Instagram Now Attracts a Larger Audience Than Facebook Among Top Brands According to New Report From Socialbakers

Among top 50 brand profiles, Instagram has a larger audience and nearly 20X more interactions than Facebook, according to Socialbakers’ new Q4 2019 Trends Report
Press Release – updated: Feb 11, 2020 10:00 EST

NEW YORK, February 11, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Socialbakers, the unified marketing platform for social media marketers, today released a comprehensive report on Social Media Trends for Q4 2019. Key insights from the report include Instagram overtaking Facebook in audience size, the relative decline in engagement during the holiday season, the popularity of vertical videos, the dominance of women among fans and followers, growing ad spend, and the continuing explosion of influencer marketing.
“The writing has been on the wall for some time, but now it’s official. When it comes to the top 50 biggest brand profiles, Instagram has a larger audience than Facebook,” said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO, Socialbakers. “That development was not a surprise. What was unexpected in Q4 2019, however, was the relative decline in engagement during the holiday season. This is a warning sign that brands require a deeper understanding of which types of content their audiences find compelling, and an agile method to get that content in front of them.”
The key findings of the Q4 2019 Trends report include:
Audience: Instagram surpasses Facebook
Based on the top 50 biggest brand profiles worldwide, there was a notable change in Q4 2019. For the first time, the total audience on Instagram surpassed the total audience size on Facebook. Additionally, the total interactions on Instagram were nearly 20 times larger than those on Facebook. So, even though the top 50 brands published more posts on Facebook, the engagement on those posts didn’t reach the numbers that Instagram was able to achieve.
Engagement: A surprising drop in interactions
Despite attempts to attract consumers during the holiday season, the relative post interactions for both Instagram and Facebook were lower in Q4 2019 than a year ago. This was true even among the most successful industries on social media. Fashion, the top industry on Instagram, decreased by 19.4%, while the top industry on Facebook, Ecommerce, decreased by 9.6% versus Q3 2019. This may indicate that brands need to get smarter about the content they post, and focus on top quality content in smaller volumes to increase engagement.
However, one interesting success story in Q4 engagement is the Services category. It achieved a 66.7% jump in engagement on Instagram compared to Q3 2019. On Facebook, Services finished fourth with 7.6% of total interactions after not making the top eight in the previous quarter. Services is a wide-ranging category that includes lawyers, accounting services, hairdressers, car repairs, IT services, conference and event organizers, and weight-loss courses.
Format: Vertical videos pull viewers in
Marketers often wonder whether viewers prefer videos that were shot horizontally or those that were shot vertically. Currently, about 70% of videos on Facebook brand pages are shot horizontally. But according to Q4 data from those Facebook brand pages, vertical videos perform better than horizontal videos across the board. For videos shorter than 30 seconds (which is the most popular video length), vertical videos were completed by viewers 29.9% of the time, while horizontal videos were completed 22.2% of the time.
Demographics: Women are dominant on social media
According to the Q4 2019 data, women make up the majority of fans and followers of brand pages on both Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, 58% of brand page followers were female, comprising the majority of every age demographic. On Facebook, women made up 56.7% of the total audience of page fans, although there were slightly more men in the 18-24 age demographic. Women are also the largest group of people mentioning and interacting with brand pages in the prime marketing demographic of 25-34. Overall, women represented 56.4% of the audience engaging with brands in Q4 2019.
Ad spend: Instagram rises but Facebook remains the leaderAs in past quarters, ad spend on Instagram Stories continues its rapid growth, although Facebook Feed remains the leader with 58.3% of total ad spend. For the first time, Instagram Stories reached 10% of ad spend in the second half of 2019. Overall, the spend on Instagram Stories increased by 40% over the last year, and by 91% over the last two years.
Other ad spend trends include the rise of Instagram Explore and Facebook Marketplace as a destination for advertising dollars. In its first five months, the percentage of ad spend on Instagram Explore grew to 1.32%. And over the last year, ad spend on Facebook Marketplace grew from 0.72% in December 2018 to 1.31% at the end of 2019, an increase of more than 80%.
Influencer marketing: No sign of slowing downOne trend that remains unchanged is the skyrocketing growth of influencer marketing. In Q4 2019, the number of influencers using #Ad or the local language version in their posts exploded by 90.5%. For the third straight quarter, the top Instagram brand profile in the world associated with influencers was Walmart, which had 854 mentions from 619 influencers in Q4 2019. Other profiles with successful influencer partnerships included Daniel Wellington, iDeal Of Sweden, and FashionNova.com.
The complete Q4 2019 Social Media Trends Report with supporting graphics is now available for free download.
Media Contact:Claire Wilsonpress@socialbakers.com
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Business Professionals of America Announces New Partnership With Facebook

