Dzmitry Naskavets on Being a Cyber Criminal, Extradited to US, Prison Time (Full Interview)

In this VladTV exclusive, former cybercriminal Dzmitry Naskavets detailed his time as a Russian hacker. He described building a website that contributed to thousands of cases of identity theft and fraud. Naskavets also talked about the profits he made as a hacker, claiming his largest theft gained him $250,000. However, he was turned into the feds by an angry ex-girlfriend. Despite getting arrested by Interpol and the FBI, those same agencies helped him sell his story for films. Naskavets described being locked up in a Russian prison before being extradited to the United States. After serving almost five years in an American prison, Naskavets worked as a paralegal before becoming a lawyer and working with cybercriminals. To hear more, check out the full interview.

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