RingLeader Launches Communication Solutions for Small Businesses

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (PRWEB) January 17, 2020
Representatives with RingLeader today announced that they have launched communication solutions for small businesses and teams with 20 or fewer members.
“We are excited to launch the service for small businesses,” said Mike Darling, Manager of Marketing communications and spokesperson for RingLeader. “These services will be bringing the full capabilities of an enterprise-sized corporation for a low, flexible price.”
“Small businesses need a phone system that provides them with flexibility without breaking the bank,” said Darling and went on to add, “RingLeader is a great solution for Teams and Small Businesses because RingLeader provides all the VoIP features that a small business needs, all for a low monthly cost. From small business VoIP to email faxing, RingLeader has a flexible solution to fit the size of your team.”
Darling highlighted that small business needs a phone system that is flexible, can scale with your growth, and doesn’t break the bank. RingLeader Carrier-Connect™ and Enterprise-Connect™ are two solutions that meet those criteria. To know which of these two solutions is the right fit for you, simply figure out if you already own a PBX. If you already own a PBX, then Carrier-Connect™ will reduce your cost and provide a professional business-class phone system. If you do not already own a PBX then consider the RingLeader Enterprise-Connect™.
The company offers a 30-day risk-free trial. Annual plans and month to month subscriptions are available.
As to why anyone should try Ringleader’s small business solutions, a customer identified as Paul said, “The service has been reliable over time and the implementation and support team is fantastic. All around, we have a great partnership with RingLeader.”
RingLeader acts primarily as a leading internet phone service provider for businesses of all sizes across North America. The company specializes in SIP trunking communications technology, which is a way for businesses of any size to integrate their existing voice and data infrastructure into one, single line of communication without replacing their existing network in place.
For more information, please contact Mike Darling at (866) 384-3747 ext 411 or visit: and
About RingLeader
RingLeader acts primarily as a leading internet phone service provider for businesses of all sizes across North America. RingLeader specializes in SIP trunking communications technology, which is a way for businesses of any size to integrate their existing voice and data infrastructure into a single line of communication without replacing their existing network in place.
Contact Details:
Mike Darling
150 Riverside PkwyFredericksburg, VA 22406Phone: 866.384.3747
Source: RingLeader

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Workload Launches New Service: Automating Office Work for Small Businesses

Workload helps small businesses compete with large corporations by automating repetitive software tasks.
Press Release – updated: Jan 15, 2020 10:00 EST

SAN FRANCISCO, January 15, 2020 ( – In March of 2019, entrepreneurs Bryan Golkhajeh and Mike Bodnyk set out to create a startup that helps small businesses. They worked tirelessly on reiterating ideas from the basement and spare rooms of their homes. They interviewed small business owners and startups to ask questions about their job processes and how much time was spent doing repetitive tasks on a computer. The answers were shocking. Almost all responses were met with frustration at the number of manual software related tasks they did at the office. 
That’s how Workload came to be! Workload automates software related tasks at affordable prices for small businesses and startups to help them compete against large-scale enterprises.
“We began studying the automation and software integration market and discovered that while the software tools that currently exist are easy to use, small businesses and startups don’t have the time or skills to use the tools to their advantage,” said Bryan Golkhajeh, the co-founder and CEO of Workload.
The problem facing many small companies is they lose a lot of productivity by doing manual and repetitive tasks when they should be doing activities related to their core business, like talking to customers. In order to scale their business, they need to hire more people to handle the increasing tasks and processes. The way Workload works is simple: a phone call or email leads to a quick interview to learn about the task you want automated. Workload calculates the project cost with a small monthly management fee and gets to work. The team of experts at Workload do everything for you by designing, building, and managing the code to automate your tasks.
“A lot of people are aware that what they’re doing can and should be automated, but they continue doing it the old way because the learning curve to automating can be very steep,” said Mike Bodnyk, co-founder of Workload. “That’s where we come in. For a very small price, you can automate your business or startup team’s tasks.” 
Workload’s customers are already seeing the benefits of automating repetitive tasks. Atrium, the legal technology company founded by Justin Kan (former co-founder of Twitch), is one such customer. Startups like Atrium are often challenged by doing more without the resources of a larger enterprise. They have to think creatively, and automating repetitive tasks for their recruiting team was something Workload was happy to take on. The faster and more efficient a startup can hire talent, the faster they can reach their target growth.
Workload helps small businesses compete with large corporations by automating repetitive software tasks. Workload knows the software needed to get the job done so you can focus on loving your customers. Workload has offices in Oakland, CA and Portland, OR and provides services to startup teams and business owners from all across the United States.
Source: Workload

