Mountain Life Deep in Autumnal Akita – Train Cruise

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Go deep into the heart of Akita Prefecture via the Tazawako and Nairiku Lines where a kaleidoscope of autumn colors and natural beauty await.

The Super Star Roots On Nas And Yara Shahidi’s Family Tree Run Deep | Family Tree

Get to know more about Nas and Yara Shahidi’s super star family tree.
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From Abington to Temple: Bob Saget Had Deep Montgomery County, Philly Roots

NBC10’s Randy Gyllenhaal reports on the sudden death of TV comedy icon Bob Saget from outside the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, where Saget was set to perform later this year. The actor known for his role as Danny Tanner on “Full House” and his not-family friendly standup, graduated high school from nearby Abington and would later go to Temple University.

Dave Mays on “Unsigned Hype” Launching Eminem, Biggie, DMX, Mobb Deep & Common’s Careers (Part 3)

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Part 2:
Part 1:
In the latest clip, Dave Mays explained how The Source magazine got its name. The magazine’s co-founder admitted that KRS-One’s "you wanna hear a fresh rhyme, you’ve come to the source" line from the Boogie Down Productions track, "Ya Slippin’" inspired the publication’s name. Mays also explained how The Source developed its legendary five-mic rating system before listing some of the notable acts who were among the first to receive perfect ratings.

Mays also talked about The Source’s Unsigned Hype column becoming the most influential column in Hip Hop history. Mays listed Biggie Smalls, DMX, Mobb Deep, Eminem, Common, and many others as notable alumni before claiming many artists got their record deals after being featured in the column. After responding to Tyson Beckford admitting that his modeling career started with The Source, Mays also pointed out that "The Boondocks" creator, Aaron McGruder, and author Ta-Nehisi Coates jump started their careers with the publication. To hear more, view the clip above.

Interview by Shawn Prez
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Homeless people in B.C. struggling in deep freeze temperatures

Western Canada remains locked in a deep freeze with frigid temperatures hitting record-breaking lows. Advocates say the cold snap leaves those who are homeless in B.C. vulnerable.

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‘Deep Fakes’ Are Becoming More Realistic Thanks To New Technology

Digitally manipulated videos, images and audio are becoming increasingly common, making the fake part of “deep fakes” nearly impossible to detect. Now the man behind the account that has fooled millions of people is opening up about the sensation he created. NBC’s Jacob Soboroff reports for In Depth TODAY.

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‘Deep Fakes’ Are Becoming More Realistic Thanks To New Technology

How Deep Does The GOP’s Election Subversion Go? | The Mehdi Hasan Show

New details are emerging about the plot to undermine American democracy… and give a sense of just how comprehensive and intense the effort was to help Donald Trump stay in the White House. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson joins to discuss.

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