Parker Ames debut novel -Girl with a future – receives rave reviews from critics

Girl With a Future by Parker Ames

As the angst of being a twenty-something took hold, I started journaling to find solace, and over the years, story ideas blossomed. Parker’s debut novel, Girl with a Future, was one of those ideas.

HOUSTON (PRWEB) January 28, 2020
Authors Reading announces Canadian author Parker Ames new novel, Girl with a Future, which is an intriguing, modern portrait of a young girl with a vivid personality and contemporary issues. This memoir-style fiction is a coming-of-age novel about a young woman Angie Cohen. It is a story of a teenaged girl suffering from grief over the loss of her father to cancer. Angie also struggles with the problem of her dysfunctional mother’s inability to provide direction for her future.
Parker Ames said she became a writer out of necessity. She said, “As the angst of being a twenty-something took hold, I started journaling to find solace, and over the years, story ideas blossomed. Parker’s debut novel, Girl with a Future, was one of those ideas.”
Parker resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is presently feverishly at work on the next installment of the “Girl with a Future series.” She is available for select readings and lectures. To inquire about a possible appearance, please contact “Link & Ava Publishing INC.” at
Parker Ames debut novel is receiving multiple accolades from editorial reviewers:
Authors Reading: “Girl with a Future is a novel that reflects on both how easy it is to internalize negative forces, and how powerful a woman can become by resisting them.”
Kirkus Reviews wrote: “Ames offers a debut bildungsroman about a world-weary young Canadian woman who’s smart about business but less savvy about relationships.”
BlueInk Review: “Parker Ames delivers a bold, unvarnished portrayal of an individual struggling to find herself.”
Ames’ novel is a great coming of age novel about the path of a young woman finding her individual identity, learning her own priorities and what she needs in life to be happy
In Ames’s novel, the protagonist, Angie, takes over her dying father’s business as a coffee machine vender. She wants to live up to her father’s words: “Work hard. Be smart. Do your best. Don’t quit. And enjoy yourself.”
Although Angie’s exploits may not be typical, the Girl with a Future’s plot explores the indecision, heartache, and hope many young people face. Through it all, she is determined to attend college as a business major. Her future is all planned out, but she soon discovers that providence isn’t that accommodating. She faces multiple setbacks to her career goals and drops out of college. Along the way in her search for meaning for her future, she doesn’t recognize the self-education she is receiving. She explores many options as she confronts obstacles to her plans. Questionable relationships and indecision lead her to “hit bottom” emotionally several times before she can extricate herself from the party mentality and begin to mature.
An interesting quote from the novel is delivered by the protagonist’s friend, Samuel. He tells her, “All of us live in the past in one way or another. We have these experiences that shape us and change us, and then everything that happens after that is reflective of that past.”
Authors Reading: is a book review site founded in 2009. Their editorial policy is to review all books and try to bring increased recognition to the thousands of great – and often overlooked – independently published titles released each year. They strive to give all authors an equal opportunity in promoting their works to the reading public.
For more information about Parker Ames, her book, or Authors Reading, please contact David Hearne at or call 409-656-4625

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Sock My Feet to Debut Its Fun, Edgy and Stylish Foot Fashion and Underwear at MAGIC on Feb. 5 – 7 in Las Vegas

Press Release – updated: Jan 28, 2020 06:00 EST

LAS VEGAS, January 28, 2020 ( – The popular expression, “always put your best foot forward,” couldn’t be more fitting when referring to the line of photo-printed socks with personality-plus for men, women and children from Sock My Feet. The brand’s fun, bold and uniquely styled socks and matching underwear will make their debut at the MAGIC trade show (Booth 63914) to be held February 5 through 7 in Las Vegas. The event is billed as the global fashion industry’s most comprehensive marketplace and this year has put a renewed emphasis on emerging businesses.
Launched in 2017 and based in Holland, Sock My Feet is the invention of entrepreneurial sock-makers, Harold Pieters, Mark Mangelmans and Bas Groothelm. The company is focused on giving consumers a fashion-forward and slightly provocative option in high-quality socks which make a personal statement. Made in Europe, they are available in footsies as well as ankle-, knee- and thigh-high options and made of breathable Egyptian cotton with a patented deep-print technique. Customers can choose from dozens of photo printed options that do not fade in the wash. And this year, the brand branched out to offer a line of matching underwear. 
Picture, in vivid color, images of Keith Richards, dollar bills, champagne, skyscrapers and cows for men; Marilyn Monroe, flamingos, campers and orange slices for women; and fire trucks and candy for the kids. And then times those by a few dozen other options for your feet and undergarments.
“We set out to shake up the industry with socks that are rebellious and take the wearer’s wardrobe next level,” said Groothelm, managing director, Sock My Feet. “They are a classy, often humorous and always stylish way of telling the world that there is nothing ordinary about you.”
“We’re really excited to participate in MAGIC. It’s a great opportunity to connect with buyers and meet other fashion designers who share our passion for providing the public with high quality and trend-setting options to fit their personal flair,” he added.
Sock My Feet comes in singles and three-packs with standard selection prints and constantly changing limited editions with prices ranging from $ 19.99 to $ 49.99. The underwear comes in a complementary choice of designs with prices ranging from € 29.99 for single pairs to $ 74.99 for three packages.
To find out more about Sock My Feet, stop by Booth 63914 at MAGIC or go to 
For media inquiries, contact Harold Pieters at – +31652009924.
Source: Sock My Feet

