Fifty Years of Service in the Camp & Retreat Property Management Industry

Camp Arroyo Managed by UCCR

UCCR is a unique cooperative model in the camp and retreat industry. All of the properties are owned by nonprofit organizations or church denominations.

PETALUMA, Calif. (PRWEB) January 26, 2020
United Camps, Conferences & Retreats (UCCR) has announced that the nonprofit camp and retreat management organization will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2020.
UCCR was officially formed and registered as a nonprofit cooperative organization in 1970 by a group of Northern California clergy who sought to unite their efforts to manage their respective denominational camp and retreat properties. The design was to establish a central office that could handle accounting, reservations, staffing, and property oversight for seven church-owned camps and retreat centers throughout Northern California. UCCR established its first office at the San Rafael First United Methodist Church.
In 1998, UCCR moved their office to a downtown office building in San Rafael. In 2006, the central office moved to Petaluma where it is still currently located. While the first thirty-eight years were spent managing camps and retreats in Northern California, in 2008 UCCR expanded to Southern California to manage Pilgrim Pines Camp & Conference Center, a facility owned by the Southern California-Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ.
Once it was understood that the UCCR central administrative office, located in Petaluma, California, could utilize the same management model at any location, UCCR began to offer facility management services to any camp, conference or retreat center in the United States.
Pilgrim Hills Camp & Conference Center, owned by the Ohio Conference of the United Church of Christ, was the first non-California facility UCCR managed. Since that time, UCCR has begun management of camp and retreat facilities in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Michigan.
UCCR is a unique cooperative model in the camp and retreat industry. All of the properties are owned by nonprofit organizations or church denominations. Member representatives from each of the member organizations make up The Owner’s Council. This provides an opportunity for owners to share ideas, participate in UCCR webinars, and work in close partnership with UCCR.
The Mission Statement:UCCR builds relationships with property owners and guests to deliver exceptional services and business resources that empower camps, conference and retreat centers to flourish.
In 1989, the Web of Life Field (WOLF) School was created as a program of UCCR to provide quality Environmental Education to schools in California. Since that time, WOLF School has grown to be one of the finest providers of science and nature-based education, primarily to elementary school age groups.
Mike Carr, UCCR President since 2005, says, “UCCR works with great customers: nonprofit groups that use the facilities to further their mission then return to improve their communities.”
The organization is planning a special event to commemorate the 50th anniversary year. Past and current staff, board members, and friends of UCCR will gather in March 2020 to celebrate this unique business in the camp and retreat property management industry.
For more information about facility management services, visit see the facilities we serve, visit us at 800-678-5102Facebook

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SpankPay.Me, the Personalized Crypto Payments Company for the Adult Industry, Makes its Debut

SpankPay.Me was born to support adult performers. We wanted to create a system which gave entertainers control of receivable income. With, you set the terms, and your earnings are really yours.

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) January 24, 2020
SpankPay.Me, the global private crypto neo-banking system for adult models and performers, has made its debut. The new standard for personal payments was made for entertainers and their customers, with blockchain systems built in to keep profits and personal income protected.
Income management with a user account is streamlined and simplified to make it an easy going and rewarding experience. The SpankPay dashboard tracks and stores all earnings, no matter what format, and allows users to select what to accept. Additionally, all earnings can then be stored as $USD and can be cashed out at any point, without any worry of market or price fluctuations.
In addition to its system is a sleek user interface that allows ultimate personalization for each and every user. The public-facing profiles allow performers to sell directly from their pages through SpankPay.Me’s system, be it clips, pics, tips, physical content, or even to collect from premium subscription services on other social sites. With an individual personalized URL and a customizable page, the user’s SpankPay.Me home is theirs and theirs alone.
Adult performer, cam, and clip star Allie Eve Knox is a strong supporter of the product as well as its VP of Sales. She explains, “I’ve seen firsthand how adult entertainers are discriminated against by standard banking institutions and it’s horrific. SpankPay.Me was born to support adult performers. We wanted to create a system which gave entertainers control of receivable income. With, you set the terms, and your earnings are really yours.”
To sign up for SpankPay.Me or to see its numerous features, click here. Media interested in speaking with Allie Eve Knox may contact
For more information about SpankPay.Me, visit
About SpankPay.Me:Developed to put performers first, SpankPay.Me is a personal crypto neo-banking system that allows users to privately protect their earned funds in any format they wish. Protected with blockchain technology, it sets the standard for personal payment privacy and legitimizes sex work with the enforcement of fund preservation. With a 1% transaction fee and a global reach, SpankPay.Me is the #1 destination for performers looking to make sure their earned funds are protected at a low cost.
For PR and media information, please contact:CodyMarketing and Public

