With the Industry Booming, Slone Partners Celebrates 20 Years as a Leader in Life Sciences and Biotech Executive Search

“It has been an amazing journey, and I take great pride in our role in helping recruit and place many of the top leaders in the innovative companies that are doing such exciting work,” said Adam Slone.

SOUTH RIDING, Va. (PRWEB) January 24, 2020
The impact of new medicines, procedures, data analytics, and other innovations created by companies in biotechnology, diagnostics, therapeutics, laboratory and clinical services during the first two decades of the 21st century have changed the lives of millions of people around the world. And as Slone Partners celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, its evolution as a leader in life sciences executive search closely resembles that of the industry itself.
“We have witnessed an incredible myriad of breakthroughs and discoveries in the life sciences during our 20-year history as a company,” said Slone Partners founder Adam Slone. “It has been an amazing journey, and I take great pride in our role in helping recruit and place many of the top leaders in the innovative companies that are doing such exciting work.”
When Slone Partners began in 2000 the industry landscape was far different, and the pace of change was far slower than it is today. But Slone soon realized that the life sciences was the sector where the firm could make the biggest impact in the market.
“Within about five years after founding Slone Partners, we saw a significant shift globally towards precision medicine and individualized care. It was interesting to see the reaction from various sectors within healthcare including therapeutics, life sciences, biotech, diagnostics, and clinical services,” Slone said. “It wasn’t quite a eureka moment; it was more about understanding the larger puzzle consisting of distinct pieces – policies, finance, clients, and candidates.”
As the industry grew, the company grew along with it, but it took a unique approach, becoming one of the first all remote companies in its sector.
“When you’re meeting clients on their ground, and meeting with candidates on neutral ground, you spend meaningful time building face-to-face relationships instead of spending energy managing an office and the associated infrastructure,” Slone said. “Decentralizing, in that context, allowed us to focus more on the work and it also saved the team hours of commuting.”
Today the company has 50 full-time employees, working in cities all across the country.
“Once we realized this remote office structure worked, we decided to restate our mission and began building our own culture of caring for one another more deeply as people, while emphasizing accountability,” Slone stated. “This new kind of infrastructure built trust among the team and gave each member of the team the ability to deliver results from their own work spaces, maximizing efficiency and improving work/life balance. The result has been a wonderful corporate culture that has helped us achieve amazing results.”
Slone credits Slone Partners CEO Leslie Loveless and President Tara Kochis-Stach with building and leading a world-class team providing exceptional service to its client partners.
“Working with Adam and the team has been the highlight of my professional career,” said Loveless. “We consistently inspire, challenge, and support one another – all with the goal of creating an amazing experience that exceeds both client and candidate expectations.”
“Adam recruited me fairly early on, but even then, I could feel his great passion for this work, and I believed in his very clear vision for our company’s future. Here we are, 15 years after I joined Slone Partners, and I am so proud of the experienced and talented team that we have been able to build together,” said Kochis-Stach.
“Both Tara and Leslie are smart, caring, passionate people of great character. They have loved and protected the company and have consistently done amazing work on behalf of our clients,” Slone said. “Working with them and the rest of our team, nationwide, is the one thing I have loved most about our business.”
Although Slone has reduced his day-to-day responsibilities with Slone Partners, he remains actively engaged with the firm, with a specific focus in strategy, finance, and business development in Boston and California. He and Slone Partners are also co-founders of Wolf Hill Group, a newly-launched national recruitment firm focused on the cybersecurity industry.
Slone is also founder and president of Life Serve Youth Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering achievement and unlocking the full potential of underserved youth through the love of tennis and the character-building experience of sleepaway camp.
“I’ve been playing tennis since I was very young, and it made such a positive impact on me that I wanted to share my experience with kids who otherwise might not be able to have the same opportunities that I had,” he said. “Life Serve hosts a two-week sleepaway camp every summer for young people from underserved communities in Boston, New York, and in between. In addition to high level tennis training, we provide a significant leadership and mentoring component, and ultimately the kids learn that if they work passionately towards any goal, they can do or be whatever they want in this world.”
The culture that Slone instills in the campers at Life Serve is also one that has been carefully cultivated at Slone Partners – built around a commitment to excellence, accountability, teamwork, and respect.
“It’s about core values as a framework,” he said. “We hire smart, passionate, devoted team players with outstanding character. The onboarding process at Slone Partners is very hands on. Our senior people offer considerate and compassionate support from day one for new employees to set them up for success. This is a vitally important part of our company culture. Our senior people received that same courtesy when they were new and they pay it forward.”
“Cultural fit is absolutely essential for our team; people have to fit in. In the early days, we made some mistakes on cultural fit, but we learned from those mistakes. That’s why today, for our clients, cultural fit is the biggest priority we have when vetting candidates. That piece is absolutely critical for us and our client partners,” said Slone.
Slone Partners will mark its 20th anniversary with a special gathering for the entire company later this year.
Slone Partners delivers the leaders who build amazing life sciences organizations – People Are Our Science®. Since 2000, Slone Partners specializes in delivering world-class C-suite leadership, executive, and upper management talent to the most promising and established life sciences, biotechnology, medical research, diagnostics, precision medicine and laboratory services companies. With coast-to-coast presence in the most active healthcare industry hubs of Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin, Research Triangle Park, New York, and Washington DC, Slone Partners uniquely and precisely provides an array of executive search and advisory services to exceptional clients. Our full suite of services includes identifying, negotiating with, onboarding, and relocating talent, in addition to post-placement mentoring, success monitoring, and culture fit services. To learn more about Slone Partners’ value proposition and processes, visit

