FBI Director: '' Russia tried to interfere in the last election''.

As President< a href=" http://abcnews.go.com/alerts/DonaldTrump" id=" _ ap_link_Donald Trump_DonaldTrump _" target=" _ blank" > Donald Trump continues to “clarify” his views on whether < a href= "http://abcnews.go.com/alerts/RussiaNation" id=" _ ap_link_Russia_RussiaNation _ "target=" _ blank "> Russia released an assault on the 2016 governmental election, the FBI director made his own views clear today: “Russia attempted to interfere in the last election,” FBI Director Chris Wray stated unquestionably.

Speaking at the annual Aspen Security Online forum, Wray also reiterated his belief that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into those Russian efforts, and possible collusion with the Trump project, is not a “witch hunt,” as Trump has called it numerous times.

Asked to react to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rejection of interference, as he stood next to Trump at the summit in Helsinki on Monday, Wray just said Putin has “got his view.”

” I can tell you what my view is,” Wray included. “The intelligence community’s assessment has actually not changed, my view has actually not altered, which is that Russia attempted to interfere in the last election, which it continues to engage in malign [activity]”.

Wray kept in mind that Russia will identify divisive issues inside America and after that use fake news and propaganda to “spin people up on both sides of the issue and then watch us go at each other.”.

He said the U.S. intelligence community has not yet seen attempts by Russia to target particular election-related facilities in the months prior to the midterm elections in November, but “it’& rsquo; s a risk that we have to take incredibly seriously and have to respond to with intense determination.”.

Nevertheless, Wray pressed back on Trump’s attacks on Mueller’s probe as a “witch hunt.”.

“& ldquo; I do not believe Special Counsel Mueller is on a witch hunt,” & rdquo; Wray said, explaining Mueller as a “straight shooter” who’s running a “expert” examination.

Asked whether he ever came close to resigning in the middle of the attacks on the FBI, Wray merely stated he knows he’s a low-key person but “that must not be mistaken for what my spine is constructed out of.”.

That remark drew applause from the crowd at the online forum in Aspen, Colorado.

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