Swifties have their detective hats on after hearing her new song ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine,’ trying to figure out who the song is about. They seemed to narrow down the suspects to either Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhaal. Jonas seems to be the one that most Swifties are convinced that the song is talking about, based on a few key lyrics like, “Mr. Looked me in the eye and told me you would never go away,” which seems to reference a few of Swift’s other songs that were rumored to be about Jonas like, ‘Forever and Always’ and ‘Last Kiss. It also helps that the song’s writing style sounds very reminiscent of Taylor’s Fearless era in 2008-2009 when she and Jonas dated. However, some Swifties seem to think the song is actually about Jake Gyllenhaal based on the line “Hello Mr. Casually cruel,” which calls back to Swift’s other song highly rumored to be about Gyllenhaal, ‘All Too Well’ from her album ‘Red.’

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Who Is Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’About? | Billboard News