90% of Businesses Say Their Industry Has Become More Competitive, New Benchmark Study Finds

Crayon’s annual State of Competitive Intelligence Report reveals the latest competitive intelligence and market research trends from 1,000+ businesses
Press Release – updated: Jan 14, 2020 09:15 EST

BOSTON, January 14, 2020 ( – Today, Crayon released its annual market and competitive intelligence research study, the 2020 State of Competitive Intelligence report. This is the largest study on the best practices and trends in the field of market and competitive intelligence, drawing from the responses of more than 1,000 CI professionals and stakeholders.
The study found that 90% of businesses say that their industry has become more competitive in the last three years, and 48% say it has become much more competitive. CI teams and budgets are growing, as the need for — and impact of — competitive intelligence expands.
“The competitive landscape has changed — it is easier than ever for competitors to go to market and innovate, making the need for competitive intelligence greater than ever,” shared Ellie Mirman, CMO at Crayon. “The competitive intelligence landscape has changed as well. Automation, data proliferation, measurement tools, and so much more have transformed the way businesses can capture and analyze competitor movements and take action to get ahead. Our goal with this study is to share best practices and trends in competitive intelligence to enable CI professionals to continue to grow in their roles and have a greater impact on their organizations.”
The study also revealed that CI professionals still struggle with much of the CI program foundation, including competitor research and impact measurement. More than a third of CI effort still goes towards CI research, and gathering competitive data is the #1 challenge faced by CI professionals. Further, only 44% have defined key performance indicators, however, those that do have established KPIs are twice as likely to see revenue increases as a result of CI.
Additional findings include:
CI teams are growing: more than half (57%) of businesses have CI teams of two or more dedicated CI professionals, compared to just 37% of businesses two years ago.
The competitor website was rated the top source of competitive intelligence data, with 98% of businesses saying this source was valuable.
Companies that share CI daily or weekly were twice as likely to see revenue increases as a result of CI compared to those who share CI less frequently.
Companies that saw revenue increases as a result of CI were 63% more likely to increase CI headcount and 66% more likely to increase CI budget this year.
“As the world’s largest non-profit serving the competitive & marketing intelligence community, SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) is pleased to partner with Crayon on this important study, surveying the state of our profession,” shared Cam Mackey, Executive Director of SCIP. “By providing a benchmark against current practices and insight into best practices, this report is an important resource to help improve the value that we bring to our organizations every day.” 
To review the full report, visit
About Crayon
Crayon’s market and competitive intelligence software platform enables businesses to capture, analyze, and act on market movements from their competitors, customers, and partners. Tens of thousands of teams use Crayon’s software to automatically track and analyze complete competitive intelligence – external messaging and positioning, product and pricing changes, hiring plans, go-to-market strategies, and more – pulling from hundreds of millions of sources.
Crayon enables businesses to take advantage of valuable market intelligence data to enable sales with competitive battlecards, improve marketing performance, inform product strategies, and drive revenue. To learn more about Crayon, visit
Ellie Mirman​​
Source: Crayon

Businesses that Leave Set-up and Management of White Label Prepaid Card Programs to Experts See Better Results, Say Axiom Prepaid Holding Sources

There’s a saying that goes, “If you don’t have the time to do it right, how will you have the time to do it over?” That is the message that Axiom Prepaid Holding executives say businesses may want to keep top-of-mind when considering the adoption of white label prepaid card programs.(PRWeb January 14, 2020)Read the full story at

Businesses that Leave Set-up and Management of White Label Prepaid Card Programs to Experts See Better Results, Say Axiom Prepaid Holding Sources

There’s a saying that goes, “If you don’t have the time to do it right, how will you have the time to do it over?” That is the message that Axiom Prepaid Holding executives say businesses may want to keep top-of-mind when considering the adoption of white label prepaid card programs.(PRWeb January 14, 2020)Read the full story at

