bidadoo Completes Record 2019 With 72% Revenue Growth As Customers Continue To Adopt Online Auction Model

bidadoo ended 2019 with record 72% revenue growth over 2018, as customers continue to rapidly adopt the online auction model over the land-based, live auction model. Significantly less selling expenses, and the trust and acceptance of online heavy equipment buying, has significantly changed the remarketing and auction industry.(PRWeb January 21, 2020)Read the full story at

24/7 STD Testing Online Service is Set to Help as STDs Continue to Rise in the U.S.

Press Release – updated: Jan 18, 2020 11:38 EST

MIAMI, January 18, 2020 ( – A worrying trend in the US shows that rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) continue to rise, with combined cases of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia hitting a record high in 2019.
With individuals concern about privacy issues, confidentiality, and cost; the lack of STD testing and treatment has always been a concern until now. is an online provider who has partnered with two of the largest FDA-approved and gold standard-rated lab giants, to bring Fast, Private and Affordable 24/7 STD Testing to all 50 states.
“With some of the lowest industry prices, 100% secure and confidential same-day STD Testing, and over 4000 testing centers nationwide, we are helping to make lab testing more accessible,” says Mark Ash, 247 STD Testing Health Support Manager.
According to the CDC, if left untreated, STDs can cause severe health problems. Some of these may develop invisibly over decades, often without any outward signs. It is only years later that severe and sometimes catastrophic complications can develop. [*]
Some examples include: 
Liver Cancer​
Loss of motor skills
​Damage to the heart, brain, eyes, and bones.
According to 247 STD Testing, their testing is the most cost-effective, provides the fastest results, ensures patient confidentiality and makes getting tested extremely easy.
“Because of our lab relationships, all our tests cost hundreds less than paying directly at the lab or through your doctor. Individuals can get tested for the 8 most common STDs instead of only affording to get one,” says Mark.
After choosing from over 4,000 testing centers nationwide, a customer then visits the center of their choice to get tested (potentially that same day).
This ease of use and the fact that test results will be ready in as fast as 3 business days, helps make the testing processes something that more individuals will want to do.
For more information on getting tested or to speak with an online specialist, please visit
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*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Diseases & Related Conditions. Updated Nov. 4, 2016.​
Source: STD Testing 24/7