprayer – GUSS (Global Unmanned Spray System) keeps modern ag businesses moving. Up to eight of these futuristic-looking autonomous spraying vehicles can be monitored by one employee from the comfort of a pickup truck with a laptop. They help farmers increase efficiency, precision and safety and most GUSS operators see ROI within three years.
The Harvestar By Littau – This new type of harvester makes apple harvesting easier, faster and more efficient than ladder picking. It lets workers pick at a steady pace rather than waste time moving their ladders around.
The Gearmore Precision Vegetable Seeder – These amazing machines are designed for extremely accurate vegetable seed placement. The turbine fan or hydraulic drive creates a vacuum that draws seeds against the seed plates. Easy to operate and maintain, this durable planter efficiently handles even the smallest of seeds.
The Solectrac Electric Tractor – Electric tractors are more efficient, cost less to operate and are extremely quiet compared to diesel tractors. They’re a zero-emission alternative to diesel tractors. Chargeable by renewable energy, like wind and solar, they’re the wave of the tractor future.
ALUS Nutrition by Cainthus – ALUS uses computer vision, smart cameras and artificial intelligence to passively monitor cows and their environment 24/7, analyzing their well-being, productivity and performance. Cainthus’ technology is helping the ag world learn more about cows than we’ve ever known.
About theTUNDRA
theTUNDRA, formerly PASHpost, is an L.A.-based special interest Enthusiast network connecting members with free, unlimited access to theTUNDRA’s tools, information and communities in a unified digital environment. Integrated features include personalized member dashboards, newsfeeds, podcasts, marketplace, magazine and discussion features tailored to the member’s interests.
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Source: theTUNDRA

HSG's Physician Network Evaluation Survey Reveals Fears About Financial Sustainability for Physician Networks and Hope for Physician Leadership

Press Release – updated: Feb 12, 2020 09:00 EST

LOUISVILLE, Ky., February 12, 2020 ( – HSG (formerly Healthcare Strategy Group), a national healthcare consulting firm, analyzed data and shared information on several key healthcare system trends in 2019. The insights are derived from HSG’s Physician Network Evaluation Survey, a 26-question survey designed to assess perceptions of employed network performance in healthcare systems and hospitals. The data collected came from hundreds of providers, administrators, and board members. The total number of participants exceeded 600.
HSG’s first question to participants in its Physician Network Evaluation Survey addressed the financial performance of its Employed Physician Network. Only 25% of respondents believed their group’s financial performance is sustainable. Financial data collected by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) supports this sentiment. Their study reports that the median loss per provider is around $114,000 for MGMA hospital-owned practices, and that number is even higher for the organization analyzed in HSG’s own 2019 data.
“While this isn’t a new trend, we are finding that there is increased scrutiny of employed group financial performance as administrators and board members are continuing to adjust to the increased importance of ambulatory operations,” said HSG Director Eric Andreoli.
The trend predicted for 2020, as a result of this information, is that successful organizations will evaluate opportunities to improve financial performance by assessing production, revenue cycle processes, and expense structures.
Another interesting finding that HSG’s Physician Network Evaluation Survey uncovers is the relationship between physician leadership and successful group culture, as well as an effective physician advisory council and the positive impact it makes on employed medical groups. The survey shows that 51% of respondents indicated having a physician leadership structure, such as a physician advisory council. In those particular groups, the overall perception of the health of the organization is much more positive than in the organizations surveyed who do not have a physician leadership structure. For example, only 27% of organizations without a physician leadership structure believe that there is appropriate communication with the provider group. Respondents with a physician leadership structure measured at a much higher rate of 74% with the same question.
“The data clearly shows the positive impact that having a physician leadership council can have at a healthcare organization. We see noticeable gaps between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ in our survey. Those without a physician leadership council have a much lower perception of their own success in areas such as referral leakage, burnout, overall culture, and a shared vision for the network,” Andreoli added.
For more information on the data and insights revealed by the 2019 HSG Physician Network Evaluation Survey, visit the website at Additional data points will be reported in March 2020. To participate in the 2020 Physician Network Evaluation Survey, email or call 502-814-1198.
About HSG
HSG builds high-performing physician networks so health systems can address complex changes with confidence. From boosting market power and financial strength to preparing for value-based care, HSG can help define a strategy, implement that strategy, and manage the physician network short term or long term. HSG, a Louisville-based, national healthcare consultancy firm, can be reached via its website and LinkedIn or by emailing or calling (502) 814-1180.
Media Contact:Karolyn Raphael, Winger Marketing, 312-494-0422
Source: HSG

