Trump skips chance to call Putin a liar

President< a href="" id=" _ ap_link_Donald Trump_DonaldTrump _" target=" _ blank" > Donald Trump said Wednesday he holds Russian President Vladimir Putin “accountable” for Russian disrupting the U.S. election in 2016, even as he decreased to call him out as a phony in an interview with CBS News Wednesday.

“& ldquo; I do not desire to get into whether he’s lying. I can only state that I do have self-confidence in our intelligence agencies as currently made up,” & rdquo; President Trump told CBS Night News anchor Jeff Glor.

The president’s comment continues his unwillingness to highly condemn President Putin head on for what U.S. intelligence companies have actually concluded was clear interference by the Kremlin, under Putin’s instructions, to interfere with the 2016 governmental election. However while the president has actually stopped short of saying whether he believes Putin did, in truth, direct Russian efforts, he did state that he holds Putin responsible.

” Well, I would, because he supervises of the country,” Trump stated when asked if he holds him accountable for the disturbance. “Simply like I consider myself to be accountable for things that take place in this country. So certainly as the leader of a nation you would need to hold him responsible, yes.”

The president goes on to state in the interview that he “& ldquo; would accept & rdquo; Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats’ & rsquo; assessment that Russia continues to be taken part in “continuous, prevalent efforts to undermine our Democracy” after earlier Wednesday opposing Coats in stating that he does not believe Russia is still targeting the U.S.

“& ldquo; I & rsquo;d accept that. He’s a specialist. This is what he does. He’s been doing a great job. I have incredible faith in Dan Coats. If he says I would accept, I will tell you, though, it better not be. It better not be,” & rdquo; Trump stated, referring to Russia.

Earlier in the day, when asked by ABC News’ Cecilia Vega if Russia is still targeting the United States, President Trump responded: “& ldquo; Thank you quite, no

“.” & ldquo; No? You don & rsquo; t believe that to be the case?” & rdquo; Vega followed up.

“& ldquo; No, & rdquo; Trump stated.

Later Wednesday, press secretary Sarah Sanders claimed that when the president responded to “no,” he was saying he could not answer questions and not in fact stating “no” to the question about Russian targeting.

” I had an opportunity to talk with the president after his comments, and the president was– said, ‘Thank you quite,’ and was saying ‘no’ to addressing concerns,” Sanders stated.

However the president was speaking straight to Vega in using his “no” actions as well as went on to take another reporter’s question right away after the exchange.

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