Gilbert Arenas on Ron Artest’s Detroit Brawl: Ron Wasn’t the Alpha Male (Part 38)

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Part 37:
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In this clip, Gilbert Arenas explained why Ron Artest was unfairly painted as an evil guy after the "Malice in the Palace" incident. Gilbert added that Ron was reacting to fans throwing water in his face after he was pulled back while swinging on unruly fans. Gilbert then broke down why Ron wasn’t the alpha male on the team, and he added that no alpha male would admit to having a therapist like Ron has. To hear more, including his thoughts on unruly fans being able to sue players, hit the above clip.

Steve Rifkind on Signing Three 6 Mafia, Seeing Their Brawl with Bone Thugs (Part 1)

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In this clip, Steve Rifkind opened up about attending the Verzuz between Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. He admitted that he didn’t think the altercation between the two groups was real at first before revealing that Loud Records worked with Bone Thugs after Eazy-E’s passing. Rifkind also talked about signing Three 6 Mafia after being inspired by what Master P was doing in the South and wanting to get artists from the area. To hear more about Steve Rifkind expanding his roster with southern artists, check out the clip above.

Lil Flip on Verzuz with T.I., Bone Thugs & Three 6 Mafia Brawl, $22M Deal, Arrests (Full Interview)

Lil Flip sat down with VladTV for an exclusive interview with Coach PR, and he started out speaking about the Verzuz battle between Bone Thugs and Three 6 Mafia, who brought him out to perform “Ridin’ Spinners.” He went on to speak about being a fan of both groups, but Lil Flip thinks Three 6 Mafia ultimately won the battle. From there, Lil Flip got into telling his life story, including how he got into rapping, signing his first label deal, and his rise to success. During the conversation, Lil Flip also addressed his legal troubles, and he went on to speak about stories about his friendship with Pimp C. To hear more, including new ventures he’s working on, hit the full interview above.

La Chat on Three 6 Mafia & Bone Thugs Brawl, Young Dolph’s Murder, Gucci Mane (Full Interview)

Straight off of Three 6 Mafia’s Verzuz battle against Bone Thugs, La Chat came through yet again, and she started off speaking about her experience at the event. She explained that the vibe started off good, and La Chat added that the two groups didn’t meet beforehand, which led into her speaking about the brief altercation that happened. La Chat admitted that she didn’t know why the altercation happened, and she went on to speak about Bizzy Bone apologizing and both groups making amends. After stating that Three 6 Mafia won the battle, La Chat went on to address the tragic passing of Young Dolph, which led to her speaking about their friendship, including Dolph stopping one of his packed out shows to take a picture with her. La Chat also shared conversations with Dolph, including him telling her that she was his favorite female rapper, and La Chat revealed that Gucci Mane told her the same thing. To hear more, hit the full interview above.

Gangsta Boo on Three 6 Mafia & Bone Thugs Brawl, Young Dolph’s Murder (Full Interview)

Gangsta Boo came through for another VladTV interview, and she started off speaking about the Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs Verzuz battle, which went viral after Bizzy Bone started an altercation between the two groups. Gangsta Boo shared her side of the story, including calling Bizzy Bone a “hater,” and people getting at her on social media for other comments she made. From there, Gangsta Boo spoke about being a Bone Thugs fan and admiring the group, and she also addressed past tension between the two groups. Moving along, Gangsta Boo spoke about Young Dolph’s recent death, which led to a bigger conversation about many rappers being killed in recent years. You can hear more in the full interview above.

Jordanian MPs brawl in parliament

Several deputies engaged in a fight inside Jordan’s parliament on Tuesday (December 28). Live footage on state media showed several MPs punching each other in chaotic scenes that lasted a few minutes

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Krayzie Bone on What Led Up to the Bone Thugs & Three 6 Mafia Brawl (Part 2)

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Part 1:
In the latest clip, Krayzie Bone described the events leading up to Bone Thugs’ Verzuz challenge against Three 6 Mafia. Krayzie described a positive vibe throughout the events preceding the big show. He claimed there was nothing that seemed out of the ordinary, prior to the show, and Bizzy Bone was in positive spirits during the final soundcheck. Krayzie added that he didn’t interact with Three 6 Mafia prior to the show and that there was no tension. He also said he was unbothered by DJ Paul and Gangsta Boo waltzing to one of their songs, highlighting that they were in a battle. However, Krayzie Bone expressed disappointment in the song selection and said the brawl happened right as he was returning from speaking to the DJ.

Brawl Breaks Out At Miami Airport

Cellphone video shows a police officer pulling out a gun after a brawl broke out at Miami International Airport. It all apparently started when a charter flight was delayed. Police say an unruly passenger grabbed the keys to an airport golf cart and refused to let a worker leave.

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Two charged after Miami airport brawl

Authorities say two travelers are facing charges following a brawl with police at Miami International Airport. (Dec. 21)

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