User1st Issues Call to Action to Businesses: Make Digital Accessibility a Priority in 2020

WASHINGTON (PRWEB) January 10, 2020
User1st, the provider of the most innovative web accessibility solutions on the market, today issued a call to action for companies to make digital accessibility a priority in 2020 for their websites, mobile apps and electronic documents.
In an article, titled “Make Digital Accessibility a Priority in 2020,” User1st Vice President of Communications Raegan Bartlo highlights four reasons why a commitment to digital accessibility can help businesses reach more customers, care for those customers, demonstrate corporate social responsibility and avoid potential lawsuits by customers with disabilities.
Digital accessibility is the ability of a website, mobile application or electronic document to be easily navigated and understood by all users of varied abilities, including those who have visual, auditory, motor or cognitive disabilities. Applying digital accessibility is like translating your website into a different language, only this language supports people with visual, mobility, and even cognitive impairments.    
In her article, Bartlo’s four reasons for making digital accessibility a priority in 2020 are as follows:
Protection from Potential Lawsuits
Taking a proactive approach to digital accessibility can mitigate risk and protect your organization from potential lawsuits by customers with disabilities. In the United States, for example, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuits related to digital accessibility totaled 10,206 by the end of November 2019, according to law firm Seyfarth Shaw. This exceeded the number in 2018 and continues a trend of explosive growth in these types of lawsuits in the United States.
On the heels of the Domino’s Pizza LLC v. Robles case in 2019 – where the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review a lower court’s decision that Domino’s, under the ADA, must make its website and mobile app accessible to people with disabilities – every business should expect ADA-related lawsuits for inaccessible digital content to continue to rise.
While we understand the desire for greater guidance from governments on web and mobile accessibility, there does exist an international set of practical guidelines for creating web accessibility – the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This framework offers companies and governments a strong foundation for delivering digital accessibility and has been around since 1999. The Department of Justice has recognized the WCAG guidelines as solutions in various consent decrees with private companies.
The European Union, United Nations and Canada all recognize WCAG guidelines. Canada has even gone a step further. In Ontario, websites for many organizations have until January 1, 2021 to meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA Web Accessibility Requirements. Failure to comply may result in daily fines of $50,000 and up for companies and organizations.
Unfortunately, many businesses and organizations, particularly small to medium sized enterprises, do not even know they have a digital accessibility problem until a lawsuit occurs. Many businesses don’t have the in-house expertise to understand how to comply with these guidelines. Therefore, seek out an accessibility partner that can determine your digital accessibility needs, fix any accessibility errors and create a proactive plan for the future.
Serving More Customers & Reaching Underserved Communities
Adding a digital accessibility strategy to your 2020 business goals can be a strong competitive differentiator. Businesses can serve more customers and reach perhaps the largest underserved community in America – people with disabilities. And, this is even better news for return on your investment.
Making websites, apps and digital content accessible is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to the cost of changing a physical location to make it ADA-compliant. What companies are not considering is the opportunity cost of not delivering digital accessibility.
People with disabilities represent a vast consumer market – according to the American Institutes of Research, the total disposable income for adults with disabilities is about $490 billion, which is similar to other significant market segments, such as African Americans ($501 billion) and Hispanics ($582 billion).
It’s that simple – increased digital accessibility for all consumers translates into increased revenue potential for businesses.
Demonstrate Social Responsibility
Socially-responsible companies are proven to be at least as profitable – and frequently more profitable – than their conventional competitors. Paying attention to the social responsibility is good for business. According to recent research, 90% of Americans said they are more likely to trust brands that back social causes, and 66% of people ages 18 to 34 said they were more likely to desire working for a company that supports ethical and social causes or charity than those that don’t.
Accessible Design is Good Design
Caring for customers through digital accessibility demonstrates an organization’s willingness to go beyond ADA compliance. There’s a pernicious myth that designing a website for accessibility hurts its visual attractiveness. But this perception is based on old technology limitations when text-only web design was often considered the best way to achieve accessibility.
Today, accessible websites can be rich with images and videos. Further, the best practices of web accessibility align perfectly with SEO best practices, where properly categorized and structured information and descriptive content improve a website’s ranking. It’s an easy win-win for website users and people with disabilities.
To read Bartlo’s article in its entirety, go to:
About User1stUser1st provides the most advanced web and mobile accessibility solutions on the market for testing, remediation, monitoring and compliance. With its flagship product, uSuite Web Accessibility Platform, User1st is the only company that offers both customized quick fixes and tailored long-term solutions for meeting the international specifications of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA. Its uRemediate tool offers the fastest way for correcting accessibility issues without impacting web design or coding. User1st’s solutions demonstrate continuous compliance and increase revenue and brand loyalty by serving people with disabilities. Trusted by organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies, User1st’s solutions are deployed in a variety of industries worldwide, including financial services, retail, government and healthcare. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @User1st.