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With the Industry Booming, Slone Partners Celebrates 20 Years as a Leader in Life Sciences and Biotech Executive Search

“It has been an amazing journey, and I take great pride in our role in helping recruit and place many of the top leaders in the innovative companies that are doing such exciting work,” said Adam Slone.

SOUTH RIDING, Va. (PRWEB) January 24, 2020
The impact of new medicines, procedures, data analytics, and other innovations created by companies in biotechnology, diagnostics, therapeutics, laboratory and clinical services during the first two decades of the 21st century have changed the lives of millions of people around the world. And as Slone Partners celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, its evolution as a leader in life sciences executive search closely resembles that of the industry itself.
“We have witnessed an incredible myriad of breakthroughs and discoveries in the life sciences during our 20-year history as a company,” said Slone Partners founder Adam Slone. “It has been an amazing journey, and I take great pride in our role in helping recruit and place many of the top leaders in the innovative companies that are doing such exciting work.”
When Slone Partners began in 2000 the industry landscape was far different, and the pace of change was far slower than it is today. But Slone soon realized that the life sciences was the sector where the firm could make the biggest impact in the market.
“Within about five years after founding Slone Partners, we saw a significant shift globally towards precision medicine and individualized care. It was interesting to see the reaction from various sectors within healthcare including therapeutics, life sciences, biotech, diagnostics, and clinical services,” Slone said. “It wasn’t quite a eureka moment; it was more about understanding the larger puzzle consisting of distinct pieces – policies, finance, clients, and candidates.”
As the industry grew, the company grew along with it, but it took a unique approach, becoming one of the first all remote companies in its sector.
“When you’re meeting clients on their ground, and meeting with candidates on neutral ground, you spend meaningful time building face-to-face relationships instead of spending energy managing an office and the associated infrastructure,” Slone said. “Decentralizing, in that context, allowed us to focus more on the work and it also saved the team hours of commuting.”
Today the company has 50 full-time employees, working in cities all across the country.
“Once we realized this remote office structure worked, we decided to restate our mission and began building our own culture of caring for one another more deeply as people, while emphasizing accountability,” Slone stated. “This new kind of infrastructure built trust among the team and gave each member of the team the ability to deliver results from their own work spaces, maximizing efficiency and improving work/life balance. The result has been a wonderful corporate culture that has helped us achieve amazing results.”
Slone credits Slone Partners CEO Leslie Loveless and President Tara Kochis-Stach with building and leading a world-class team providing exceptional service to its client partners.
“Working with Adam and the team has been the highlight of my professional career,” said Loveless. “We consistently inspire, challenge, and support one another – all with the goal of creating an amazing experience that exceeds both client and candidate expectations.”
“Adam recruited me fairly early on, but even then, I could feel his great passion for this work, and I believed in his very clear vision for our company’s future. Here we are, 15 years after I joined Slone Partners, and I am so proud of the experienced and talented team that we have been able to build together,” said Kochis-Stach.
