Administrator told teachers to include Holocaust books with ‘opposing’ views

A school district superintendent in North Texas apologized Thursday night after one of the district’s administrators told teachers that if they have books about the Holocaust in their classroom libraries, then they should also include books that have "opposing" views of the Holocaust.
At a training session last week, a school administrator with Carroll ISD in Southlake, Texas, tried to advise elementary school teachers on how to follow new district guidelines for the vetting of books. The guidelines were issued in an attempt to align with a controversial law in Texas that seeks to restrict discussion of race and history in schools.
The training session was first reported by NBC News. After teachers expressed frustration and confusion over the new guidelines, Gina Peddy — executive director of curriculum and instruction for the district — invoked the Holocaust as an example of a historic event that would require a teacher to keep on hand other books with "opposing" views.
Audio of the exchange, first reported by NBC News, was secretly recorded by a staff member and obtained by CNN. CNN has reached out to Peddy for comment but has not gotten a response back.
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