Press Release – updated: Feb 10, 2020 09:00 EST

COLUMBUS, Ohio, February 10, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Business Professionals of America (BPA) is pleased to announce a newly established partnership with Facebook, Inc. that will provide valuable educational information and resources to all of its members.
Through the launch of its new Digital Marketing Skills program, Facebook will provide BPA educators at all levels of Career and Technical Education easily accessible online and in-class content which can be utilized to enhance existing curricula, while exposing additional avenues for real-world experiential learning.
“In this day and age, there is a strong emphasis on the importance of digital citizenship and knowing how to appropriately use social media, digital communications and marketing,” said BPA Executive Director Dr. LouAnn Ross. “Developing a partnership with Facebook, a company seen as a global leader in digital marketing and communications, will only strengthen the hands-on learning opportunities our BPA members have available to them as they prepare for success in the global marketplace.”
This new partnership will not only offer BPA advisors and students access to curricula, but it will also introduce a pathway for students to earn a certification. The new Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate Certificate will be offered through Pearson VUE and will empower students to reach their career goals through digital marketing across the Facebook, Inc. family of apps including Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.
“We’re excited about this partnership with BPA to bring our digital marketing skills content to all of its members,” said Global Marketing Lead for Facebook Business Education, Mark Zeller. “Our vision is to support educators with free access to relevant, up-to-date content for the classroom that will help them enable and empower their students to enter the workforce with in-demand skills. Combined with the in-classroom experience, our industry-recognized Certification will also provide students with an additional signal on their ré​sumé that proves their competency in using Facebook’s Ads Tools.” 
“The mission of our organization is to develop and empower rising student leaders to discover their passion and change the world by creating unmatched opportunities for growth through education, competition, community service and personal development. This includes educating our students effectively and responsibly in a world consumed by social media and technology,” said Dr. Ross. “We could think of no better partner than Facebook to ensure our students are provided with appropriate educational resources and understanding so that they may become successful in the digital world.”
About Business Professionals of America
BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS OF AMERICA, Inc. (BPA) is the leading Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO) for students pursuing careers in business management, information technology, office administration, marketing and other related career fields. An intra-curricular national membership organization established in 1966, BPA serves secondary, post-secondary and middle level students and educators by offering programs based on national standards spanning five career pathways: Finance, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Digital Communication & Design and Management, Marketing & Communication. For more information, visit bpa.org or contact Heather Bunning, Director of Marketing.
Source: Business Professionals of America

Florida Poly alum finds tech success with Facebook deal

Facebook and Oculus VR are giving Florida Poly alumni Andre Ripley a chance at a lucrative career and success as a tech entrepreneur.

‘With the power of Facebook, I can’t imagine how many people will compete in the Pistol Whip tournament, but we’re prepared for anything.’ -Andre Ripley ’19

