Turk on Cash Money, Hot Boys, Kissing Birdman, Prison, BG (Full Interview)

Turk came through for his first VladTV interview in several years, and he opened up about his story from the beginning, including growing up in the projects of New Orleans. After Vlad brought up Juvenile’s story from his interview, late rapper Soulja Slim was also brought up in the conversation, and Turk stated that he looked up to Soulja Slim. He went on to speak about joining Cash Money as U.N.L.V. was on their way out, which led to Turk addressing Cash Money’s big deal they made with Universal. From there, Turk detailed being in the Hot Boys and going on to have a successful solo career before his life started to spiral out. Turk detailed getting a 10-year sentence from the feds and getting another 14 years from the state. To hear more, including Turk addressing B.G. still being in prison, hit the full interview above.