Top Consumer Tech Trends for 2020 with Digital Journalist Mike Bako

NEW YORK (PRWEB) January 13, 2020
It’s the New Year, and many are looking to make a splash by upgrading their favorite home and entertainment products. Recently, Digital Journalist Mike Bako teamed with LG Electronics and YourUpdateTV to share some of his favorite products in the New Year.
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Top Trends from CES
For the tech industry, CES is really a chance to set the year’s agenda when it comes to the new products and devices that will be popular. As tech becomes further embedded in our day-to-day lives, events like this take on a whole new importance as we try to stay up to date on what’s new.
This year, CES was bigger than ever before. Some of the major trends that we are seeing come out of the show include 5G technology, artificial intelligence, connected homes, streaming media, mixed reality and much, much more. It looks like it will be an exciting year for tech lovers.
Home Entertaining Solutions
One of the biggest trends we’re seeing this year is a focus on home entertainment solutions. Homes are getting smarter and more efficient, accelerated by smartphones and tablets interacting with a wide variety of connected and AI-enabled objects, devices, and appliances.
One great example is LG’s InstaView with Craft Ice, an industry-first appliance that helps make things in the kitchen even more convenient and enjoyable. A helpful ally when entertaining, it’s the first refrigerator that produces spherical ice cubes in addition to traditional cubed and crushed ice.
The InstaView knock-on technology also allows you to quickly see what’s inside simply by knocking on the glass, which helps eliminate loss of cold air from opening and re-opening the fridge.
But as I mentioned, smart homes are all about connectivity, and with ThinQ integration, you can manage all of your appliances remotely, whether you are checking to see if the door is open or you need to make some extra ice on the fly.
With technology transforming boring white boxes into exciting machines that can create craft ice, plan dinner and create shopping lists, these are designed for customers who appreciate any help they can get in the kitchen.
The Centerpiece of the Home
These days, the centerpiece of most homes is undoubtedly the television and with so many great shows and movies available at our fingertips, it’s important that we have a device that can produce spectacular picture quality when we need it.
My top choice this year is the LG GX OLED 4K TV. The picture quality on this is amazing, with perfect blacks, infinite contrast and over one billion rich colors.
It also features Filmmaker Mode where the picture and processor settings automatically adjust to match the Director’s intent. I’m sure a lot of people would have loved having this last year as they struggled to watch dark Game of Thrones episodes they could barely see.
Aside from the first-of-its kind technology, LG’s Gallery OLED TV simply looks great, with a flush wall-mount design that makes it seem like it’s just part of the wall.
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About Mike Bako:Mike Bako is a broadcast and digital journalist. Reuters, FOX News, Fox Business, WPIX in New York, and ESPN Radio all frequently rely on Mike’s insights on new trends, current events, sports, and culture. He currently serves as editor of the lifestyle and news website Daily National. Mike is also a new dad and father to a beautiful son named Evan.
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