North County Tax And Accounting Releases The Top Accounting Mistakes For Businesses To Avoid

No one person can do everything and business owners who try to save money by doing it all themselves, or putting too much workload on one trusted employee are going to make some serious accounting mistakes along the way.

PASO ROBLES, Calif. (PRWEB) January 09, 2020
The speed of doing business in today’s world can contribute to business owners taking shortcuts that can cause accounting problems. North County Tax & Accounting in Atascadero, CA has just released a report about the top accounting mistakes and how to avoid making them.
Inaccurate Record Keeping
Inaccurate record-keeping is one of the most common mistakes. Mistakes happen but the less accounting structure a business has, the higher the risk for serious errors. Inaccurate record-keeping can result in income loss, inaccurate tax filings and fines and penalties, inaccuracies in payroll, and bills not being paid on time.
The best way to minimize the risk is to start every new business with solid accounting practices. If a business is already operating, it’s critical to make sure that solid accounting practices are in place. The options for starting off on the right foot, or getting an existing business in a solid accounting position is to rely on expert help.
Doing two things as soon as possible can significantly lower the risk of serious accounting errors:
Hire a part-time bookkeeper or an accounting service that keeps your books accurately, runs payroll, does taxes, and even pays bills and does your invoicing
Use accounting software. Even if you are using an accounting service, accounting software allows you to log in and generate a variety of reports about the state of your business at any given time.
Not Properly Categorizing Income and Expenses
Income is income and an expense is an expense, right? Not necessarily. Not only is proper categorization necessary when tax time rolls around. it also tells you details about how your business is running so you can make the right adjustments at the right time. When income changes, you need to know why. Is the change connected to a specific product or customer? What is the cause of a sudden increase in expenses? Maybe it’s time to replace an old vehicle or maybe an increase in employee overtime is indicating it’s time to hire additional people.
Operating without a budget
Creating a budget sets reasonable financial goals for growing your business. Budgets help prevent overspending by establishing a picture of income and expenses. One of the main causes of business failure is being undercapitalized, and this can come from not having a budget that provides realistic projections or ignoring the budget. The ability to compare the budget with the business’s actual financial activity and make necessary adjustments is critical to growing a successful business.
Failing to plan for business interruptions
What if a major storm or earthquake shuts down business for a few days or even weeks? What if the computer crashes and all the financial, inventory, and customer data is lost? What if the building burns down?
Business interruption might not seem like an “accounting mistake” but anything that causes financial data to be lost is a problem.
Back up all of your business data on a regular basis. Create a plan that helps you resume business as quickly as possible after a disaster or data loss.
Wearing too many hats
No one person can do everything and business owners who try to save money by doing it all themselves, or putting too much workload on one trusted employee are going to make some serious accounting mistakes along the way.
Outsourcing critical accounting functions to an accounting and tax firm is one way to avoid making serious accounting mistakes. North County Accounting & Accounting has the expertise to help any size business get on solid accounting and financial footing. The services include taxes, tax planning, payroll, accounting and bookkeeping, and Quickbooks Accounting Services.
North County Tax & Accounting accountants have more than 25 years of experience in this business and truly care about client satisfaction. Call today and ask for Robert.
North County Tax & Accounting5905 Capistrano AveAtascadero, CA 93422(805) 466-7121 Ext. 101
This Press release is by Paso Robles SEO company Access Publishing, 806 9th Street, #2D, Paso Robles, CA 93446. (805) 226-9890.