“Both Tara and Leslie are smart, caring, passionate people of great character. They have loved and protected the company and have consistently done amazing work on behalf of our clients,” Slone said. “Working with them and the rest of our team, nationwide, is the one thing I have loved most about our business.”
Although Slone has reduced his day-to-day responsibilities with Slone Partners, he remains actively engaged with the firm, with a specific focus in strategy, finance, and business development in Boston and California. He and Slone Partners are also co-founders of Wolf Hill Group, a newly-launched national recruitment firm focused on the cybersecurity industry.
Slone is also founder and president of Life Serve Youth Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering achievement and unlocking the full potential of underserved youth through the love of tennis and the character-building experience of sleepaway camp.
“I’ve been playing tennis since I was very young, and it made such a positive impact on me that I wanted to share my experience with kids who otherwise might not be able to have the same opportunities that I had,” he said. “Life Serve hosts a two-week sleepaway camp every summer for young people from underserved communities in Boston, New York, and in between. In addition to high level tennis training, we provide a significant leadership and mentoring component, and ultimately the kids learn that if they work passionately towards any goal, they can do or be whatever they want in this world.”
The culture that Slone instills in the campers at Life Serve is also one that has been carefully cultivated at Slone Partners – built around a commitment to excellence, accountability, teamwork, and respect.
“It’s about core values as a framework,” he said. “We hire smart, passionate, devoted team players with outstanding character. The onboarding process at Slone Partners is very hands on. Our senior people offer considerate and compassionate support from day one for new employees to set them up for success. This is a vitally important part of our company culture. Our senior people received that same courtesy when they were new and they pay it forward.”
“Cultural fit is absolutely essential for our team; people have to fit in. In the early days, we made some mistakes on cultural fit, but we learned from those mistakes. That’s why today, for our clients, cultural fit is the biggest priority we have when vetting candidates. That piece is absolutely critical for us and our client partners,” said Slone.
Slone Partners will mark its 20th anniversary with a special gathering for the entire company later this year.
Slone Partners delivers the leaders who build amazing life sciences organizations – People Are Our Science®. Since 2000, Slone Partners specializes in delivering world-class C-suite leadership, executive, and upper management talent to the most promising and established life sciences, biotechnology, medical research, diagnostics, precision medicine and laboratory services companies. With coast-to-coast presence in the most active healthcare industry hubs of Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin, Research Triangle Park, New York, and Washington DC, Slone Partners uniquely and precisely provides an array of executive search and advisory services to exceptional clients. Our full suite of services includes identifying, negotiating with, onboarding, and relocating talent, in addition to post-placement mentoring, success monitoring, and culture fit services. To learn more about Slone Partners’ value proposition and processes, visit

