Freeway Ricky Explains Why Magic & Jordan Aren’t ‘Black’ (Flashback)

In this VladTV Flashback from 2020, Freeway Ricky explained why he doesn’t consider Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan to be black. According to Freeway Rick, the two basketball icons have managed to transcend race as a result of their on-court prowess and off-court marketability. While it didn’t appear that Freeway Ricky was advocating for this type of racial transcendence, he makes a clear argument about how wealth and class can largely alter one’s racial position.

Boosie on Why He Turned Down Freeway Ricky’s Offer to Manage Him After Prison (Part 36)

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In the latest clip, Boosie detailed his relationship with Freeway Ricky. He confirmed that Freeway Rick used to send him books and check on him while he was incarcerated. After his release, he recalled hanging out with the former drug dealer and being fascinated by his story. Despite their relationship, Boosie turned down Freeway Ricky’s offer to manage him. Check out the above clip to find out the reason.

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