Videotel Digital is Top-of-Mind for Innovation and set to Debut a New RFID Interactive Solution at DSE

RFID Interactive

Now unique messages can be played for a variety of audiences to help make their experience more memorable. The opportunities are endless and we are excited to share the solution across all industries, said Videotel’s VP of Marketing & Sales, Lisa Schneider.

SAN DIEGO (PRWEB) January 28, 2020
A must-have for museums, retail stores, trade shows, healthcare, and just about anywhere people gather, a new interactive solution has come to play, literally. The latest in Videotel Digital’s lineup of stars, the RFID Interactive Solution is all about increasing instant engagement and improving the overall experience. Picture a customer doing what a customer does – lifting a product that’s of interest to them off of an area or display. This time, however, thanks to the new solution, that simple movement triggers a video or image file that plays information about that product in real-time. Now, users can broadcast promotions or helpful information about a specific item of interest onto a screen instantly. This will be of particular interest at the nationally-recognized Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas on April 1st and 2nd. There Videotel Digital’s RFID Interactive Solution will debut to amply heighten visitor experiences in booth number 1934.
Identifying objects with the use of RFID tags and an RFID reader, the new solution is designed to work with Videotel Digital’s VP71 XD or VP90 Interactive and Industrial Digital Media Players. It’s offered with any combination of smart cards, key fobs, or stickers programmed to work right out of the box. With ease, it can be used with one RFID sensor or multiple sensors connected together.
“We envision our new RFID solution as another key element that sets our clients’ venues apart. Museums can use it as an interactive tool that explains exhibits with a smart card or key fob for each guest. Similarly, the retail usage of this is inexhaustible and frees up the sales staff. Then, adding to engagement for trade shows, RFID interactive can invite and encourage guests to scan various products for more information. Now unique messages can be played for a variety of audiences to help make their experience more memorable. The opportunities are endless and we are excited to share the solution with all industries, said Videotel’s VP of Marketing & Sales, Lisa Schneider.
For more information about Videotel Digital, visit
Product Link:
About Videotel Digital:Videotel Digital is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Digital Signage Media Players, Industrial DVD Players, out of the box Interactive Digital Signage Solutions and Directional Sound Speakers. The industry leader services numerous industries, from retail to healthcare, educational concerns, hospitality, events, and museums, among others.
Information:Videotel Digital681 Anita Street Suite #104Chula Vista, CA 91911
Contact:Lisa SchneiderVP of Marketing & 670-4412
Social Media:

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Formé, the First Women’s Shoe Shaper and Stretcher, To Debut on The Grommet in January 2020

Photo Credit: Megan Bob Photography

Formé is a smart and elegant idea for women who want the most out of their footwear investment, and who doesn’t?

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) January 23, 2020
The Grommet will welcome Formé to its carefully curated mix of innovative products from makers, inventors and small businesses this January.
“This shoe shaper will change how you wear heels,” proclaimed the headline of a January 1 Footwear News feature story on the product. Conceived by a woman for other women, Formé is the first women’s shoe stretcher and shaper in one. The lightweight device has a patented design that allows it to stretch uncomfortably tight shoes up to one-half size. It also keeps shoes in mint condition when not in use, not only extending wear, but enhancing their resale value. Formé Founder and Inventor Maureen Stockton developed the product after ruining her favorite too-tight power pumps by trying to use her husband’s shoe stretcher, designed for more resilient men’s footwear. Stockton realized that women needed a gentler but still effective solution of their own.
The Grommet is a product discovery platform and online marketplace with a community of 4 million supporters and early adopters. Many of the products offered become tomorrow’s household names. Since 2008, The Grommet has launched more than 3,000 innovative products, including offerings from FitBit, Food Should Taste Good, IdeaPaint, OtterBox, Popsockets, SodaStream, and S’well.
While the Grommet discovery team considers more than 15,000 products a year, only 3% make the cut. “It is easier to get into Harvard (which accepted just 4.5% of applicants to its class of 2023) than to be on Grommet,” notes Stockton. “Being here puts us in elite company and it’s a thrilling testament that our product truly works and resonates with a much larger audience than we could have imagined.”
“Formé is a smart and elegant idea for women who want the most out of their footwear investment, and who doesn’t?” said Jules Pieri, Co-Founder and CEO of The Grommet and author of the recently published book How We Make Stuff Now. “Shoe lovers are a huge part of our community and this is a real game changer for them.”
Formé shoe stretchers and shapers will retail on The Grommet for $48.95
For further information, please visit and

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