VIP Mortgage Makes a Big Splash on the Local Mortgage Industry and has expanded to four locations across the Big Island

Originally founded in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2006, VIP Mortgage made a huge splash in the Big Island market during the summer of 2018. A merge between a local brokerage shop, Pacific Isle Lending Group, and V.I.P created the perfect alliance; a company with home-grown island knowledge fueled by resources to serve a larger segment of the community.(PRWeb January 23, 2020)Read the full story at

Industry Veteran Launches World's First Adjustable Mattress Designed Specifically for Couples

The World’s First Mattress Designed For Couples

30 years and 7 million mattresses later, I wanted to design a bed that truly can satisfy couples who have different comfort needs, so you no longer need to compromise as an individual while you live as a couple

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (PRWEB) January 23, 2020
Founded and led by mattress industry veteran Paul Longman, isense has introduced the world’s first adjustable mattress designed for couples™, eliminating the need to compromise sleep quality and comfort while sharing a bed. isense, a subsidiary of Advanced Sleep Technologies, offers consumers the first and only fully adjustable bed that leverages both proprietary Energex foam and innerspring materials. This groundbreaking mattress, the Revive – Hybrid Premier, as well as its adjustable all-foam counterpart, Refresh, features patented Comfort Control™ technology that allows both partners to adjust their side of the mattress independently and as often as their sleep needs change. To support this innovative launch, isense has opened a manufacturing facility in Springfield, Missouri, where the brand is headquartered.
“The isense Comfort Control mattress is no ordinary bed. Unlike air beds, we incorporated miniature air chambers to vary the firmness of the surrounding foam comfort and support system to deliver an extensive firmness range available for each sleeper, which delivers a better sleep experience than anything on the market,” says Longman.
Differentiating itself further from other adjustable mattress makers, isense seeks to solve sleep-related problems with a mission to improve sleep quality and foster happier long-term relationships. Over the course of his career, Longman has encountered a common pain point that needs to be resolved for real-life couples. To reinforce this commitment, Longman is challenging the industry by offering a significant 180-night comfort promise, allowing consumers to send back their mattress risk free if they’re not satisfied.
“30 years and 7 million mattresses later, I wanted to design a bed that truly can satisfy couples who have different comfort needs, so you no longer need to compromise as an individual while you live as a couple,” he explains.
To educate consumers, isense has developed a new direct-to-consumer platform that provides a deeper understanding of good sleep habits and the benefits of isense’s proprietary sleep technology. The mattress brand is also set to demonstrate its new adjustable sleep products and their latest developments at the 2020 Las Vegas Market, Jan. 26-30 – Showroom # A938.
About isense
On a mission to give couples their best night’s sleep without compromise, isense makes the world’s first adjustable mattress designed for couples™. For the first time, couples can purchase an adjustable mattress with either innerspring or all-foam support. Patented Comfort Control™ technology gives each partner the power to adjust their side of the mattress independently to reach their ideal level of plush to firm support. Discover the benefits of adjustable comfort with the full isense sleep system, including fully adjustable mattresses, pillows and bed bases that provide real-life solutions to some of life’s most common sleep-related problems, such as joint pain, snoring, insomnia and discomfort during pregnancy. isense invites couples to fall in love with sleep again.
For more information, please contact, or visit the isense website at

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Two of the Top Cannabis Industry Leaders Launch 'GPS.Global'

Press Release – updated: Jan 23, 2020 09:36 EST

DENVER, January 23, 2020 ( – With 37 countries served and 25 years of collective wisdom, Gateway Proven Strategies (“GPS”) is a world-class cannabusiness consulting firm, positioned to accelerate the growth of the greatest industrial revolution of the 21st century. Founded by two of the top cannabis industry leaders, Bob Hoban and Charles Feldmann, GPS is paving the way for the global cannabis supply chain, navigating Fortune 500 companies and world leaders through the nascent winds of the global cannabis marketplace.
Leveraging its vast global network, GPS has attracted a diverse team, boasting some of the brightest minds in the world, with unique backgrounds that range from global pharmaceutical executives and cannabis industry pioneers to attorneys and former leaders in elite government organizations, including the FBI and DEA. 
“I am thrilled to bring a breadth of knowledge and discipline to the business needs of this emerging industry,” said Ceci Zak, Chief Operating Officer of Gateway Proven Strategies. “GPS is helping clients understand the global cannabis marketplace with respect to regulatory frameworks, economics, and social impact. GPS works with clients to bring awareness to the ecological opportunities inherent in hemp, which has the ability to transform corporate sustainability metrics.” 
The GPS team delivers proven strategies and facilitates key partnerships that drive real revenues and actual profits for its clients.

When the Fortune 500 companies of the world are ready to turn to sustainable hemp-based products and Wall Street looks for real and profitable industry leaders to invest in, we are well-equipped to educate and guide them through that transition.

