Can French President Emmanuel Macron avert a 2022 disaster? | Conflict Zone

A bitter dispute about fishing rights and a surge of migrants crossing from France to Britain have put new strains on UK-French relations. Have both sides lost all sense of perspective? French MP Bruno Bonnell from Macron’s LREM party insists that the Anlgo-French dispute "has nothing to do with next year’s election," Speaking to Tim Sebastian from Paris, Bonnell said the controversy was about "the principle of a deal that was signed." Is Paris bent on making Britain pay for leaving the EU? Can French President Emmanuel Macron still turn things around before the 2022 elections?

Chapter Info

00:00 Intro
01:26 Symbolic Fish
04:30 What if Brexit is a success?
07:00 EU COVID19 response?
11:01 Michel Barnier to blame for Brexit trouble?
13:10 Illegal migrant crossings to UK from Calais
16:34 HRW on French treatment of migrants
19:40 Macron trying to woo right-wing voters?
22:10 "Islamist radicals and immigrant hordes"
25:35 Credits


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