Eddie Mathis on Alleged DC Drug War Between Mathis & Blackwell Brothers (Part 8)

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Part 7: https://youtu.be/165OHRqYboM
Part 1: https://youtu.be/a8FJRomN-f0
In the latest clip, Eddie Mathis denied rumors that he worked with the owners of the furniture chain, Mathis Brothers. He also denied partnering with the Blackwell brothers to launch B&M Auto Shop. Mathis admitted to being friends with the various individuals but denied ever doing business with them or listing the companies as places of employment.

He also addressed the rumors of a beef with the Blackwell family, which reportedly led to the deaths of 20 people. Eddie denied there was any beef, or that the Blackwells had anything to do with his brother Larry being killed. He added that him and Michael Blackwell used to laugh about people saying they were beefing, and Eddie went on to address being pulled over while wearing a bulletproof vest.