Charles Feldmann
CEO of Gateway Proven Strategies

“When the Fortune 500 companies of the world are ready to turn to sustainable hemp-based products and Wall Street looks for real and profitable industry leaders to invest in, we are well-equipped to educate and guide them through that transition,” said Charles Feldmann, Chief Executive Officer of Gateway Proven Strategies.  
GPS is uniquely founded on proven strategies, providing top-tier analytics, operational and M&A consulting services for companies, investors and entities looking to globally scale their existing businesses. “Built to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the international cannabis market, GPS in partnership with Hoban Law Group and International Hemp Solutions, can provide clients immediate access to the top players in the industry, in any jurisdiction that supports a regulatory framework for commercial cannabis,” said Bob Hoban, President and co-founder of Gateway Proven Strategies. 
With many exciting opportunities on the horizon, this new firm is positioned to transform the global cannabis market and the world as we know it.
For more information, visit www.GPS.Global  | For interviews with any of the mentioned companies, contact Deanna Callahan at Deanna@GPS.Global.
​Contact: Deanna Callahan | Email: | Phone: (310) 867-9911
Source: Gateway Proven Strategies

Retail Companies Choose to Reach Industry Media Contacts and Reduce Costs is helping public and private companies in the retail and e-commerce industry grow their audience, expand their reach and entice potential investors with affordable distribution to key media outlets.
Press Release – updated: Jan 23, 2020 09:32 EST

SARASOTA, Fla., January 23, 2020 ( – The cost-effective distribution options at are helping emerging companies in the retail and e-commerce industry reach key media contacts to help grow brand awareness and drive web traffic and sales. is making it simple and easy to achieve regulatory compliance and adherence to strict SEC guidelines, ensuring a seamless process to help effectively distribute financial news for retail and e-commerce companies looking to share impactful stories.
“Our distribution options were aimed at providing public and private companies that are emerging or new to the scene a simple, affordable, and effective solution,” says Erik Rohrmann, at “We’ve found that across industries there are companies who can do much more to showcase the impact and value they provide with their products or services, and we urge other companies who may not have taken advantage of our services to see what we have to offer, so they can grow their audience and increase sales.”’s expansion of its media distribution network has helped businesses grow their potential audiences at the most affordable rates. With distribution to networks that include Newswire, Yahoo! Finance, and Associated Press, retail companies can share their stories with new communities that can help to grow sales and traffic. Whether public or privately traded,’s international distribution and regulatory compliance make the process of announcing milestones, highlighting key business metrics and personnel announcements as easy and as effective as possible.
“Companies, especially in retail, that are looking to jumpstart their media and marketing communications efforts are invited to see what has to offer. We’re optimistic our partnerships and alliances provide meaningful help to those companies that are quickly looking to make an impact with their news,” adds Rohrmann. offers affordable regulatory compliant press release distribution for publicly traded companies looking to grow their reach in the new year. With, publicly traded companies get distribution to leading media outlets in retail, delivery to investor networks, and SEC compliant disclosures. For continued news updates and announcements of retail businesses and regulatory-compliant press release content, visit
About provides simple, flexible, and cost-effective press release distribution services to public and private companies through the most comprehensive networks and media contacts. Through its strategic alliance with Newswire, can now offer the Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour provided by Newswire to clients.
Contact Information:
PressRelease.comMedia RelationsOffice: 800-998-2927
Source: Newswire

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2020 – Innovation, Efficiency & the Consumer – Industry Analysis by Loyale Healthcare

Attendees to the 2020 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference help define the future of healthcare in America

Providers must find ways to improve efficiencies, leverage technology to reach more people at lower cost and employ data to continually sharpen operating practices. – Kevin Fleming, CEO, Loyale Healthcare