Consumer Fraud Could Hamper Booming Global Tourism Industry

Travel Industry Online Fraud

“Even in an era of record-breaking revenue, the travel industry is fighting expenses that threaten its margins,” says Monica Eaton-Cardone, co-founder and chief operating officer (COO) of Chargebacks911.

TAMPA BAY, Fla. (PRWEB) January 14, 2020
The global travel and tourism sector, which was valued at $8.8 trillion in 2018(1), is expected to grow at a year-on-year rate of 3.9%, reaching $11.4 trillion by 2025.(2) Chargebacks911, a leading dispute mitigation and loss prevention firm, notes that a spike in online fraud could reduce both the industry’s margins and its overall growth rate.
As evidenced by the collapse of Thomas Cook in September of 2019, which impacted an estimated 600,000 travelers all over the world(3), the travel industry is experiencing turbulence—and is inherently risky. For this reason, travel merchants are normally required to work with a high-risk processor to accept credit card payments. Such processors typically charge above-average fees while demanding strict contract conditions. They also require high-risk merchants to maintain a merchant account reserve against a sudden spike in chargebacks, such as those precipitated by the Thomas Cook debacle.
“Even in an era of record-breaking revenue, the travel industry is fighting expenses that threaten its margins,” says Monica Eaton-Cardone, co-founder and chief operating officer (COO) of Chargebacks911. “Fuel costs are rising, as are labor costs, and real estate continues to be more and more expensive.”
One of the biggest threats to industry profitability, however, is chargebacks, Eaton-Cardone adds—and the rate of chargebacks is increasing by at least 20% per year. Meanwhile, the airline industry is losing $2.8 billion per year to card-not-present fraud.(4) Reducing exposure to chargebacks—not just for airlines but for the entire travel sector—could be the quickest available way to reduce operating costs and help protect margins.
Chargebacks911 recommends a multilayer fraud solution composed of both pre- and post-transaction elements. Pre-transaction screening should include address verification, the card security code (CVC or CVV), opt-in 30 SECURE verification, device authentication, and geolocation. To make a significant decline in threats like friendly fraud—and in the overall cost of doing business—Chargebacks911 finds post-transaction tools necessary as well. The company’s Intelligent Source Detection® technology reduces all chargebacks to one of three fundamental sources: criminal fraud, friendly fraud, or merchant error, and deploys the right tools and strategy for each situation.
“The real threat,” says Eaton-Cardone, “is the belief that nothing can be done about chargebacks—86% of which are due to friendly fraud, in which a consumer is denying a charge they themselves have actually made. That isn’t true; the tools exist to fight chargebacks and win, and at Chargebacks911 we are improving and refining those tools every day. That kind of innovation in combating chargebacks—and the will to use it—will play a major role in helping the buoyant travel and tourism sector make the most of its promise.”
Chargebacks911 is dedicated to educating and supporting eCommerce merchants with services designed to boost revenue, shrink chargebacks and defeat fraud. To that end, Monica Eaton-Cardone and her team will be participating in the NRF 2020 Vision conference, New York, NY, January 12-14; Affiliate Summit West, Las Vegas, NV, January 27-29; EP@Home February, London, UK, February 4; ICE Totally Gaming, London, February 4-6; and the 2020 MAG Mid-Year Conference, February 11013, Atlanta, GA.
For details on Chargebacks911’s comprehensive risk management solutions, informative articles and other merchant resources, visit
About Chargebacks911/The Chargebacks Company:Chargebacks911 empowers businesses to combat constantly evolving fraud tactics and mounting customer disputes that directly threaten profitability. Operating as The Chargeback Company in Europe, Chargebacks911 has pioneered effective, industry-leading solutions designed to reduce chargeback fraud, alleviate processing costs, mitigate risk and recover revenues.
The company’s unparalleled expertise and proprietary technology have earned three consecutive CNP Customer Choice Awards for Best Chargeback Management Solution, three successive AI Lions’ Den Awards for Best Airline Industry Solution, and Gold and Silver Stevie Awards from the American Business Awards (ABA). With innovative and highly scalable services ranging from Intelligence Source Detection™ (ISD) to Tactical Representment, Chargebacks911 uncovers the true source of chargebacks, battles unjustified disputes, rescues lost revenue, safeguards reputations, and defends against relentless, ever-changing cyberthreats. Visit
1.    Reed, Dan, “Booming Travel And Tourism Is Driving Economies And Job Growth Despite U.S.-China Trade Strains,” Forbes, March 8, 2019.2.    “Tourism Industry Market Overview and scope, Market Size, Future Outlook of the Market 2015-2025,” MarketWatch, September 17, 2019.3.    Martinez, Gina and Bunyan, Rachel, “This American Said He Had to Pay $2,400 to Get Home After Travel Company Thomas Cook Collapsed,” TIME, September 23, 2019.4.    “Airlines May Lose $2.8B to Fraud by 2020.” Phocuswright, Phocuswright, 21 Mar. 2018,
# # #

