Kim Kardashian West Banks $5 Mil in 5 Mins on New Fragrances


Kim Kardashian West understands the power of a movie — just like a favorite movie… a followup to her hugely successful odor line just made a killing too.

Kim released her newest set of perfumes Tuesday, which is made up of 3 aromas — Kimoji Cherry, Kimoji Peach and Kimoji Vibes. Without spending a cent on advertising, her new products made a whopping $5 MILLION… in 5 minutes!

The new KKW bottles go for 45 bucks each, and only social media advertising was used to get the word out for the release. It worked wonders.

We’re told the amount of bottles available for launch this time around was raised due to the high demand, but just like multi-million dollar launching of her first line… it is expected to sell out quickly.

Her cosmetics line hauled in $14 mil at its launch this past year, so this could actually be considered just another day in the office… if you are a Kardashian.  

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