Canadian Female Entrepreneur Jessica Martins Featured in New Book “She Wants To Move”

Cover of “She Wants to Move”

The book is structured into 186 individual and unique motivational stories that will have you laughing and crying as you navigate through each individual’s struggles and success.

TORONTO (PRWEB) January 24, 2020
“She Wants To Move” is a passionate project fueled by a talented group of 186 global female game-changers. This initiative is uniting a diverse community of females to inspire and support other women around the world.
The book, artfully woven by international personality Johanna Rose Cabildo, contains a series of individual stories that provide guidance, reassurance, advice and expertise to anyone who reads it. “She Wants To Move” celebrates female role models of all ages that are making their mark on all things business, fashion, music & entertainment, tech, sports, lifestyle, art, beauty & wellness, and more. “She Wants To Move” will launch at the male-dominated NFL Super Bowl in Miami at the Legacy Festival in Wynwood, a bold move making a strong statement that it’s a woman’s world.
The stories within the book walk you through personal trials and tribulations and how the women have overcome those trials. The book features women with stories such as growing up a lesbian immigrant and battling vitiligo to becoming an idol that pushed past being a victim of bullying. Also featured are harrowing stories of being neglected by society for having a trans-woman identity, to being recognized as an inspiration.
Entrepreneur Jessica Martins, who is also a film producer, talent manager and the founder of Hero Artists, shares her stories about founding her company at 19 years old and the rollercoaster ride of the last decade in what is a predominately male industry (film & entertainment). One of her recent films is set to open in theatres this weekend Jan 24, 2020, entitled “The Last Full Measure” starring Samuel L Jackson, Christopher Plummer, Ed Harris, William Hurt, Diane Ladd, Bradley Whitford, Sebastian Stan, and the late Peter Fonda.
The book is structured into 186 individual and unique motivational stories that will have you laughing and crying as you navigate through each individual’s struggles and success. It is a must-read.
About “She Wants To Move”
“She Wants To Move” is a book co-authored by 186 women that champion the voice of ambitious females worldwide through a collaborated publication. The book showcases motivating success stories, relatable setbacks, and wisdom to encourage and inspire other women globally. This initiative is dedicated to empowering women to make progress mentally, financially, spiritually, and emotionally. “She Wants To Move” invites women of all ages to challenge themselves to move- move on, move up, and move forward.
About Hero Artists
Hero Artists is a full-service talent management company representing actors, voice over talent, children, and creative talent such as editors, writers and directors. Hero has offices in Toronto and Vancouver and affiliates in Montreal, representing talent throughout North America and the US. Our team of agents has been breaking ground for years with our collective skills in casting, acting, modeling, marketing/PR and production.
For more information, please contact:
Jessica MartinsHero ArtistsHeroArtists.com416-900-5561Facebook

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And the Award for Gold Standard Female Healthcare Goes to … Peezy Midstream Takes Center Stage on Hollywood's Biggest Night

Pioneering urine collection device that improves early accurate diagnosis of urinary tract infections (UTIs) included in ‘Everyone Wins’ goodie bags
Press Release – updated: Jan 15, 2020 10:06 PST

LOS ANGELES, January 15, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Forte Medical’s Peezy Midstream will be one of the most unusual gifts ever included in the fabulous swag bags* that are independently gifted to Oscar® nominees in the major acting and directing categories – and it will also be one of the most important for the health of women in America.
This gift to Hollywood’s biggest stars may even save lives by drawing attention to the suffering of women around the world with urinary tract infections (UTIs) that often go undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or inaccurately treated because of hit-or-miss urine sample collection.
Peezy Midstream devices will be given to the 25 acting and director nominees and will include information on how women can learn more about one of the biggest hidden issues in women’s healthcare.
Any woman who has suffered from a UTI – about seven million females a year in the USA – knows just how miserable it is and how difficult it can be to treat. UTI is the most common reason for emergency department visits and high rates of unplanned hospital admissions.
Happily, gold standard Peezy Midstream, designed by primary care physician Dr. Vincent Forte, has arrived to help clean up this mess. 
“Urine is the window into your health. It’s the most common routine diagnostic procedure in medicine, yet there is no protocol for its collection. We want to change the hearts and minds of policymakers and put this right,” said Giovanna Forte, CEO of Forte Medical, the London-based company behind Peezy Midstream.
Forte is opening a satellite office in Irvine, California, with the cooperation of the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce, where a focus on MedTech and HealthTech has led to unprecedented help and welcome.
“Recurrent urinary tract infection is a huge problem,” said Melissa Kramer, founder of Live UTI Free. “Strong evidence shows that the standard UTI test is highly inaccurate and this must be acknowledged. The move by Peezy Midstream to improve one crucial part of the equation is very welcome.” 
For more information or if you or a loved one suffers from recurrent UTI and you want answers, find out more here.
Peezy Midstream is available in the USA exclusively with Owen Mumford by contacting us.info@owenmumford.com or 1-800-421-6936.
Media Contact:David Gardnerdavid@davidgardnermedia.comLondon: +44 7864 042286Los Angeles: +1 310 433 2392
*The “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bags are NOT affiliated in any way with the OSCARS® or the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. A.M.P.A.S. does not award, sponsor, endorse or provide these Gift Bags. Neither the Academy nor Distinctive Assets want there to be any association in the media between the “Everyone Wins” Gift Bags and the OSCARS® or the Academy.
Source: Forte Medical