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GenScript Biotech to Host Global Forum on Cell and Gene Therapy and the Booming China Market During JPM Week

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (PRWEB) January 09, 2020
GenScript Biotech Corp., one of the leading biotechnology companies in China, today announced its inaugural GenScript Biotech Global Forum on Jan. 14 in San Francisco, coinciding with the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference week. The Forum, exploring the theme “Cell and Gene Therapy and the Booming China Market,” will feature gene and cell therapy leaders in industry, academia and the investment community and is expected to draw several hundred attendees.
“Advancements in cell and gene therapy have attracted global attention in recent years, as the promise of bringing life-changing treatments to cancer patients and others comes closer to reality,” said Frank Zhang, PhD., founder and CEO of GenScript. “GenScript’s Global Forum aims to foster closer collaborations among scientists, regulators, and industry, not just in the booming Chinese market but around the globe. We hope that by working together we can advance the industry and accelerate drug development.”
GenScript’s Global Forum will take place from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco. Highlights of the agenda include:
Keynote by former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D.
Panel discussion on global progress in cell and gene therapy with Legend Biotech, Kite, Ziopharm Oncology, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Asia Pacific and CARspen Therapeutics
Panel discussion on technology transfer with Biomedica, Genethon, Genscript, JW Therapeutics, and Fosun Kite
Panel discussion on the capital potential of China’s cell therapy industry with Loncar Investments, GenScript Biotech, Lake Bleu Capital and Lilly Asia Ventures
Panel discussion on the global cell therapy regulatory environment
For more information about the Forum and to register for the event, please visit
About GenScript Biotechnology
GenScript Biotech Corporation (Stock Code: 1548.HK) is a global biotechnology group. GenScript’s businesses encompass four major categories based on its leading gene synthesis technology, including operation as a Life Science CRO, enzyme and synthetic biology products, biologics development and manufacturing, as well as cell therapy.
Founded in 2002 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2015, GenScript has an established global presence across Greater China, North America, the EU, and the Asia Pacific. Today, over 300,000 customers from over 160 countries and regions around the world have used GenScript’s premier, convenient, and reliable products and services.
GenScript currently has more than 2900 employees globally, 34% of whom hold master’s and/or Ph.D. degrees. In addition, GenScript has a number of leading commercial technologies, including more than 100 patents and over 270 patent applications. As of June 2019, GenScript’s products and services have been cited by 40,300 scientific papers worldwide.
GenScript is committed to striving towards its vision of being the most reliable biotech company in the world to make humans and nature healthier through biotechnology.
For more information, please visit
Contact Details
Frank Zhang
860 Centennial Ave.Piscataway, NJ 08854
Source: GenScript Biotech Corp.

