Students to CEOs: Social Engagement Programs Attract Millennial Talent

Lost revenues, high employee turnover, and a general corporate culture of stagnation plague businesses that haven’t jumped on the “corporate social responsibility” bandwagon. Bright Light Volunteers, a national nonprofit leader in global service learning programs for students, expands its programming in order to take on corporate America and, in turn, the world.(PRWeb December 09, 2019)Read the full story at

Pioneers Attract: Unwrapp'd Partners With the University of Denver Athletic Program to Bring Zero-Waste Energy Bars to Campus

The University of Denver (DU) becomes first university in the country to provide zero-waste energy bars to their student-athletes.
Press Release – updated: Nov 18, 2019 09:00 EST

DENVER, November 18, 2019 ( – Used as a verb, pioneer means “to develop or be the first to apply a new method, area of knowledge, or activity.” And now, thanks to an exciting new partnership, the University of Denver’s “Pioneer” mascot name has taken on a whole new meaning. DU has become the first collegiate athletic program in the country to provide zero-waste energy bars to their student-athletes. 
As the world unites to solve for its disposable, single-use packaging epidemic, energy bar wrappers have fallen under intense scrutiny. All of those single-use wrappers end up littering landfills, roadsides, and oceans. With college campuses being a major source of energy bar consumption, DU has chosen to partner with Unwrapp’d–the original eco-conscious energy bar company–to provide fresh, plant-based energy and protein bites to its student-athletes. Unwrapp’d has deconstructed energy bars into convenient, snackable bites that are then placed in fully reusable and recyclable jars, eliminating any single-use plastics. Their new closed-loop packaging system enables DU’s athletic program to offer a first-of-its-kind zero-waste option.
“The University of Denver is setting the trend when it comes to colleges and universities addressing the single-use plastic issue. They’re making a commitment to not only reducing waste on their campus, but also to providing their student-athletes with high quality, clean snacks,” says Unwrapp’d Co-Founder and DU alum, Reed McIntyre. “We are beyond proud to be partnering with DU athletics and contribute to their tradition of sustaining championship level teams and athletes year after year.” 
The ingredients are refreshingly real for a category of food notorious for using added sugar, artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols. “We are pleased to provide Unwrapp’d Energy Bites at the Pioneer Nutrition Station as a healthy, clean food source to fuel the University of Denver student-athletes. They love the tasty and convenient treats to eat on the run before and after workouts, heading off to class, or baking into their own unique treats. Helping to reduce the environmental impact through their eco-conscious, zero waste packaging is another reason DU is so proud to offer Unwrapp’d Energy Bites to the student athletes,” says Julie Campbell, DU’s Senior Associate Athletic Director for Pioneer Health & Performance. 
Once per month, Unwrapp’d picks up the empty, used jars from the DU campus. The jars are washed and sanitized according to FDA protocol, repackaged, and returned to campus to feed their next round of student athletes. The sustainable packaging program enables DU to dramatically reduce its waste footprint. By the end of this school year alone, it is estimated that the equivalent of 5,000 wrappers will have been kept out of DU trash bins.
“As always, there’s no excuse for single-use,” exclaims McIntyre.  
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Source: Unwrapp’d

Tyson Zahner, Creator of Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days, Celebrates National Adoption Awareness Month

Being an adopted child myself and now an adoptive parent, I know the importance of having a good start in life.

JACKSON, Mo. (PRWEB) November 15, 2019
Tyson Zahner, creator of Attract 100 Leads in 30 days, is celebrating National Adoption Awareness Month by encouraging individuals to consider adopting a child. National Adoption Awareness Month is observed nationally every November. This year’s specific focus is on the adoption of children and youth currently in foster care. “Adoption is a positive way to build families,” says Zahner, who is working to build widespread awareness and support for the countless number of children in foster care who need loving families to call their own.
The month of November holds a special place in Zahner’s heart. “Being an adopted child myself and now an adoptive parent,” Zahner says, “I know the importance of having a good start in life. A child’s start in life influences their whole life, not just his/her childhood. Many years down the line, a child who becomes an adult still seeks the support and reassurance of their family, in particular during times of important decisions.”
Tyson shares his own unique story on his website He built the site as a way of offering information, support, and insight into the journey of adoption and fostering. The site is also a resource for people who would like to contribute their help, but might not be in a position to adopt a child. The marketing guru shared, “I know there are so many children out there who need loving homes. I am on a mission to help as many of those children as possible, during the special month of November, and throughout the entire year.”
Zahner believes that opening a dialogue around adoption and helping people to make an informed decision is of critical importance. He recalls, “The way my parents cared for a multitude of children through the years showed me the level of generosity and patience it takes to be a parent in any capacity. I took this compassion for children into adulthood and let it touch every aspect of my parenting as I entered into fatherhood. Beyond being adopted, I’m also the father of an adopted child.”
The creator of Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days is eager to encourage people to take advantage of the resources his site offers. He hopes that the site facilitates a broad dialogue around adoption. Zahner leads the way by sharing his own experience, a story that has helped to create greater openness concerning the issue. He adds, “My wife and I had difficulty conceiving in the beginning, and decided adoption would be our path to parenthood. We brought our first son into our lives in 2008. We knew we wanted two children and applied for a second adoption not long after the first. In a twist of fate, my wife found herself pregnant around the same time! We’re now fortunate to have two wonderful children.”
First declared in 1976 by the Governor of Massachusetts, Adoption Awareness began as a statewide, week-long campaign to promote acceptance of adoption as a way of creating a family. In 1984 President Reagan proclaimed National Adoption Awareness Week. Eleven years later President Clinton expanded the celebration to the entire month of November. During the more than four decades since Adoption Awareness began, conversations around adoption have become more open and stigma has drastically decreased.
During Adoption Awareness Month, states, communities, public and private organizations, businesses, families, and individuals promote adoption as a positive way to build families. Activities take place across the country. A particularly special occasion is National Adoption Day, which takes place on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. National Adoption Day sees thousands of adoptions finalized simultaneously in courthouses across the country.
Many options are available to support the cause of adoption. The Children’s Bureau takes the lead by offering a range of support initiatives to help break down any barriers preventing adoption. In addition, the bureau provides funding to states and tribes to help support families who adopt a child from foster care. For current information and resources about adoption, visit the National Adoption Month website of Child Welfare Information Gateway, a service of the Children’s Bureau.
Zahner concludes, “This month will always be close to my heart. I’m hoping that as a result of this month-long awareness initiative, many needed permanent homes will be found.”
Tyson Zahner is an entrepreneur, educator, public speaker, and photographer. Zahner’s course, Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days, instructs small business owners how to attract high quality leads. Tyson also operates his own photography studio in Missouri, Tyson Zahner Photography. Zahner aspires to help find a loving family for all children.
About Tyson ZahnerTyson Zahner created Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days to help business owners generate increased traffic, leads, and sales. The program accomplishes this through instruction in the use of online automation tools requiring minimal tech knowledge. Zahner has developed multiple digital business ventures, as well as his brick-and-mortar photography business, Tyson Zahner Photography. The studio specializes in wedding photography, modern high-school senior photography, and family portraits. Zahner and his family live in Missouri.

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