Ricky Williams came through for his first-ever VladTV interview, where he spoke to Shawn Prez about growing up with his parents, who got together when they were young, and were married by 19. Ricky addressed his parents getting divorced when he was young and realizing he was a gifted athlete at a young age, but he didn’t realize his full potential until he was in college. Ricky then went on to speak about balancing his career in minor league baseball while also playing football at the University of Texas. Ricky then addressed turning down going into the NFL Draft as the number one pick his junior year, and instead staying in Texas with the plan to break various records. Speaking about the NFL Draft the following year and being the fifth overall pick to the New Orleans Saints, which Ricky said he was disappointed about because he wanted to be the number one pick. Ricky also spoke about signing with Master P’s No Limit Sports, retiring from the NFL in 2004, and what his life has been like since. To hear his full story, hit the above video.