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FirstLight® Home Care Signs New Franchisee in the Main Line, PA, Bringing a New Location to Booming Market

PHILADELPHIA (PRWEB) November 13, 2019
FirstLight® Home Care, a leading provider of non-medical personal and companion home care services, is expanding its national network of franchises with a new location on the Main Line in Pennsylvania. Vincent McMahon officially opened his new FirstLight location in September, which services the areas of Narberth, Ardmore, Bala Cynwyd, Bryn Mawr, Gladwyne, Haverford, Villanova, Devon and Radnor, all near and around Philadelphia’s Main Line.
Born in Western Ireland, McMahon came to New York City in 1997 on vacation, but quickly found opportunities with a career in computer engineering. He soon met his to-be wife Laura and the rest is history. After spending years on Wall Street working in corporate America, McMahon wanted to move to a business venture that would not only allow him to spend more time with his wife and children but give back to the community. It was in opening his FirstLight Home Care franchise location that he met Melissa LaSala, who quickly moved up the ranks to become his new location’s Director of Operations.
It was almost in Melissa’s DNA to care for others. Her mother worked as a CNA throughout Melissa’s childhood, and Melissa grew up in a multi-generational home where everyone looked after each other. She moved to New York in 2009 and eventually began doing home companion work with FirstLight. She found caring for others to be invigorating and fulfilling and cherished bringing joy and comfort into the lives of people who would otherwise be homebound. She and McMahon saw the perfect opportunity to expand the business when Melissa decided to move home. With a combined 14 years of experience, the two are well-equipped to begin serving the Main Line Pennsylvania area.
Mary Pat Tanz, the newest FirstLight employee and Main Line native, was hired in early September as the community liaison. She worked as a respiratory therapist for many years before deciding to make a change in her career. She brings a unique perspective to FirstLight because she has seen the critical side of care throughout her career. “What excites me the most is I can be more involved in our clients’ personal care. I’ve never been able to follow their journeys after they left the facilities in which I worked,” said Tanz. She’s looking forward to being a part of FirstLight in Main Line because she can be hands-on and involved with long-term personal care. “It’s exciting for me to be able to work with members of my community beyond those moments when they’re extremely sick and help them on their journeys.”
As a notable and award-winning home care agency, FirstLight provides exceptional care for seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, individuals recuperating and any adult who needs assistance. With a team of highly trained caregivers, FirstLight is dedicated to the health and well-being of others by delivering compassionate and quality services to individuals in the place they call home.
“We’re excited to have FirstLight join the community of Philadelphia,” said FirstLight’s Executive Director of Franchise Development, Jamie Davis. “Sharing our Culture of Care with more clients in Philadelphia is a momentous event in which we are proud to be a part of. We are committed to assisting individuals with the utmost quality and are thrilled to continue the momentum of providing unparalleled care to clients within the community.”
About FirstLight Home CareFirstLight Home Care is a leading provider of non-medical home care, helping individuals in more than 30 states achieve the quality of life they deserve. The company has set a new standard in home care by creating an unmatched Culture of Care that drives industry-leading client and employee satisfaction. FirstLight is a lifeline not only for seniors, but for people recovering from illness, injury or surgery, adults with disabilities, veterans, busy families, and anyone 18 and older who needs personal or companion care services. FirstLight Home Care’s mission is to deliver exceptional, compassionate care provided by extraordinary people so that all those who are served may age with comfort, dignity and independence in the place they call home. FirstLight is also proud to champion the family caregivers who give countless hours of care to their loved ones every day by providing the resources and support needed to help them maintain balance in their own lives. Visit Connect with FirstLight on Facebook and Twitter.

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