Physical Rehabilitation Network Announces Expansion of Executive Leadership Team

Press Release – updated: Feb 11, 2020 10:00 PST

CARLSBAD, Calif., February 11, 2020 ( – As Physical Rehabilitation Network (PRN), a leading physical therapy partner, continues furthering its service support growth, the California-based organization is pleased to announce several changes to its leadership team. In addition to transitioning two of its current leaders from operations and finance into newly appointed roles, PRN has also added three new executive members to its finance and business development functions as it looks to accelerate the organization’s progress towards achieving its market-leading growth strategies.
“We are extremely proud of our growth and what this executive team collectively brings to the table to further enable our growth trajectory and support our clinic partners,” said Ajay Gupta, Chief Executive Officer. “Given this team’s experience operating in large and complex healthcare environments, their contributions will undoubtedly drive meaningful operating efficiencies and transform our success as we look to grow and diversify the organization’s footprint across the country.”
Nick Poan has joined PRN as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Poan brings nearly 20 years’ experience serving as a catalyst for driving operational and transformation proficiencies for publicly held and privately held companies, most notably in the healthcare services industry. As CFO, Poan will play a leading role in driving PRN’s expansion efforts, along with strategically assessing and mitigating financial risks as well as providing dependable outcome-oriented controls and reporting processes that establish sustainable and profitable efficiencies for the organization. Poan has a strong background in partnering with hospitals and other joint ventures, a derivative from his early financial skills, experience and success, specifically in the multi-site healthcare sector, working for organizations such as Alliance HealthCare Services, Envision Healthcare, Elements Behavioral Health and NVINSION Eye Centers. Poan holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Chapman University.
Mark Fuller, formerly Chief Financial Officer, has been appointed Chief Accounting Officer (CAO). Fuller joined PRN in 2017 with a broad financial leadership background spanning multiple business environments and industries. In his new role, Fuller will focus on PRN’s internal and external financial reporting alongside treasury functions in support of the company’s growing operations.
Kevin Windle, formerly Vice President of Operations, has been appointed the role of Executive Vice President. In this newly appointed role, Windle will be a vital component in leading PRN’s real estate, supply chain and information technology solutions. Additionally, Windle will be at the forefront of shaping the strategies and operational direction for PRN. His extensive experience in both management and operations will promote a culture of efficiency and workplace excellence to facilitate PRN’s strategic vision. Windle has spent nearly 15 years working in the healthcare industry and he has a strong background in data analysis and finance. Windle has been involved in many facets of PRN’s accounting, finance and operations to help provide oversight and education in a mentorship fashion to clinic personnel.
Adam Richards joins PRN as Vice President of Accounting. Richards holds a CPA and offers over 20 years’ experience directing corporate accounting and finance departments for both publicly held and private companies spanning from healthcare services to consumer products. Richards is fundamentally skilled in accounting and finance, with a Big 4 audit background. In his new role, Richards will look to provide advisory support to key members of senior management on financial planning budgeting, cash flow, investment priorities and policy matters. Richards will also oversee, direct, and organize the work of the finance and operations teams.
Greg McNeal joins PRN as Director of Development. McNeal has spent more than 10 years driving strategic healthcare development and sales-driven strategies. Most notably, he was responsible for the successful de novo expansion of a vertically integrated healthcare system in Dallas, which produced a regional footprint of 15 urgent care and freestanding ER locations within a year and a half. In his new role, McNeal will support the accelerating growth in PRN’s outpatient physical therapy model, as well as developing and diversifying business for the organization. McNeal’s expansive and diverse background in healthcare offers a multitude of skillsets in the project development process, crucial to PRN’s growth strategy goals.
About Physical Rehabilitation Network
Physical Rehabilitation Network, LLC (PRN) is a privately held physical therapy organization based in Carlsbad, California. PRN is prominently recognized as the leading therapist-friendly rehab organization in the western part of the United States through its partnership model with premier physical and occupational therapists. The company currently operates over 125 locations providing local autonomy and branding to its therapist partners while streamlining all traditional overhead activities of running a practice.
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Source: Physical Rehabilitation Network