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Express Survey: Businesses Still Scrambling to Find Workers in 2020

Employers and job seekers need to meet in the middle in the new year with candidates proving their value and companies willing to pay for it. – Express CEO Bill Stoller

OKLAHOMA CITY (PRWEB) January 08, 2020
The next decade is set to kick off with near record low unemployment, leaving businesses scrambling to find skilled workers or candidates who will even show up for the interview. Yet some job seekers say it will be even harder to find employment in 2020. So, where is the disconnect?
In a recent Express Employment Professionals Job Insights survey of business leaders, 26% of respondents said it is “very difficult” to fill open positions, with more than half, 52%, reporting it was “somewhat difficult.” The number of decision makers who said recruiting was “very difficult” is down from 33% in January 2019.
The number one reason businesses can’t find candidates is the robust health of the economy/job market, according to David Robb, director of marketing at the Grand Rapids, Michigan, Express office.
“Almost everyone who has quality skills and wants to be employed is already working,” he said. “To attract top talent, employers will have to lure them away from other companies or catch job seekers in a time of transition.”
In Mobile, Alabama, Express franchise owner Chris Ashcraft says companies must be willing to offer competitive wages to not only attract job seekers, but to make sure they stay.
“If you are not willing to pay (more), it is difficult to find reliable workers,” he said. “The key word is reliable. I can fill a $10 per hour job, but they may walk off or not show up at all.”
Unemployed in a Time of Low Employment
Surprisingly, 46% of job seekers said finding a new job in 2020 will be “somewhat difficult” in a December 2019 Express survey of job seekers. Another 36% percent agreed that securing employment would be “hard.”
One job seeker said they had applied to more than 75 businesses with only three interviews. Another added that most companies in their area promoted from within, making it harder to move forward to a better position.
But Wakefield, Massachusetts, franchise owner John Dickey disagrees with this outlook and says the reason for the mismatch between companies and job seekers boils down to pay.
“People who are eligible and willing to work should be able to find a job in this market,” he said. “However, we talk to candidates who expect a higher pay rate than employers are willing to pay for their skills and experience.”
Terri Greeno, Express franchise owner in Crystal Lake, Illinois, also sees pay rates as a source of frustration.
“We do see candidates who have an unrealistic pay expectation,” she said. “With all the hype about some states requiring a $15 per hour minimum wage, some unskilled people walk into a company expecting that salary with a spotty job history. While a lot of skilled positions pay more, a $15 per hour required minimum wage isn’t here yet, despite some people who are starting to expect that pay rate.”
What Employers are Looking For
For those who predict finding a job in 2020 will be difficult, a strong work ethic/integrity is the No. 1 attribute business leaders value in candidates per the Express Job Insights survey.
Ashcraft agrees and says this is because businesses are willing to raise wages and expect more from employees who work hard and possess integrity.
And while Robb also put work ethic/integrity at the top of his list of traits, he says these actually play more of a role down the line.
“This, and attitude, are the most important aspect in keeping a job, but is less of a factor in getting a job, because it is hard for employers to see it until candidates are hired,” he said. “Job experience and consistent work history are what employers end up looking at since they can’t always tell attitude and work ethic before hiring employees.”
“As we saw in 2019, jobs are out there, and businesses are desperate to fill them,” said Bill Stoller, CEO of Express. “But employers and job seekers need to meet in the middle in the new year with candidates proving their value and companies willing to pay for it.”
About the SurveysIn December 2019, Express Employment Professionals surveyed 585 business owners, decision makers and human resource professionals about the overall national hiring trends in the market today and how their business is impacted.
The survey of 200 workers and job seekers was conducted in December 2019 on the Express Job Journey site.
If you would like to arrange for an interview with Bill Stoller to discuss this topic, please contact Sheena Karami, Director of Corporate Communications and PR, at (405) 717-5966.
About Bill StollerWilliam H. “Bill” Stoller is chairman and chief executive officer of Express Employment Professionals. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, the international staffing company has more than 800 franchises in the U.S., Canada and South Africa. Since its inception, Express has put more than 7.7 million people to work worldwide.
About Express Employment ProfessionalsExpress Employment Professionals puts people to work. It generated $3.56 billion in sales and employed a record 566,000 people in 2018. Its long-term goal is to put a million people to work annually. For more information, visit

