Thirstin Howl III on Founding Lo Lifes, Rapping with Eminem, Battling Jay Z & Busta (Full Interview)

Rapper and Lo Lifes founder Thirstin Howl the 3rd spoke with VladTV to detail his life and career. He described growing up and being raised in Brownsville and Miami. His mother was in and out of prison and was a heroin addict, while his father passed away from a drug overdose when he was only three years old. Due to his Puerto Rican descent, Thirstin Howl was tested on a regular basis in Brownsville and was engaging in crimes at an early age.

He described crack’s impact on the neighborhood before describing the creation of the Lo Lifes crew. He detailed the crew’s crimes and knowing Polo model Tyson Beckford personally. Thirstin also noted the Lo Lifes’ impact on the Polo brand. After serving prison time, Thirstin became an anti-gang and anti-violence advocate before working at MTV and pursuing a rap career. Check out the full interview above to hear Thirstin Howl the 3rd detail his interactions with Jay-Z, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J, and more.