'Creative Confusion' Encourages Readers to Rethink What They've Been Taught About the Universe

Press Release – updated: Jan 29, 2020 06:00 EST

NIPOMO, Calif., January 29, 2020 ( – A new book, Creative Confusion, by author Richard Palmquist, encourages readers to challenge common beliefs and take a fresh look at what they have been taught – especially about the universe. The book is published by Global Summit House.
Creative Confusion questions some commonly held beliefs from both science and theology and instead offers alternative theories, calling upon readers to “test rather than trust.” With tongue in cheek, Palmquist pokes a bit of fun at cosmologists and biblical scholars alike who hold tight to theories that he says should be re-examined.
“Creative Confusion calls out factions who are critical of those who see the world through a lens of faith, yet will not reflect on the legitimacy of their own views – and vice versa,” said Palmquist. “When readers tap into their skeptical mind, they can open themselves to seeing information that they had previously taken as fact in a new light.”
The 63-page book brings forth the concepts that the universe is eternal and the Earth cannot possibly spin at 1,000 mph to complete a 24-hour day cycle. The author instead offers an alternate view to Einstein’s E=MC2 formula. Laid out in four chapters, Creative Confusion explores notions that include:
·       The re-definition of what constitutes “matter” as God’s Word-energy slowed down. Specifically, he examines whether “the creator’s voiceprint lives in the particles and waves within all matter.” 
·       God’s eternal nature which predates the creation story of Genesis
·       A theory related to the sun’s movement around the earth at a percentage of the speed of light
“We all need to eat a little ‘humble pie’ now and then and admit that there just may be some inconsistencies in the ‘facts’ we put forward. This book gives scientific writers and bible scholars a little nudge in that direction by poking holes in some of the information they put forth,” added Palmquist.
A resident of Nipomo, California, Palmquist turned author upon his retirement from a successful career in broadcasting and publishing. He has written three other books: Einstein, Money and Contentment and Intimacy; Gateway To Hell Or To Good Health (available at; and What On Earth Are You In Heaven’s Name (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble). He has five children and more than two dozen grandchildren along with several great-grandchildren.
Creative Confusion is available in hardcover ($19.99), paperback ($9.99) or for Kindle ($1.99) on Amazon.
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Source: Global Summit House