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Marketsmith, Inc. Expands Digital, Creative & Client Performance Teams

Press Release – updated: Oct 14, 2019 08:00 EDT

CEDAR KNOLLS, N.J., October 14, 2019 ( – ​Marketsmith Inc., one of the nation’s leading woman-owned, data-science-driven marketing agencies, continues to invest in its creative, digital and client performance teams in response to exceptional business growth under the stewardship of agency President Rob Bochicchio.
Jo Maggiore has joined Marketsmith as creative director, bringing over 20 years of creative problem-solving experience. Jo has held positions at Droga5, Ogilvy McCann Erickson, Y&R Brands and was director of digital creative at GNC. She has worked with clients such as BMW, Tiffany, Colgate, and L’Oréal cosmetics. 
“Jo will partner with our creative leaders to execute our vision for each client and be a key part of the creative voice of the agency,” said Bochicchio.
Samantha Foy joins the agency as senior director, digital media.  For the past eight years, Samantha worked at Active International with roles in digital media and as senior account director. Samantha will assist with developing and managing Marketsmith’s digital media programs.
“Samantha will provide expertise in digital media (nationally and locally) including social, display, programmatic partners, native media, and mobile. Her solid background of both awareness and direct-to-consumer campaigns will be a tremendous benefit to our clients,” added Norman Lane, executive vice president, media investment.
Rachel Schulties joins the company as vice president, client performance. Rachel was formerly in managed services at Digital Media Solution, where she worked for over seven years. She brings extensive experience in developing and executing omnichannel media strategy as well as strong data capabilities for full funnel analysis. Rachel has also been featured as an expert speaker in trade show panels, webinars, and podcasts.
“Rachel’s will be responsible for maintaining the highest standard of excellence for our client services across the agency and to own, grow and maintain client relationships,” noted Bochicchio. 
“We have brought in strong, accomplished women who each bring something unique to us, but all embrace data, analytics and modeling,” says Bochicchio. “More importantly, these leaders have made their mark with great clients and bring that expertise to Marketsmith to take outcomes for our client partners to a whole new level.”
About Marketsmith Inc. 
Founded in 1999, Marketsmith Inc. MSI has built its reputation and business on its patented analytics software and human ingenuity, giving the agency and its clients the data and analytics to inform every decision from strategy to media to creative. As a performance-focused omnichannel marketing agency, Marketsmith, Inc. delivers real business impact and is among the nation’s fastest-growing integrated marketing agencies. Born out of direct-to-consumer response marketing, our goal is to use data to optimize brand communication and deliver greater ROI across all channels using the patented algorithms of our MarketsmithIQ marketing analytics platform. For more information, please visit
Source: Marketsmith Inc.

Dayak Palm Oil Farmers Regret French Court Decision on Palm Oil in Biofuels

Press Release – updated: Oct 14, 2019 08:00 EDT

MIRI, Malaysia, October 14, 2019 ( – ​​The Dayak Oil Palm Planters Association (DOPPA) of Sarawak, Malaysia, read the decision of the French Constitutional Court on palm oil in biofuels with dismay.
The decision to ban palm oil from France’s biofuel scheme was reported as a blow to Total Energy’s plans to use palm oil as feedstock for its energy plant at La Mede. While there is no direct link between the energy producer and the palm oil grown by the Dayaks, the concern is that decisions like the French courts may lead to reduced demand overall for their produce.
DOPPA spokesperson Rita Insol stated in response to the court decision:
“As indigenous people, we are an agrarian community. Our forefathers chose to live in interior area land close to rivers and jungles which are our key sources of food. From shifting cultivation of padi, our economy evolved to rubber, pepper, cocoa and oil palm. However, out of so many crops we have cultivated, none has given us stable and good income except for oil palm. Now, we do not practice shifting cultivation anymore, which has lessened the harmful impact of open burning of land in preparation for planting of padi.”
DOPPA also questioned public statements made by the French Ambassador to Malaysia. The French Ambassador, Frederic Laplanche, had said to Malaysian press recently that the EU is not banning palm oil and will continue to buy the commodity.
“Maybe the Ambassador can explain to Malaysian farmers what he meant when he said there would not be a ban. The court decision has been reported by major news channels as a ban, not simply the withdrawal of subsidies.
“DOPPA stands by Total Energy’s policy to use French-grown sources of biofuels and use imported palm oil as a back-up supply. As farmers, we completely understand the need to protect local French farmers but a decision to cut out foreign farmers even when local farmers cannot meet supply requirements is difficult to understand.”
The spokeswoman for DOPPA further added that:
“It is our hope that Total Energy will continue to appeal the decision and help to incorporate the harvests of Dayaks into renewable energy for the French citizen. We will be reaching out to Total Energy to see how we may support a new appeal which, at the very least, will seek to provide factual data and information on the palm oil we produce in Malaysia.”
Note to editors: DOPPA is an NGO based in Sarawak, Malaysia, that was formed to protect the rights of indigenous farmers. Dayaks that rely on the cultivation of palm oil for income is estimated at 28,000 families. Traditional farms owned by these farmers are 100,000+ hectares in Sarawak state. Dayak farmers are an integral part of the supply chain for Malaysian palm oil.
Media Contact:Rita Insol​​email:
Source: Dayak Oil Palm Planters Association

