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Press Release – updated: Oct 22, 2019 08:00 EDT

HEBEI, China, October 22, 2019 ( – With the development of modern industry, the market for industrial caster and wheel has grown. There are many caster manufacturers in the world. In China, one can find a large number of professional caster manufacturers. The caster manufacturing industry has been booming in China for the last 30 years. For this reason, more types of products are becoming available. The continuous improvement in labor costs throughout the last few years has led to a reduction in high-intensity labor transportation and an improvement in the efficiency of production logistics.
In China, there are nylon wheels manufacturers, cast iron wheels manufacturers, PU caster wheels manufacturers, and other types of caster wheels manufacturers, including new versions that are constantly emerging. So, how does one choose a professional caster manufacturer?
The following considerations may prove helpful:
1. Can the manufacturer provide all the necessary technical parameters, such as drawings?
2. Does the manufacturer have professional testing equipment to detect the load of the casters, including a caster walking test, a load test, and other professional caster testing equipment?
3. The products produced by different caster manufacturers will vary in quality, shape, and performance. Different requirements are used for different environments. For example, the heavy-duty casters used in factories are different from the casters used in shopping carts. Casters used in tools are different from casters used in hospital beds. Users should choose according to their actual needs. Consider the many factors needed and choose the most cost-effective and best-quality products that offer these factors.
There are many excellent caster suppliers, like Yutong in China, which offers advantages like quality, service, and price. Hengshui Yutong Metalwork Co., Ltd. is a China wheel manufacturer with nearly 20 years of professional experience. With its superb technology, high-quality products, and perfect after-sales service, it has won the trust of customers. Yutong specializes in the production and export of industrial casters of various specifications. It can provide customers with free samples for testing, and it can deliver 3-4 days before other businesses in the industry. At the same time, the company provides OEM and ODM services to serve customers worldwide.
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ICON Caster Wheels Launches New Website

Press Release – updated: Oct 21, 2019 07:00 PDT

LOS ANGELES, October 21, 2019 ( – ICON Caster Wheels, a company that makes and sells heavy duty casters as well as wheels for lighter duty, recently launched a new website. This site was specifically designed to be an updated “showroom” for customers to see more of their caster wheel products.
The company has been around for more than four decades. During that time, they have sold caster wheels in more than 20 countries. Their caster wheels are built for different, yet specific industries. Customers can find caster wheels for scaffolding, entertainment, automotive, leveling medical and the foodservice industries on their site, as well as a variety of offices.
The new site highlights how ICON Caster Wheels does not just sell caster wheels, but they also make them, too. The company does not offer other products, they exclusively sell caster wheels. ICON Caster Wheels has its own manufacturing facilities as well as methods.
“The launching of our site is the dawning of a new day for our company. From the very beginning, it’s been our goal for our customers to be as satisfied as possible with not only our casters but the caster process, too. So, with our new site, we’re able to offer a simpler and more user-friendly experience than ever before. Whether our customers are looking for existing casters or require custom ones, they’ll be able to find them at our site,” said Tim T. Kim, Operation Manager at ICON Caster Wheels. 
ICON Caster Wheels offers shopping caster wheels, low profile wheels and wheels for material handling in addition to many other fitment solutions.
For more information about caster wheels, custom caster wheels, or to make a press inquiry, contact ICON Caster Wheels at (888) 490-2969 or visit us at
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Classification and Selection of Industrial Caster Wheel Bearings – YTCASTER

The casters contain high-quality steel plates, while integral injection molding is used to mount precision ball bearings inside the caster. How can you choose the best caster wheels? Yutong (a China caster supplier) says that bearings are an important factor to consider.
Press Release – updated: Oct 17, 2019 15:08 EDT