LAFAYETTE, Calif. (PRWEB) January 23, 2020
The 2020 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference took place in San Francisco last week. One of the largest and most influential events focused on the business of healthcare, the conference brings together leaders from across healthcare and financial companies to explore emerging ideas and technologies and learn from some of the industry’s most innovative and successful practitioners.
Last year, we published an analysis of conference highlights based on insightful commentary from Dan Michelson, CEO of Strata Decision Technology writing for Becker’s Hospital Review. In 2020, Mr. Michelson and Becker’s have again published what I consider the definitive JPM2020 summary titled “The top 10 questions from the 2020 J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference that every CEO must answer.”
Based on my own experiences at this year’s event, the Becker’s summary presents an excellent starting point for Loyale’s analysis of emerging practices and products affecting hospital finances. Most particularly, the constituency with the greatest influence over hospital financial performance – patients.
The Future is Already Here
In his analysis, Mr. Michelson dismisses the notion that this year’s conference was merely “more of the same”. Quoting futurist William Gibson, he points out that “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” At Loyale Healthcare, our experience in working with some of healthcare’s largest and most successful companies attests to that simple truth.
The markets, technologies, practices, policies and ideas that will transform healthcare are all present – even if nascent. The challenge now is for healthcare providers to identify the path forward that works best for them and their patients. Unless and until that transformation begins to take shape, I expect these themes will continue to dominate the conversation in healthcare.
Last year our analysis, “Creating the Frictionless Healthcare Platform” presented a readiness checklist designed to help hospitals and health systems evaluate their preparedness for a more expansive, consumer-friendly way to do business. The promise of Platform-based business models was prominent again at this year’s event, with the Mayo Clinic being singled out for its strategic decision to embrace the platform model.
The first Mayo platform initiative, as described in this recent article, is the launch of its new Clinical Data Analytics Platform. The first of what Mayo envisions will be many platform-based initiatives, the AI platform will “apply advanced analytics on deidentified data from across Mayo and other organizations and comb scientific literature to gain insights into new treatments that could improve patients’ outcomes.”
The potential of a platform-based business model is not confined to clinical disciplines. From an operating standpoint, platforms hold great promise for the transformation of hospital administration and finance. The Loyale Healthcare platform is one example. Working with companies like HCA Healthcare and U.S. Anesthesia Partners, we’re integrating Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems with dozens of other healthcare technologies, leveraging data to help providers deliver seamless experiences to patients and staff. Platform outcomes include: improved patient engagement, lower operating costs, higher patient revenues and better overall operating performance across the enterprise. These systems all exist today, Loyale unifies them all in a single, user-optimized digital experience that drives results.
Are Healthcare Leaders Asking the Right Questions?
Mr. Michel’s analysis frames his observation of, and conversations at, the JPM2020 conference with ten questions shared by industry executives, many of which are embedded in this year’s conference content. These ten questions, along with our own qualifiers, follow:
1. Will we think differently and truly leverage our platform? As discussed above, are we prepared to invest financially, culturally and strategically in the platform model? Do we believe platforms represent our best path to sustainable success?
2. Market share: Are we leveraging a share of cup strategy? Are hospitals taking a big picture approach to knowing and serving “their markets?”
3. Are we a holding company or an operating company? Are hospitals and health systems realizing the scale and benefits of mergers and acquisitions?
4. Do we have employees or a team? How will hospitals overcome healthcare’s operating silos to develop an enterprise-wide, cross-disciplined approach to care?
5. Physicians: Are our physicians optimistic or pessimistic? What are providers’ plans to overcome systemic flaws that can lead to burnout and turnover?
6. Customer: Do we treat sick patients or care for consumers? Are providers practicing a B2B or B2C business? Are patient relationships a critically valuable business asset? The answer, if you don’t already know, is yes.
7. Data: Will we make data liquid? How will you use data to understand your business, make better decisions and improve care and performance?
8. Cost: Are we serious about reducing the cost of care and delivering value? How will you respond to the call for improved affordability?
9. Capital: Do we have an “asset-light” strategy? Are there ways to leverage existing assets to broaden markets and deliver more services?
