BG Knocc Out on DJ Yella Not Getting Involved in Dr Dre & Eazy-E Beef (Part 18)

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In this clip, BG Knocc Out said he thinks the members of NWA that didn’t make it to Eazy E’s funeral likely regret not being there, even till this day. Vlad and BG Knocc Out discussed the DJ Yella interview on VladTV and the decisions he made that ultimately rendered him homeless. But BG Knocc Out found it heartwarming when he heard the gestures Dr. Dre and Ice Cube made, respectively, for their groupmate at his lowest point.

Moving along, BG Knocc Out and Vlad continued to discuss DJ Yella’s financial roller coaster over the years and how it’s a clear sign of how important it is to learn how to manage money. BG Knocc Out and Vlad both talked about balling out when they first got money and how that ultimately led to them squandering those ends.