DJ Yella on Crying in Eazy-E’s Hospital Room as He was Dying of AIDS (Part 26)

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In this clip, DJ Yella started off by speaking about Eazy-E warning him about women before he died of AIDS, and Yella added that Eazy-E never personally told him about his diagnosis. From there, DJ Yella cleared up some things surrounding Eazy’s marriage to Tomica, revealing that he was fully aware and of sound mind when they were married. Yella also added that Eazy-E was induced into a coma before a surgery to clear his lungs, adding that the surgery had a 50% survival rate. During the conversation, DJ Yella detailed how Eazy came to him in a dream and told him goodbye before he died. To hear more, including DJ Yella addressing conspiracy theories about Eazy’s death, hit the above clip.