The Lead Pilots Solves Lead Generation Problem for B2B Companies

Press Release – updated: Oct 14, 2019 06:00 MDT

DENVER, October 14, 2019 ( – North Star HQ, a Colorado-based digital marketing agency, and the University of Denver’s Consumer Insights and Business Innovation (CiBiC) explored current trends in the technology industry and how technology companies generate and convert leads, as well as evaluate their return on investment. Findings reveal that tech companies seriously underestimate their marketing needs. North Star HQ built The Lead Pilots to solve the lead generation problem for B2B companies.

​Findings reveal that tech companies seriously underestimate their marketing needs. 

North Star HQ built The Lead Pilots to solve the lead generation problem for B2B companies.

The Lead Pilots is a LinkedIn lead generation tool that optimizes the sales process by creating more standardized methods to generate and track leads and demos booked.

“Fans will never be a line on the P&L.” –Katrina Padron, founder and CEO of North Star HQ 
Small to mid-sized B2B companies do not have highly organized sales processes. The Lead Pilots is a LinkedIn lead generation tool that optimizes the sales process by creating more standardized methods to generate and track leads and demos booked. The Lead Pilots is not another Chrome extension that you need to install in your browser. It’s a cloud-based software that allows you to fully automate your LinkedIn outreach campaigns without being dependent on your device or internet connection.
Cold email campaigns have a less than 1% response rate. Not to mention GDPR compliance issues. The Lead Pilots ensures fully GDPR compliant campaigns and this LinkedIn lead generation tool averages a 15.2% response rate.
The Lead Pilots is a premier LinkedIn lead generation tool. The software automates and scales the lead generation process. Katrina Padron, the founder, is available for interviews. This is a sample of her candid, casual speaking style.
Source: The Lead Pilots

Tim Berman Joins Ideal Computer Systems and C-Systems Software Inc. as Their New Innovation Manager

Press Release – updated: Oct 14, 2019 08:00 EDT

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, October 14, 2019 ( – ​​Ideal Computer Systems and c-Systems Software Inc., two leading industry-specific dealership software vendors in North America, are pleased to jointly announce that Tim Berman has joined them as the new Innovation Manager.
Tim’s mission is to leverage his experience in the outdoor power equipment (OPE) industry and his entrepreneurial spirit to deliver innovative products that closely match the industry-specific needs and expectations of OPE dealers.
This role is a perfect fit for Tim because he is a passionate entrepreneur who loves the OPE industry and small brick-and-mortar businesses in general. He grew up working with his father at a family-run tractor dealership, which he helped expand from a two-man startup to a thriving two-location dealership.
After 17 years in the business, they recently sold both locations, allowing Tim’s father to transition toward retirement and Tim to pursue other passions.
“I think working for Ideal and c-Systems is the perfect next step for my career,” said Tim. “I see a lot of opportunities when it comes to product innovation in the OPE industry, and I can’t wait to start exploring them.”
“Tim is a great new addition to our team,” said Ajay Thakur, the General Manager of Ideal and c-Systems. “His passion for the industry is exactly what we need to help us deliver future products that resonate with our customers and deliver real business results. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us.”
Outside of work, Tim is a hymn writer and arranger, and has a love for the human voice, the greatest instrument ever created. He lives in rural North Texas, in the small lake town of Granbury, where he helped found the Downtown church of Christ, which is now in its seventh year of service to the Granbury community.
He recently celebrated his first anniversary with his lovely wife, Sarah, who was a staff accountant at his dealership. She now runs an independent consulting firm that works with dealerships and small businesses on financial reporting. In his spare time, Tim loves spending time with his wife and family, and he is an uncle to four nephews and three nieces.
About Ideal Computer Systems
Many dealers struggle to manage their dealership having to use multiple systems and often duplicating the data. Ideal gives dealers all the tools they need to manage each aspect of their business in one, easy-to-use software – backed up by 30+ years of industry experience.
With an all-in-one software, dealers are able to automate processes, gain control of their dealership and have peace of mind. To learn more about Ideal, visit:
About c-Systems Software Inc.
c-Systems Software Inc. is a business management solution vendor for outdoor power equipment, agricultural and powersports dealers. It’s tough to keep every single dealership process, department and employee in check when there are so many of them. That’s why c-Systems created one system to manage it all, so that dealers can stop fussing about the little things and focus on the big picture.
Acquired by Constellation Software Inc. in 2018, c-Systems continues to provide the specialization and individual attention dealers expect from a family-oriented company, while benefitting from the stability and support of an organization with over 20,000 customers worldwide.
To learn more about c-Systems, visit:
Source: Ideal Computer Systems & c-Systems Software Inc

