Faizon Love Says He’s Not Voting Until U.S. Apologizes to Black People (Part 30)

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Part 29: https://youtu.be/x0YFbx3j-cM
Part 1: https://youtu.be/Aet8i_JH4eA
In this clip, Faizon Love expressed that he believes people aren’t truly upset about George Zimmerman still being free because he’s still alive. However, Vlad told Faizon about the guy who’s serving a 20-year sentence for shooting at Zimmerman over his slaying of Trayvon Martin. After hearing this bit of (old) news, Faizon said he’s got to remember his name so he can put money on his books.

In this clip, Faizon Love and Vlad disagreed about the significance of the symbolism behind Obama’s presidency which led to a larger conversation about the efficacy of voting or lack thereof. According to Faizon, he’s not voting until the United States, at the very least, offers black people an apology for the legacy of slavery.