Has her life been that hard the whole time? (Young Lady and Gentleman EP.9-1) | KBS WORLD TV 211030

Young Lady and Gentleman | 신사와 아가씨 EP.9 | KBS WORLD TV 211030

▶Young Lady and Gentleman | 신사와 아가씨
-Sat-Sun 21:00 | Re-run : Thu-Sun 11:30, Sun-Mon 05:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)

Even though Dan-dan was born in a poor family, she makes every effort to succeed on her own. However, her stepbrother, Dae-baem is such a get-rich-quick that he used to be in diverse businesses, only to fail and even lost his rent deposit. Dan-dan was convinced that her parents would kick Dae-baem out of the house for sure this time. But, her parents are on his side saying that everything’s fine as long as Dae-baem is fine. Dan-dan, as she couldn’t stand her parents and brother anymore, leaves the house and starts to live in Young-guk’s place as a resident tutor.

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