LilyBee Wrap is launching sustainable beeswax wrap in USA to challenge single-use plastics

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) November 15, 2019
LilyBee Wrap announced today that they are launching their best selling reusable beeswax food wraps on Amazon in the US as a means to reach more people and help reduce the use of single-use plastics.
Each year more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans. Much of it, including plastic bags, straws, and plastic wrap and used just once before being discarded. The effects of this type of consumption have a significant negative impact on animals and the environment, both on land and in the sea.
“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our reusable beeswax wraps in the US,” said Stacia Jensen, Founder & CEO, LilyBee Wrap. “Our goal is to provide a simple, affordable, and easy-to-use alternative to single use plastics. We know people want to use less plastic, but not everyone wants to change their lifestyle. Reusable food wraps make is easy and achievable to use less plastic.”
LilyBee Wraps come in various colorful and fun designs, and make an excellent gift for the holiday season. You can use them anywhere that you would normally use plastic wrap, such as covering bowls, wrapping cheese or an avocado, and saving half a sandwich for later. In addition to wraps, LilyBee also has snack and sandwich bags which are ideal for packing kids lunches.
“Reducing plastic use isn’t about preaching to people,” said Mea Perkins, who also works with LilyBee in New Zealand. “Ultimately it’s about making it easy for people. They already know plastic is bad, but until now there hasn’t been any good alternatives. We’re excited to provide an achievable, meaningful way for people to use less plastic in their daily lives”
Rachel, a mother of three and LilyBee customer said, “Ever since I found LilyBee I’ve been obsessed. I use them every day for my kids lunches. They are perfect for sandwiches, baby carrots, and berries. When my kids bring them home I just wash them in warm water, hang them up to dry, and they are ready to go again in the morning.”
Discussing the differences between LilyBee Wraps and other brands, Rachel added, “I had actually tried a few other brands before LilyBee but was never that impressed. The product often didn’t stick and had a weird smell to it. And they weren’t very pretty either. LilyBee has fun designs like pineapples and flamingos that my kids love, and they stick perfectly. They also smell like honey which I absolutely love.”
LilyBee Wraps are currently on sale for purchase at Amazon and are eligible for free 2-day prime shipping.
About LilyBee Wraps
LilyBee Wrap was born from a desire to create an easy, eco-friendly food wrap option that both worked well, without sacrificing beauty. After trying just beeswax and experimenting with a few recipes online that didn’t really work we decided to create our own eco-friendly food wrap. We finally found something that worked, and are excited to share it!
LilyBee Wrap is family owned and operated, and we are delighted to share this little piece of our family with yours. The natural beauty of our location, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand cannot help but inspire.
We hand select all of our gorgeous fabric (usually with our baby in tow) and often wonder if the bees we see around our home help make the wax that is so lovingly applied to each wrap.
Join the LilyBee family and use less plastic. It’s small steps like these that help change the world.
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