Educating the Consumer on Sustainable Fashion With Videos, News & Trends

Press Release – updated: Oct 14, 2019 08:00 EDT

TARZANA, Calif., October 14, 2019 ( – The FabricLink Network (FLN) announces today the launch of a New Sustainability Feature to educate and inspire consumers to be more sustainable with clothing and textile purchases and its care.  The feature appears on
Sustainability is the consistent buzz word heard throughout the textile and fashion industry. Sustainability is no longer just a trend, but a growing necessity in the manufacturing of clothing and textile products.   
The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, affecting our air, water and other natural resources. In addition, fast fashion is reported to drive consumers to buy 80 billion apparel items annually, that are worn only a few times before being discarded, with nearly 60% of clothes ending up in landfills within a year. 
Sustainable Fashion, also called eco-fashion, involves the design and manufacturing of clothing, home furnishings and other textile products in a sustainable manner that considers any environmental and socio-economic impacts. The goal is a system that protects the environment and promotes social responsibility and the ethical treatment of workers.
Kathlyn Swantko, president of the FabricLink Network, explains, “Consumers need access to information to learn about the problems and solutions involving sustainability and the clothes they wear and other textile products they use.”
The New Sustainability feature helps educate consumers about the important role they play. Swantko continues, “The consumer needs to be educated and aware of sustainability issues when making purchases; avoid short-term fads that drive fast fashion; properly care for and repair clothes to extend its life; and, recycle, repurpose and upscale old garments. This will also let companies and manufacturers know that sustainability is important to them.”
The feature includes:
· Eco-Video Vault:  Short videos serve as an effective way to learn about Sustainability Problems/Solutions; Common Eco-Certifications & Standards for your garments; and, the Sustainability Stories of industry companies.
· Eco-Glossary:  Find terms such as fast fashion, transparency, carbon footprint.
· Trade Show Reviews: Innovative products exhibited at recent trade shows.
· Get Inspired!: Learn how to write your own Sustainability Story; be a Smart Shopper; find 10 tips to make your clothes last longer.
· News & Views: Access to Current News & Articles on Sustainable Fashion, New Products & Innovative Technologies.
About the FabricLink Network
The FabricLink Network consists of two websites:, an educational resource for educators, students and the consumer, and, a trade-to-trade site for product developers, designers, manufacturers and suppliers of textile products. The sites offer over 2,000 pages of education; they have been online for over 20 years.
Contact: Beth Cochran 406.579.7909
Source: The FabricLink Network

How Leading Dealers Use IDS RECT to Solve Their Key Service Bottlenecks

Press Release – updated: Oct 14, 2019 08:00 EDT

WAKE FOREST, N.C., October 14, 2019 ( – ​​Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS), a leading RV and marine dealership software provider, is pleased to announce that several leading dealers in North America have successfully utilized the IDS Repair Event Cycle Time (RECT) report to pinpoint and solve key bottlenecks within their shops.
“We use the IDS RECT report on a monthly basis to spot our shortcomings and improve the service we are providing to our customers,” said Mike Reagan from Crestview RV. “The IDS RECT report has helped our industry by giving us real data, so we can all work together to solve our customers’ frustration of not having their RV repaired in a timely fashion.”
Brian Wilkins from Wilkins RV also had plenty of praise for IDS RECT.
“I think the biggest thing the reports have provided for us is a conversation starter,” he said. “They provide us with a basis for discussing RECT at our monthly admin meetings. It has gotten staff to begin thinking on this topic at a higher level, and hopefully, it will result in us providing our customers with a better experience.”
IDS RECT’s impact on the industry has not gone unnoticed. Last year, the General Manager of IDS, Sean Raynor, was the recipient of the RVDA Chairman’s Service Award for his work on IDS RECT. It has also already received plenty of publicity within the industry.
“We’ve been working very closely with RVDA and RVIA to make IDS RECT into what it is today,” said Raynor. “Service delays are a huge concern for the industry because of their direct impact on the customer experience. So, we’ve developed IDS RECT to help dealers pinpoint the root causes of those delays so that they can rectify them before they cost them more business.”
The biggest advantage of IDS RECT is that it allows both RV and marine dealers to anonymously compare their service department data to that of other dealers across North America. This, in turn, enables them to see where they stand in relation to their industry partners and understand the impact of key bottlenecks, such as parts availability and warranty coverage, on their repair time.
Dealers who want to learn more about IDS RECT reports and their impact can do so right here:
About IDS
IDS (Integrated Dealer Systems) is one of the leading providers of complete software solutions for marine, RV and trailer dealerships. With over 10,000 software users in dealerships across North America, IDS has set the standard for quality and customer satisfaction for 30 years.
For more information on IDS and its products, visit:
Source: IDS (Integrated Dealer Systems)