Freeway Ricky on Boosie, Eazy-E, Mayweather, Birdman, Jimmy Iovine, RICO, Immunity (Full Interview)

Freeway Ricky came through for yet another VladTV interview, and this time around, he started off by reacting to Bill Cosby being freed from prison after his case was overturned. He also reacted to Derek Chauvin being sentenced to 22 and a half years for the death of George Floyd, which Freeway Ricky thought was a life sentence, adding that he thinks Chauvin should’ve gotten life. Moving along, Freeway Ricky shared his thoughts on reparations, wealthy people not leaving a bulk of their money to their kids, and he also spoke about still being in the boxing game. To hear more, including Freeway Ricky’s thoughts on Sha’Carri Richardson being sidelined from the Olympics, and his thoughts on rappers getting RICO charges, hit the full interview above.