Tyson Beckford on Being Face of Polo, Dating Kim K, Kanye & Chris Brown Beef (Full Interview)

Tyson Beckford came through for his first-ever VladTV interview, and he started off by clearing up rumors about his origins, revealing he was born in the Bronx and moved to Jamaica until he was 7, and then his family moved back to the Bronx. From there, Beckford detailed his involvement with the notorious Jamaican gang The Shower Posse, and distancing himself after he was brought in on co-conspirator charges that were later dropped. Tyson then spoke about having goals of becoming an actor and being offered a modeling job for The Source, which kicked off his career. During the interview, Tyson spoke about how his career continued to go up, and he spoke about his astonishment about being paid $50,000 and $100,000 for commercials. Tyson also spoke about welcoming his only son in 1998, starring in “Zoolander” and various music videos, including 50 Cent’s “21 Questions” and Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” To hear more, including his back-and-forth with Kim Kardashian and his run-in with Kanye, hit the full interview above.