LAKELAND, Fla. (PRWEB) February 05, 2020
For Andre Ripley ’19, Facebook provides much more than a way to stay connected to friends and family.
The social media and technology company is giving him a chance at a lucrative career and success as a tech entrepreneur.
Ripley, who graduated from Florida Polytechnic University with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, was awarded a $120,000 partnership deal with Facebook and Oculus VR to develop and run virtual reality gaming tournaments for the new Pistol Whip VR game. His company, Virtualities, will track elements such as players, prize money, teams, rules, and cheating.
“We negotiated with Facebook for probably four months and we finally closed the deal on New Year’s Day,” said Ripley, chief technology officer of the Salt Lake City, Utah, company. “That was a great start to the year.”
Virtualities is hoping to land a $1 million deal with Facebook this spring.
“We have to launch our platform and meet all the requirements for Facebook and as long as we keep our platform running, we have a good chance of closing the million-dollar deal,” Ripley said. “We’re almost done and ahead of schedule right now.”
Ripley said the traditional way of running gaming tournaments involves many people working on spreadsheets to track scores and other data.
“That’s really outdated and hasn’t been automated. Since the demand for esports is getting higher, we’re trying to solve that with the Facebook deal,” Ripley said.
The U.S Virgin Island native said that Virtualities ran a Beat Saber tournament last year with competitors from 78 countries.
“With the power of Facebook, I can’t imagine how many people will compete in the Pistol Whip tournament, but we’re prepared for anything,” Ripley said. “I never expected to be funded by Facebook – my first round of funding was from my dad, who gave me $300 to develop a prototype for a box that does appraisals for diamonds.”
In addition to his work with the growing tech start-up, Ripley also works with flight simulators as a software engineer at Collins Aerospace in Salt Lake City.
Ripley discovered his passion for entrepreneurship at Florida Poly after being encouraged to enter – and win – several entrepreneurship competitions throughout Central Florida and the state. This included a third-place victory in the 2018 Governor’s Cup competition with his team’s product, Insta-List – a product that captured, scanned, and listed items for digital selling in less than 10 seconds. His collegiate victories earned him 20,000 LinkedIn followers and a thirst to continue his efforts.
“The single best thing I’ve done was getting involved with the entrepreneurship program at Florida Poly because you don’t even need to have the best idea or be completely thought through, you just have to try and get feedback,” Ripley said.
“Even when I’ve failed it’s like I’ve won because I got crucial feedback and I implemented it into the Facebook deal.”

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Former Facebook Executive to Lead Tech Soft 3D's People and Culture

Twanya Hood Hill to scale the company’s unique culture and recruit top talent during next phase of growth
Press Release – updated: Jan 23, 2020 05:46 PST

BEND, Ore., January 23, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Tech Soft 3D, the leading provider of software development toolkits to engineering software companies, today announces that Twanya Hood Hill will serve as the company’s Vice President of People & Culture. As a member of Tech Soft 3D’s executive team, Hood Hill is responsible for driving people initiatives domestically and internationally. Specifically, she will ignite action in three key areas of focus: 1) leadership and organizational development, 2) talent development and learning, and 3) diversity and inclusion initiatives.
“Here at Tech Soft 3D, we’ve worked hard to maintain a culture where everyone’s voice matters, everyone is seen and known, and as we grow, we need someone who can help us maintain that people-centric culture,” said Ron Fritz, CEO of Tech Soft 3D. “I’m very excited about working with Twanya because of her great fit with our culture, positive energy and outstanding experience in organizational development, including her previous role as head of learning initiatives at Facebook. She has the right instincts and abilities to make significant and immediate impact to help us maintain our culture.”
“I’m very excited about coming to Tech Soft 3D, an innovative, successful company, yet still growing, and there’s a lot of opportunity for me to have a significant impact,” said Hood Hill.  “My role will focus on building scalable infrastructure around the entire people experience in a way that strongly reinforces the unique Tech Soft 3D culture. Ensuring our culture will stay and grow as the company grows.”
With more than 28 years’ experience in consulting and HR, Hood Hill will focus on three main areas in her new role:
1)      Leadership and Organizational Development: There is a growing need to develop people to take on management positions. There will be a specific management development curriculum built on digital learning and modern learning concepts to make learning accessible to a remote, global workforce.
2)      Talent Development and Recruiting: They want to recruit and maintain the best and give those at Tech Soft 3D every opportunity to advance their skills to be industry-leading.
3)      Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Building awareness and skills for an inclusive organization requires being intentional about recruiting from a diverse pool of candidates.
“The values in this company really show up – building relationships is front and center,” added Hood Hill.  “It’s a very people-centric culture with an emphasis on authenticity. People are welcoming and caring, and there’s a real sense of equality. It’s refreshing and empowering. Tech Soft 3D is unique in its culture – we now just need to figure out how to bottle that up and sell it.”
Hood Hill will be working out of the Tech Soft 3D office in Berkeley, California, reporting directly to the CEO, Ron Fritz.
About Tech Soft 3D
Tech Soft 3D is the leading global provider of development tools that help software teams deliver successful applications. Established in 1996 and headquartered in Bend, Oregon, Tech Soft 3D also has offices in California, France, England and Japan. The company’s toolkit products power nearly 500 unique applications running on hundreds of millions of computers worldwide. For more information, visit www.techsoft3d.com.
HOOPS is a registered trademark of Tech Soft 3D. All other products or company references are the property of their respective holders.
Source: Tech Soft 3D