10. Performance: Do we want our team to build a budget or improve performance? Are you wasting valuable time and effort on outdated, non-performing business practices? Are there better ways?
Each of these questions prompts crucial self-analysis for healthcare leaders and their teams. In my view, they’re the right questions. That’s partly because they reach across the industry and enterprises to address all of the most vexing issues facing healthcare. Also because these are precisely the kinds of questions that led Loyale’s clients to search for and select Loyale.
Because our domain expertise resides in the areas of healthcare revenue cycle and patient engagement, let’s take a closer look at questions 1, 3, 6 and 8, specifically as they pertain to patients’ financial experiences and provider financial outcomes.
Question one, “Will we think differently and truly leverage our platform?” is addressed above. Loyale clients are motivated by a desire to integrate disparate, disjointed systems and processes to deliver more holistic experiences that benefit team members and patients. Some are even exploring wider business implications for developing platform-enabled, revenue-generating shared services.
Question three, “Are we a holding company or an operating company?” addresses a frustration that’s all too common as consolidation in the healthcare industry continues to accelerate. The best results are achieved by providers who are ready to make the hard decisions, implementing enterprise-wide standards and protocols designed to improve efficiencies and drive growth. Loyale clients demonstrate this concept by implementing our platform technology across their entire ecosystems – delivering superior patient (and staff) financial experiences throughout each patient’s care journey – in every setting, every time.
Question six, “Do we treat sick patients or care for consumers?” confronts the largely transactional nature of provider-patient interactions. We’re all consumers of healthcare. Some more, some less. But when asked, most of us agree that, while the clinical dimension of care is usually good or even exceptional, when it comes to the administrative and financial dimensions of care, the experience deteriorates dramatically.
With as many as half of Americans avoiding or delaying care because they’re afraid they can’t afford it, this egregious disconnect impairs a provider’s ability to compete for patients and to improve the probability of being paid for it. Healthcare is the only industry where the consumer lacks basic information to make informed decisions. Loyale clients are working to fix that. From pre-treatment price transparency to personalized, interactive payment plans. Loyale is making it possible for providers to connect with patients the way many of today’s most successful B2C companies connect with their customers.
Question eight, “Are we serious about reducing the cost of care and delivering value?” underscores something we have written about extensively over the last year. No healthcare-related issue has had a higher profile in the public eye than healthcare affordability and its adjacent issues – surprise medical bills and aggressive collection tactics. Despite the rhetoric of the current U.S. presidential campaign, few if any presenters or attendees at JPM2020 expressed any serious concern about the possibility of Medicare for All or some other single-payer model being adopted in the foreseeable future.
Providers and the pharmaceutical industry, therefore, must find ways to improve efficiencies, leverage technology to reach more people at lower cost and employ data to continually sharpen operating practices. At Loyale, we’re working with healthcare enterprises and specialty providers to bring patient financial practices into the 21st century – with price transparency, interactive self-serve or full-service payment planning, patient financing and personalized digital communications on a clinically integrated “digital front door”. All so patients can get the care they need at a payment they can afford.
I am pleased to report that, based on our experiences with Loyale clients and with many of the forward-looking people I met with at this year’s J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, leaders are indeed asking the right questions. And the promising future whose elements are already present is slowly but surely coming into view. We’re proud to be a part of that future and look forward to sharing our progress at JPM2021.
Kevin Fleming is the CEO of Loyale Healthcare
Loyale Patient Financial Manager™ is a comprehensive patient financial engagement technology platform leveraging a suite of configurable solution components including predictive analytics, intelligent workflows, multiple patient financing vehicles, communications, payments, digital front doors and other key capabilities.
Loyale Healthcare is committed to a mission of turning patient responsibility into lasting loyalty for its healthcare provider customers. Based in Lafayette, California, Loyale and its leadership team bring 27 years of expertise delivering leading financial engagement solutions for complex business environments. Loyale currently serves approximately 12,000 healthcare providers across 48 states. Loyale recently announced an Enterprise level strategic partnership with Parallon including deployment of its industry leading technology to all HCA hospitals and Physician Groups.