Lucchese Mafia Hitman Frankie Pasqua Tells His Violent Life Story (Full Interview)

In this VladTV exclusive, Frankie Pasqua detailed his time as a former hitman for the Lucchese crime family. As a third-generation mobster, he explained why his family started with the Gambinos before switching to the Lucchese. Despite studying pre-med in college, Pasqua soon dropped out and helped run a prostitution ring in addition to providing protection for one of the Bonanno family’s biggest drug dealers. He described his time in prison and his torture tactics and hits as a hitman. Pasqua also described how his father snitched on him before he himself ended up cooperating with the feds. After cooperating, Pasqua avoided a life sentence and served five years in prison due to drug charges. Check out the above interview to hear him describe his time as a mafia hitman.