HEBEI, China, October 17, 2019 ( – Today, casters are used for a variety of applications. There are about 150,000 different casters in the world, used for many purposes.
Industrial casters are casters for factory or mechanical equipment. They can be made from high-grade imported reinforced nylon (PA6), super polyurethane, and rubber. These casters have high impact resistance and strength. The metal parts of the bracket are galvanized or chrome-plated. The casters contain high-quality steel plates, while integral injection molding is used to mount precision ball bearings inside the caster. How can you choose the best caster wheels? Yutong (a China caster supplier) says that bearings are an important factor to consider.
Industrial caster bearings can be divided into the following four categories:
1. Telling bearing
Telling bearings are engineering plastics suitable for use in harsh environments where the weather is cold, hot, humid, or corrosive. These bearings are durable.
2. One-ball bearing
These bearings are appropriate for precision machining. The wheels have significant rotation, make low noise, and are flexible.
3. Rolling bearing
Compared to an integrated ball bearing with the same specifications, this type of bearing has a heavier bearing capacity, more uniform bearing capacity, and greater static load capacity. It is suitable for industrial fields that require a high load-bearing weight.
4. Ball bearing
This kind of bearing is suitable for situations that have high driving requirements and frequent pushing. It has the characteristics of a heavy dynamic load and flexible driving, but is not as good as a ball bearing in terms of static load capacity and uniform force.
Caster bearings are very important for casters. There are many types of bearings used in casters, and casters without bearings lose their value. The ideal bearing should be able to adapt to your needs while maintaining the necessary safety margin. In addition to the wheel surface, wheel diameter, and rotary bearing, the wheel bearing directly determines the mobility and quality of the caster. Caster products produced by different caster wheel manufacturers in China have certain differences among them.
Hengshui Yutong Metalwork Co., Ltd. is a caster wheel with shock absorber manufacturer and nylon wheel manufacturer with nearly two decades of experience in China. Yutong provides OEM and ODM services, specializing in manufacturing and exporting industrial caster of various specifications to global customers.
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How to Quickly Select the Right Scaffolding Caster Wheel – YTCASTER

Casters are a very important accessory in mobile scaffolding. That is because the quality of the casters will directly affect the use of the scaffolding. Therefore, one must be very careful when purchasing casters.
Press Release – updated: Oct 11, 2019 07:00 EDT

HEBEI, China, October 11, 2019 ( – ​​​​​Casters are a very important accessory in mobile scaffolding. That is because the quality of the casters will directly affect the use of the scaffolding. Therefore, one must be very careful when purchasing casters. Small caster wheels, caster wheels with shock absorbers, swivel casters, heavy duty caster wheel for scaffolding… Are all kinds of casters dazzling you? The following are tips that YTCASTER has provided about choosing the right scaffolding caster wheel.
1. Choose the appropriate caster size. The larger the diameter of the caster, the more labor-saving it is and the better it resists obstacles.
2. Choose the appropriate material. Casters are divided into groups such as super artificial rubber casters, polyurethane casters, plastic casters, nylon casters, steel casters, high-temperature casters, rubber casters, and so on. Casters of different materials are used in various ground environments and temperatures, and they must be selected based on the situation in which they will be used. As a professional nylon wheels manufacturer, Yutong offers a wide range of products from which you can select.
3. Calculate the load-bearing weight. For mobile scaffolding casters of the same diameter, and for different load-bearing requirements, usually the manufacturer will produce several models, mainly to make wheels and brackets that have different thicknesses or materials. When the ground is relatively flat, the single caster load = (the total number of casters installed in the equipment) × 1.2 (insurance factor).
4. Select the bracket. Brackets can be divided into orientation and universal direction. The material is usually carbon steel. You can also get various types of plating, such as spraying, galvanizing, copper plating, nickel plating, etc., as well as stainless steel.
5. Determine the installation method. Usually, for a middle to light load, you can use a screw rod, plunger, expansion rubber sleeve, etc. For a heavy load, use the bottom plate or have the caster directly welded to the equipment.
6. Look at the brakes. From a functional point of view, generally divided into brake wheels and brake bracket universal. In addition, there are tread brakes, positive brakes, side brakes, etc. Contact Yutong to learn more.
About YutongYutong is a professional caster wheel manufacturer of 16 years. During this time, we have accumulated rich experience and advanced techniques. With competitive pricing and high-quality products, our products have won high admiration from caster wheel suppliers and are widely trusted at home and abroad. Our greatest desire is to produce high-quality caster products at the most competitive price.
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