Syncari Poised to Save Businesses Trillions in Bad Data Costs

Press Release – updated: Jan 7, 2020 09:45 PST

NEWARK, Calif., January 7, 2020 ( – Bad data has catastrophic costs for businesses — to the tune of $3.1 trillion each year. Syncari, the modern Distributed SaaS Data (DSD) platform for business, helps organizations solve these costly data inconsistencies by treating the entire SaaS stack as one absolute system, while intelligently cleansing, merging and augmenting data across platforms.
​In recent years, the proliferation of tools has allowed companies to fine-tune their sales and marketing stacks to best fit their needs — but there’s a flip side: “Today, companies have 12 to 15 applications hooked into their CRM,” says Syncari CEO Nick Bonfiglio. “All those systems offer their own custom point-to-point connections, which sometimes only flow one way. With every new connection, the idea of unified data gets more and more distant.”
Companies and their customers suffer as a result of inaccurate and incomplete data, which negatively affect revenue and growth opportunities. “These costs come as people accommodate bad data by correcting errors, seeking confirmation in other sources and dealing with the inevitable mistakes that follow,” says research by MIT Sloan. They estimate that companies are wasting 15-25% of their revenue because of bad data. 
“Many organizations grapple with poor data quality, which has a profound impact on their ability to make accurate projections and meet customer needs,” says Ben Bayat, Managing Partner at NGVP. “Until now, implementing a sustainable solution to the bad data problem has been elusive.” 
​Syncari changes all that.
Syncari cleans, unifies and enforces the quality of customer data, then makes it available across SaaS applications using cutting-edge, multidirectional synchronization. Using Syncari’s intelligent data management, companies can easily interconnect SaaS applications and ensure data quality and data unity across the enterprise, leading to increased revenue and decreased churn due to inaccurate, incomplete or delayed data.
Syncari’s unified data dictionary further allows enterprises to describe, manage, and monitor the usage of the combined data model across connected applications. “One of the keys we identified to having clean data is the ability to maintain a unified view of your data model,” says Manny Ortega, Director of Sales Operations at Redis. “The ability to know what fields are used for and who uses them is as important as the data itself.”  
Uniquely, Syncari applies data governance globally without centralizing data. It lets you manage data where it already lies within your various SaaS systems, rather than aggregating and cleansing data into another platform which injects data drift and errors. Syncari’s Distributed SaaS Data (DSD) platform offers real-time data orchestration and machine learning capabilities that allow businesses to deliver powerful, cross-system data calculations without having to rely on scarce data scientist resources.
Best of all, Syncari makes data sync simple and intuitive. “When marketers or salespeople enter data into their CRMs, they don’t want to think about which fields map to which or how conflicts are resolved. They just want to know their information is accurate so they can get back to their real job — generating revenue,” says Brendan Reeves, Director of Sales Strategy & Operations at Carta.
Syncari — the modern solution for data-driven businesses
Syncari ensures data is accurate and up-to-date everywhere: Syncari’s innovative, cloud-based application cleans, unifies and enforces the quality of customer data. Using multidirectional sync, it ensures data quality and consistency across the enterprise in every part of the customer’s tech stack.  
Syncari works inside existing tech stacks: Rather than moving data to another aggregate platform, Syncari allows companies to manage data from within existing operational systems — making clean, comprehensive data easily accessible and actionable. 
Set it and forget about it: Syncari works in the background to ensure data quality and consistency without requiring manual intervention. 
Leaders, salespeople, marketers, analysts, and managers don’t want to lose 15-25% of revenue each year — nor expect to waste time dealing with mundane quality issues. Businesses just want data to be accurate to do their job. Syncari is built for maximum convenience, so businesses can trust data and get back to doing real work. 
About Syncari​​Syncari is a modern Distributed SaaS Data (DSD) platform that helps businesses solve costly data inconsistencies by treating the entire SaaS stack as one absolute system, while intelligently cleansing, merging and augmenting data across them.
About NGVPFounded in 2012, NextGen Venture Partners works with over 1,100 Venture Partners to invest $1 million to $2 million in seed-stage companies and $2 million to $10 million in companies with more than $10 million in revenue. Their Venture Partners are top founders and innovation executives across the country whose expertise and connections help NextGen accelerate the growth of portfolio companies. 
About RedisRedis is the world’s most popular in-memory database and provider of Redis Enterprise, delivers superior performance, reliability and flexibility for personalization, machine learning, IoT, search, e-commerce, social and metering solutions. Modern businesses depend on Redis Labs to deliver instant experiences, reliably and at scale.
About CartaCarta is on a mission to create more owners. With over 13,000 companies, more than 800,000 investors, law firms, and employees on the platform, and a commitment to transparency and equality in equity — Carta is breaking the mold of how capital markets operate.
Media Contact​​Syncari Media:
Source: Syncari, Inc.

Public Relations Pros Launch DIY Press Release Service for Businesses

“It’s no secret that technology caused a seismic shift not only in the media industry, but in marketing and public relations as well,” explains Alisa Picerno, co-founder of EZPZ Press Release.

HARTFORD, Conn. (PRWEB) January 07, 2020
Savvy business leaders recognize a proven way to become their customer’s go-to brand is to get media coverage for their positive company news. However, most of them find that grabbing headlines in newspapers, TV and radio about a new product, industry innovation, or event is more complicated than they imagined. Now a pair of public relations professionals is making the process easy, or EZPZ to be exact, with a new press release template service appropriately named EZPZ Press Release.
“Tiny startups have skyrocketed to million-dollar superstardom after being featured in a prominent media outlet, but the more common scenario is a company desperately trying to get the attention of the media without success,” explains Alisa Picerno, co-founder of EZPZ Press Release. “We are providing creative press releases that anyone can quickly and easily customize to break through the competitive clutter.”
Picerno and partner Kathy Callahan developed the affordable fill-in-the-blank model in response to a changing marketplace. More business owners are eschewing the paid services of advertising and PR firms as they opt to do it themselves using social media platforms. They also balk at the price tag of a custom press release.
“It’s no secret that technology caused a seismic shift not only in the media industry, but in marketing and public relations as well,” says Callahan. “Businesses have the opportunity to reach their customers in more ways than ever before, but the conversational style of writing for social media does not translate to a properly formatted news article.”
Picerno notes that an AP-style press release is the number one tool of the trade that print, broadcast and digital newsrooms use to assign interviews and stories. Unfortunately, they receive hundreds of emails every day. An intriguing, activating, headline is key to capturing their attention in the first place, followed by a well-written news story. After decades of creating content for every industry from retail, to aerospace to healthcare, the team’s writing style has been consistently praised by journalists for making their jobs easier.
“We have been told our clear, concise and grammatically-correct copy focusing on what is newsworthy saves journalists from wasting precious time on editing and rewriting,” says Callahan. “News professionals will immediately disregard press releases that have misspellings or don’t quickly cover the who, what, where, when or why.”
Plus, a press release that is too self-promotional will be dismissed as advertising. The ultimate goal of a press release is to gain free publicity. Publicity is earned media, which means the content is worthy of valuable airtime or newsprint because it will appeal to the media outlet’s audience. According to Nielsen, earned media is the most trusted form of “advertising” for consumers because a company is not paying for the coverage.
EZPZ Press Release offers templates that cover newsworthy announcements for any business initiative, event or milestone, such as:
Business Grand Opening
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
New Product or Service
Business Award or Industry Accolade
Business Expansion
New Employee Appointment
Seminar Series, Special Event or Fundraiser Announcement
Business Anniversary
Charitable Campaign Launch
Charitable Donation
Grant Recipient
New Construction/Groundbreaking and many more
What’s more, EZPZ Press Release is affordably priced at $149 per individual press release template and also offers a cost-effective membership plan with discounted templates, media engagement tips and other benefits for those wanting to keep their company name in the media spotlight all year long.
“We are excited about this new venture and hope to become the number one press release resource for everyone from entrepreneurs just starting out to large corporations with an entire marketing department,” adds Picerno.
About EZPZ Press ReleaseEZPZ Press Release is the premier public relations resource for companies of all sizes to share positive news about their business, products and services with the media. The fill-in-the-blank press release templates save time and money and get results with creative, AP style content that focuses on what is newsworthy. Choose from a cost-effective membership plan to promote your business all year long, or an affordable one-time download to elevate your brand and increase your sales! Visit for more information.

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